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Chapter 578
Flies (2)
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Zhao Yarou cut him off . “You’re still talking about Li Yue’s capabilities? Like I said, it’s because she has Ye Lang with her, I didn’t mean Ye Lang helped her fight them together, I meant Ye Lang can help her improve her capabilities . ”

“That’s impossible, how long has it been? Although he’s an alchemy genius, he still can’t help her attain such results in such short time . ” Li Tianjunw as still sceptical .  

“Li Yue is your daughter, you must know how much potential she holds . Ye Lang is only helping her unleash her potential, not literally improving her strength . If you observed closely, Li Yue’s capabilities have been increasing bit by bit during their previous battles . But this speed is still unbelievable . ”

Zhao Yarou sighed lightly . No one knew why she sighed .  

Li Tianjun read the report again . There were documents related to the previous battles in the report . He hadn’t noticed it because they were all in a hurry to read about the battle with the Grey Wolf battalion .  

Subconsciously, they all thought that Li Yue’s current skill level would be the same as before . They did not think about how much time had passed .  

Li Yue could indeed improve her skills through many battles, but this speed was still unbelievable! 

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“Alright, Li Yue’s capabilities are not the point of this, we shall not discuss it any further! I hope the Tanlang Group can’t hold their temper, then Ye Lang can make himself useful!” Zhao Yarou’s words grew softer towards the end .  

“Make himself useful?” Li Tianjun and the other ministers muttered to themselves, they understood what she meant .  

“The Tanlang Group needs a massive revamp, Ye Lang could give us this opportunity . ” Zhao Yarou did not hide her intentions at all .  

Other emperors might’ve taken time to consider, or wait until the time was right to voice out their idea . Zhao Yarou did not care . This matter was going to take time, everyone knew that .  

It was likely the Tanlang Group had the same idea . Perhaps they would just wait it out first . Such an opportunity for Zhao Yarou was not going to appear within the next few years . And these people would spend the time preparing for it too, they would not be sitting ducks .  

“About that… Your Majesty, we understand what you mean but will the thirteenth master deliver?” Li Tianjun was not sure Ye Lang could guarantee success .  

“Don’t forget, he’s protected by Lady Luck! He brings good luck with him everywhere he goes . Perhaps he can bring me good luck this time too,” she said with a mischievous grin . She did not elaborate .  

“ . . . ”

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You’re right but will he bring YOU good luck? You’re both enemies, his luck is your demise! This was what Li Tianjun and the rest thought . They were sure Ye Lang’s luck would not be brought to Zhao Yarou because they were on different teams .  

What they did not know was that Ye Lang had already brought her good luck . The ancient underground city they found was a good example . While Ye Lang benefited from the discovery, Zhao Yarou probably benefitted more than him .  

Just from deciphering ancient tests, the Soaring Sky Empire would likely own powerful alchemy weapons in the future . Perhaps one day they could even unify the world with such technology .  

“Ye Lang, what are you doing? Why aren’t we heading north…”

“choo… who’s thinking about me? Tigress?”

Ye Lang also rubbed his nose after his sneeze, wondering to himself .  

“Will you care about anyone else other than Tigress?” Li Yue sounded a little upset, probably because Ye Lang only thought about Tigress .  

“Eh, Li Yue . You’re awake,” he said .  

“Did you change my clothes?” Li Yue asked coldly .  

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“Yep!” he answered stupidly .  


“Ahh, why did you hit me?” Ye Lang asked resentfully .  

“How many times have I told you, do not change my clothes without my permission!” yelled Li Yue furiously .

“Then I’ll leave you naked next time . . . Ah, what now? Why’d you hit me again?!” Ye Lang was hit once again . What he said was true though, if he did not give her a new set of clothing, she’d be naked! 

“Because I can! You have something to say about it?” Li Yue knew it was because he had no choice but she wanted to boss him around a bit to vent .  

“No…” What else could he say? 

Two days later, Ye Lang arrived in another city . He was already approaching the border of the Soaring Sky Empire . This meant he was getting nearer to the Tanlang Group’s area of influence too .  

If Ye Lang and Li Yue had headed straight north, with the lion’s strength, they would’ve crossed the border a while ago . However, they were going northwest, which was a longer way to the border .  

Ye Lang had passed many towns and settlements during the past two days but they did not encounter any trouble . Ye Lang thought the Tanlang Group must’ve decided to be good for a while .  

“Brother, where is the best hotel here?” he asked a passerby after arriving in the city .  

“The best one’s probably Moon Hotel but it’s very expensive . Brother, I think you should take River Hotel instead . ” The passerby was kind enough to suggest a more suitable spot for Ye Lang . However, he did not know he was talking to a professional prodigal son, he did not care about money .  

“Thank you brother, I think I’ll head to the Moon Hotel . My old sister likes the moon,” Ye Lang said with a grin, patted the lion and they sprinted away .  

“Another fat goat waiting to be slaughtered!” The guy shook his head as he saw the cloud of dust left behind, then carried on with his business .  

“Moon Hotel, this is the one!” They soon arrived at the entrance . After making arrangements for the lion, they stepped into the hotel .  

“Good day, would you be eating or would you like a room?” A busboy hurried over, speaking very respectfully .  

“Both! Give me your best dishes, and your best room,” Ye Lang said out of habit .  

“Alright!” The busboy did not say anything else . He knew how to serve customers like this one, asking more questions was unnecessary . All he had to do was bring food over .  

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