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Chapter 574: 574
Cleaning The Battlefield (1)

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How long would he have to wait? The general did not know . All he knew was many of his men were going to die today .

At this moment, a person suddenly entered the general’s field of vision . He had an idea to blackmail Li Yue…

“Someone get me that kid!” roared the general . Yep, he was referring to Ye Lang who was having the time of his life outside the chaos . If the general could get him, he could be held as a hostage .

Capturing Ye Lang was no easy task!

But that was something these people didn’t know . Even if they did, they would’ve still proceeded because Li Yue was being very difficult .

Ye Lang looked easier to deal with . His clueless personality made it seem like it was going to be effortless .

“You must be looking for death!” screamed Li Yue furiously, appearing next to Ye Lang suddenly then harnessing her douqi . The vibrating douqi was so powerful the air currents could be seen by the naked eye . That meant the energy vibrations were astonishingly dense in one spot .

“This was an effective idea indeed!”

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Although Li Yue’s douqi was terrifying, the general was happy because Li Yue was now in a disadvantageous position . His men would be able to retaliate now, at least they could see their target .

“Full moon!” cried Li Yue gently but firmly and there was an explosion of douqi . This was a very fitting name, for the burst of energy looked like a full moon .

With Li Yue in the centre, the ‘moonlight’ ‘shone’ in every direction beautifully, yet they were deadly .

The rays of light weren’t just light, they were blades of douqi similar to the energy used in the Cold Moon Slash . The Full Moon technique was just a full-coverage version of the Cold Moon Slash, a terrifying large-scale attack .

The magnificent blades of air sliced across the approaching soldiers, leaving a trail of gushing blood . It travelled very, very far… until the blade disappeared into thin air .


That was terrifying! Is the Sorceress even human?

The general’s eyes were bulging, staring at Li Yue in disbelief . That one Full Moon technique cost him almost two thousand men, it was powerful!

Plus the ones she killed earlier, he could see that she had already killed a lot of his subordinates . Only about two thousand was left .

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The only hope he had was that the previous attacks had used up all her energy . She must be exhausted by now .

It was a highly destructive attack, it would exhaust anyone . It was the same for Li Yue .

Huff . . . Huff…

Li Yue’s breathing became significantly heavier . That move had required a huge portion of her strength . Although it would make it easier for her opponent to defeat her, seeing as her douqi killed two thousand of them, it was worth it .

“Go! Take this chance and capture them now! Do not give the Sorceress a chance to regain her energy!” shouted the general .

“Attack!!” When they heard the general’s order, the remaining soldiers let out a deafening roar, charging at Li Yue and Ye Lang . It was as if they were going to rip Ye Lang and Li Yue in half .

“The key to killing the man is to kill the horse, the key to killing the thief is to kill his boss! Li Yue, kill the general, these people will be less organised after that,” said Ye Lang looking at the general . At the same time, he bit off some rabbit again . Then, he placed a pot over the fire and poured water and ingredients into it . It looked like he was about to boil some soup .

Li Yue did not speak, only nodded . She was still recovering, even the strength used for speaking should be conserved .

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At this moment, there were already people approaching them, and they were going to arrive where Ye Lang was very soon if nothing was done .

“I will kill you!” threatened Li Yue coldly after resting for a few moments, pointing her sword at the general as she charged at him .

This time, she did not pull any peculiar techniques to charge at him . All she did was kill to open a bloody path for herself . The most violent method to reach him . Her motive was clear to everyone, and her determination .

Everyone was shaken when they witnessed the blood-splattered, killing-aurradiating Li Yue, especially the person she was charging at!

“Stop, stop her quickly!” yelled the general, terrified . At this moment, he’d already forgotten to tell his people to control Ye Lang because he felt like if Ye Lang was captured but he was dead, it would all be meaningless .

And just like that, the pressure on Ye Lang’s side was greatly decreased and most of the people turned their attention on Li Yue, focusing on stopping her from approaching the general .

This time, they could feel the terror . Li Yue was there and yet no one could stop her . Perhaps they could injure her .

Yep, in this situation, Li Yue did not have the Tianji Armour so there was a high chance of her getting injured . There was a saying: no whole eggs remain under a shower of arrows .

This was something no one can guarantee . Even the most powerful masters could not guarantee to escape this situation unscathed .

However, she did not seem to react to any injuries, charging ahead as if the wounds did not exist at all .

“Block her, bloc her…”

The general grew increasingly terrified . There was fear in his eyes as he watched Li Yue . Li Yue was too powerful…

His cracked voice and shrieks were useless because his men were already doing their best . His words were useless, nothing was going to change no matter how much he yelled . This would only instil fear in his men and have negative consequences .

“This must be the function of a ruthless leader…” Ye Lang had already set up defences around him so no stray soldier can approach . At the same time, he had a revelation while paying attention to Li Yue’s situation .

It was the same when he witnessed Tigress in action on the battlefield . It was the same for Li Yue . The blood and fear she instilled were obvious .

No matter what Ye Lang’s initial intentions were in training Li Yue, after this entire incident, she would become a terrifying, ruthless general . The training she had on the battlefield was more valuable than training somewhere else!

Previously, all her training were in simulations while this was the brutal, bloody battlefield . A situation where either they died, or she would die!

“Sigh, Zhao Yarou, aren’t you going to reap my hard work…” Ye Lang realised that the person outside of himself who would gain the most benefit from this was going to be Zhao Yarou . . .

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