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Chapter 579
Flies (3)
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The busboy brought Ye Lang and Li Yue to a good table upstairs, next to the window . Most people liked this spot because the view outside was pretty .  

Then, a feast was served together with some good wine . Li Yue was the only one who drank since Ye Lang couldn’t .  

“Ye Lang, you really can’t drink, not even a drop?” Li Yue asked curiously after drinking a glass .

“Yep!” He nodded, eating more .

“I don’t believe you, can you prove it to me?” She stared at him intently, filled with curiosity .  

“No, I’ll faint if I drink . What will I do if you did something to me?” Ye Lang refused immediately .  

“Go to hell! What would I do to you, who do you think you are? I’m not interested in you at all!” Li Yue blushed and retorted whinily .  

“You’re not interested, then why did you want me to drink? I’m warning you, don’t pull anything on me . We’re at a very critical phase of our plan . When we arrive at the tiger tribe lands, I’ll show you . I’d be sleeping there anyway,” said Ye Lang casually .  

“ . . . ” Li Yue did not speak, she merely chewed her food .  

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“Such a pretty girl! Looks like I did not pick the wrong place to eat today . Not bad, not bad . ”

Just when they were both eating, they heard a very annoying voice . Both ignored the person .  

Looks like something was going to go down again . Wonder who’s the unfortunate lady to be targeted by an annoying man like this .  

This was what they both thought but they didn’t know the ‘girl’ mentioned was…

“Hey lady, what’s your name? I’m Mo Lin, my dad’s Mo Ji . ” A man appeared next to their table and spoke to Li Yue, who was still chewing, in a gentlemanly manner .  

“Lady, he’s talking to you,” Ye Lang said with a grin after a moment of stunned silence .  

“Ignore him, let’s eat,” she said flatly, rolling her eyes . She kicked Ye Lang under the table, punishing him for his glee .  

“ . . . ” Ye Lang buried his face in his bowl .  

“Lady, don’t be upset! Don’t eat here, I’ll take you out for the best…” Mo Lin wanted to say he would bring her out for the best food but he realised Ye Lang’s table was already filled with the best food in town .  

“I’ll eat with you both, you don’t mind, right?” The man suddenly changed his tone and sat down with a smile .

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“We do!” They said at the same time . They did not want to eat with a man like that, though he was already seated by the time they said so .  

“Hey, it’s fate that brought us together! You both can come look for me if you need anything in this town . With my protection, no one will give you trouble,” Mo Lin said with t smile . His face was too thick .  

“Li Yue, why are some people so shameless? We don’t welcome him at all, yet he insists on sitting down!” Ye Lang said to Li Yue .  

Mo Lin’s eyes brightened- not from anger, but because he heard Li Yue’s name . Immediately, he said, “So it’s Miss Li Yue . Nice to meet you . ”

“It’s because some people don’t know basic etiquette . Let’s ignore him, treat him as an ornament . We’ll eat our food . ” This was Li Yue’s reply .  

“ . . . ” Mo Lin’s face twitched when he heard her, though he maintained his smile .  

“Miss Li Yue, what are you here for? Anything you need help with?”

“ . . . ”

Li Yue did not speak .  

Mo Lin continued talking even after they both ignored him, right until they finished their meal . He was still talking stubbornly, with a forced smile plastered across his face . Anyone could tell he was annoyed .  

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If you weren’t so pretty, I would never tolerate such disrespect! 

Mo Lin was completely mesmerised by her beauty . He was a rich player who flirted with girls every day, of course he would not let a pretty girl like Li Yue go easily .  

While she was ignoring Mo Lin, she spoke proudly to Ye Lang, “See, I’m very attractive!” 

“I know, I know . My old sister is the most attractive person ever, you keep attracting flies like this one!” 

“You bastard, who are you calling a fly?!” Mo Lin was losing his composure . If this continued, he would lose it .  

“He’s calling you a fly, you keep buzzing and buzzing…” Li Yue said calmly . At the same time, she remembered something . “Wait, if you say he’s a fly, then I’m a… You bastard, do you want to die?!”

Li Yue flipped a large bowl at Ye Lang . There was still a little soup left inside, Ye Lang had to stoop to dodge the bowl and the flying soup .


The bowl shattered on the floor, attracting everyone’s attention . They were already watching before this because Mo Lin was practically a celebrity in this city .  

What’s going on, was the girl rejecting Mo Lin? It didn’t look like it, from afar, all they could see was the smile on his face .  

“Thank goodness for my agility and my sixth sense!” Ye Lang straightened his posture and patten his chest in relief .  

“You think this is over?” Li Yue said coldly .  

“Then what do you want… Fuck, another one…” Before Ye LAng finished, Li Yue hurled another plate at him .  

Everyone now understood that they were fighting among themselves, Mo Lin wasn’t involved .  

“Hey hey, Sir, Miss, what are you both doing…” The waiter was panicking .  

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay you back twice the cost of anything broken, my sister’s just joking… fuck, this one’s for real…” Ye Lang saw her expression change into a focused look . The plate flying at him was not going to be easy to dodge .  

If I can’t dodge it, I’ll block it! 

“Wattaaa, wattaa…”

Ye Lang grunted like Bruce Lee as he punched and slapped away all the plates flying at him . They were all shattered mid-air . Unfortunately, the people around him suffered collateral damage .  

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