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Chapter 571: 571
Slaughter (1)

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“Ahh…” squealed Li Yue when she noticed her clothes were torn from the previous fight, exposing some skin .

Li Yue’s face reddened with embarrassment, while the Grey Wolf battalion was stunned . Was this the merciless Sorceress everyone talked about?

However, very quickly, she regained her composure- so fast they felt like they didn’t see anything .

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Pull up a screen now, I want to change my clothes,” she said calmly . She knew Ye Lang would have supplies .

“Alright!” He nodded and clapped gently, then touched the ground . A ring of soil rose from the ground to form a mud wall with Li Yue in the middle . This alchemy was nothing, plus the Grey Wolf battalion knew he was an alchemist since he had healing abilities . That was why they were not suspicious . However, an image of Li Yue changing appeared in their minds .

Such a beautiful image indeed! Damn the wall, why can’t it be transparent? I’d be satisfied with just a crack, I’d be satisfied just to peek a little bit!

But this thought only lasted one second because in the next moment, the mud wall exploded in every direction .


Did my prayers move the heavens? Did the gods just grant my wish to see the Sorceress naked? Thank the---

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The soldiers were watching intently where the cloud dust was, waiting… .

But they were disappointed in the end!

Was this a failure of Ye Lang’s alchemy? No, of course not! How could he fail doing such a simple task? He was still roasting a rabbit over a fire as if nothing was happening .

Once the cloud of dust settled, Li Yue’s silhouette appeared . She was clad in a black, full-body armour . A brand-new set too . She was well protected, leaving no skin to be skin .

Hey, what’s going on?

Li Yue was just shockingly fast at changing her clothes . No one would be able to see anything- though she still needed the wall just in case .

Ye LAng understood this too . That was why he knew she was going to blast the wall apart very soon . He’d made the section of the wall facing him more robust than the rest so this piece would not fly at him .

Li Yue stepped forward slowly and stabbed her sword into the ground . She took out a silk ribbon to tie her hair up, then gazed at the soldiers coldly .

“I’ll ask you one last time-- will you all retreat, or will you all choose to stay, and die?”


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One last time? This is the first time we’re hearing of this! Or was she referring to her first time as her only time? Ehh perhaps, though that was a little weird .

Also, you think we’re going to retreat? That’s impossible!

“Hmmph, we shall see who will be the one who dies!” cried the general with the same frigidness . Everyone, including the forty people who stepped forward, thought the same .

“I suddenly understand a quote…” mused Ye Lang suddenly .

“What quote?” the general asked .

“Good men don’t become soldiers!” Ye Lang said with a smile .

[Note (please don’t quote me on this, this is based on what I understand): ‘Good men don’t become soldiers’ was a saying from the Han (?) dynasty, it was a period of relative peace so people respected scholars more in general . The military was divided into different tiers: the special-trained, hand-picked elite fighters vs the people who couldn’t get jobs and joined the military as last resort, yet still wasn’t disciplined and did not advance ranks in the military . This saying refers to this bunch who’d be called to do the odd jobs/take least important posts for the military]

Ye Lang’s words were like a slap to their faces . He was implying they were all bad men, it was a mockery!

“Ghost Doctor, I will grant you your wish since you want to become a ghost so badly! Kill him!” the general sent some of his men after Ye Lang, his expression darkened .

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“?!” Li Yue furrowed her brows . “Can’t you just shut up for one second?!”

. . . That was obviously directed at Ye Lang .
Then, she leapt forward and charged at the soldiers with alarming speed, directly into the group of forty who stepped forward .

Just from this speed, they understood that her name was not an exaggeration at all . She was very powerful!

However, that wasn’t enough to impress them . What she did next was what made them panic .

When she approached them, she lifted her sword… Then what happened next was faster than lightning . There were a few glints of cold metal and a few movements too fast for them to see . They did not know how many slashes she made .

She then retraced her steps even more quickly, sprinting in another direction at the group of people charging towards Ye Lang .

At this moment, the ones who didn’t keep track of her movements were confused . Why was the Sorceress running in random directions?

Very soon, they knew why!



“ . . . ”

As she ran in the next direction, the people where she was previously at collapsed in unision . The ground was stained red with fresh blood!

The crowd was astonished . They could not believe their eyes . How could they believe a young lady could destroy so many people in such short time?

“Be careful, the Sorceress is very powerful!” yelled the general . Everyone knew this already, of course . What just happened wasn’t because their comrades were weak, she was surprisingly powerful .

“Not very powerful, she’s TOO powerful!”

The general soon had to correct himself when he witnessed what she did next . The group of forty had collapsed, then the group he’d sent after Ye Lang .

That was too quick! Even a Di level fighter would not be able to achieve such speed, was she a Tian Heavenly level warrior? That’s impossible, how could it be? She was too young!

“Hmmph, die or get lost! I’ll let you choose one more time!” Li Yue sneered coldly, gently shaking off the blood on her sword .

“Sorceress, refrain from such arrogance! So what if you can fight? I have five thousand elite men with me . True soldiers . You might as well give up now!” the general spoke again, though this time he was looking to negotiate . He did not dare act brashly now .

What he said was true too . Li Yue was one person . Even if she was a Tian level warrior, it would still be exhausting to fight against five thousand trained soldiers-- and more importantly, she was NOT a Tian level warrior .

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