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Chapter 573: 573
Slaughter (3)

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No one knew about this, not even Li Yue noticed . Although she was suspicious, she felt like Ye Lang might not care that much . If he did, why would he only save her when she was one step away from death?

Li Yue felt like if she were someone else, for example Zhen Xiaoyan, Ye Lang would not even let Xiaoyan get a scratch and treat her like how he treated himself .

“I know, I don’t need you to remind me!” she said coldly, then suddenly disappeared . The next second, she was already among the ranks of the battalion, unleashing her wrath once again .

The way her sword reflected light, coupled with her movements, looked like shooting stars . This wasn’t just one meteor, it was a meteor shower!

Every time there was a flash, someone would collapse in a pool of blood . Most would never get back up forever but some lived if they were lucky .


The general did not expect Li Yue to attack first, or rush directly into their ranks and start her slaughter . However, he could understand her decision because she had the advantage of a surprise attack . If she did not do this, she would be at a disadvantage .

With Li Yue’s infiltration, the army started to sink into chaos . When they saw their men collapse one by one, and they realised they could not even see their enemy clearly, they started to grow increasingly nervous .


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Cries of agony echoed one by one, sometimes from two spots far form each other . This made them even more confused . Where was she?!

It was too difficult to find her amongst five thousand people, plus this lady kept moving like a shadow . It was impossible!

Li Yue was not concerned at all . She was working alone so she did not care who was in front of her-- all she had to do was kill . The scales were tipped in an odd direction .

The ratio was five thousand to one, and yet the ‘one’ was killing them off like flies! They had no defences at all!

If this continued, they would be in deep trouble . They had to think of a way to turn the tables, they couldn’t let her kill their brothers like that .

“Array formation! Disperse!” roared the general . They were already prepared for something like this . Although this weakened their offensive abilities, it functioned to catch an enemy within their ranks .

With the shout, five thousand people dispersed in a very short time . Every person was at least five feet away from the other . And just like that, Li Yue was unable to hide in the crowd .

They could see her now!

“First row, spear attack! Last row, forward! …”

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The general yelled orders one by one . The Grey Wolf battalion was an elite team, their responses were impeccable so this was very dangerous for Li Yue .

They were quick too!


Li Yue huffed coldly, dodging the long spears gracefully . There were spears thrust at her from all directions, as dense as rain .

The general, who was watching from afar, was stunned . How was she able to dodge them all? How does a human perform such movements in the air like that? And twist and flip like that?

The most unbelievable thing was that while hse was dodging the spears, she still retaliated easily .

“Cold moon slash!”

A sword slashed at the soldiers in the front row in a semicircle, like a crescent moon . The crescent left a trail of separation . Yep, the word was ‘separation’ . It separated everything, like helmets, clothes, weapons and most importantly- body parts .

All the soldiers were separated into two, blood gushing in all directions . Everyone could tell these people would not be saved .

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Cold moon slash was a douqi technique Li Yue recently learned . It involved concentrating all her power to form a thin blade of air radiating from her sword . Although it was a very thin blade, it was ruthless . Even a Tian level fighter would have to dodge it .

These men were elite soldiers but they were no masters . The best among them was Level 9 fighters, and they were rare . So they could not ward off this attack!

Perhaps they would be able to dodge it if they were Di level warriors but if this army’s lowest-ranked soldier was a Di level warrior, they would’ve conquered the entire empire already .

Di level fighters in the military were all high-ranked officials, they would never be foot soldiers unless it was a special forces team .

The Cold Moon Slash was not her only attack . Between her next few flips, she unleashed more Cold Moon Slashes .

And just like that, many lives were lost!

“Kill! Just kill her! I refuse to believe she has unlimited douqi!”

Sometimes, on a battlefield, blood would make the soldiers retreat, while other times, they would only make the soldiers go insane . In this situation, it was the latter .

Yep, it was impossible for Li Yue to use her douqi forever . She knew this too but she had to use her douqi now to cut their numbers drastically .

This was the most effective moment to use her douqi techniques too . Not only could she mess up their attack formations but she could also cut their numbers .

Plus, she wasn’t using her douqi blindly…

“Who said I did?”

After she destroyed the ranks surrounding her, she started her slaughter once again using regular sword strokes, reaping human lives with every move . Her movements were as peculiar as before . Even when the enemies were so far apart, they still couldn’t see her . When they did, she would’ve disappeared to another spot already .

Her strategy was peculiar, at least to the Grey Wolf battalion . As for Ye Lang, he did not find it peculiar at all . He frowned a little as if he was not satisfied .

Li Yue peeked at Ye Lang only to sense his dissatisfaction . She was a little disappointed but immediately focused on her fighting techniques more intently .

Li Yue was acting this way because her techniques were taught by Ye Lang . Although she was improving very quickly, it was still far from what Ye Lang was satisfied with .

If anyone knew of this, their jaws would be on the floor because to them, Li Yue’s fighting skills were already terrifying enough . They wouldn’t believe that this was still not good enough for him .

The general now had a headache, feeling very helpless against her fighting style . All he could do was wait, wait for Li Yue to make a mistake and for her to exhaust herself .

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