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Chapter 566: 566
Massacre (1)

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“Hmm, the fish head will be boiled to make soup…”

“You have such a big pot?” Li Yue interrupted . The fish was big so its head was too, a regular pot would not be enough .

“Don’t worry about that, I do!” Ye Lang produced a huge metal pot . It was huge, big enough to fit the entire fish inside without a problem .

Wow, you really are like a sundry shop owner, thought Li Yue .

Very soon, he pulled out a huge stove to accommodate the huge pot and started to boil fish head soup . When the fire was started and firewood was added, he went to look for more firewood .

At the same time, while the soup boiled, he quickly cleaned the fish, removed the bones, slice the flesh and then roasted them over the fire . Not long after, they could smell the sweet fragrance of fish meat . It was a very good quality flesh, a level-one top-notch fish .

Ye Lang and Li Yue proved this point . It tasted amazing with vinegar, and the fish head soup was equally delicious .

However, they could only demolish one part of the fish . There was still a lot of fish left so Ye Lang stored it in his ring . It would be preserved inside .

They could eat it for the next meal until they grew sick of it or until it was finished!

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They were supposed to sleep after this but Li Yue dragged him up the hill because she wanted him to watch the moon with her . There was a full moon tonight, naturally one had to climb higher to get a better view of it .

Ye Lang had told her that she should go alone if she wanted, that he didn’t want to go!

Then Li Yue said he shouldn’t forget that he was the one who kidnapped her so he must watch her!

Then Ye Lang frowned . He was a kidnapper, not a babysitter!

In the end, he was still dragged up . They sat at the top of the hill, both sitting on a boulder and watched the moon for a long, long time .

Ye Lang did not know how long they were there for because he’d gone to talk to Xuan Yuanbing early on . Li Yue just leaned against Ye Lang, not minding that he was asleep . She just wanted him by her side, it was a simple wish .

The night grew darker but Li Yue did not intend to return . She fell into deep sleep leaning against Ye Lang . She confirmed once again that even asleep, Ye Lang emitted a nice warmth that made her very, very comfortable .

She was afraid that she’d grown to like this feeling . Then leaving him would just become more difficult!

I cannot like him, I don’t want to like him…

Holding this thought, Li Yue fell asleep . In her dreams, she saw herself with Ye Lang, they were leaning against each other, hand-in-hand…

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“Roar!” There was the sound of an angry roar .

“Lion, that’s enough!” she mumbled in her sleep .

“Roar!” This time, it was softer .

Li Yue woke up with a jolt, sensing that the lion might have sensed danger approaching . Wild animals, magic beasts were all more sensitive to threats than humans .

When she opened her eyes, she saw the fire-red lion growling at something at the foot of the hill, crouching in a guarded position .

“Enemies?” Li Yue frowned . She could feel the presence of people approaching them, and it was no small number .

The hill was surrounded by enemies, and they were at the peak . It was the best opportunity for their enemies to attack!

“Ye Lang, wake up!” She unsheathed her sword and approached Ye Lang, kicking him off the boulder so he would wake up . No matter how deeply asleep a person was, this would surely wake them up .

This was not the time to be merciful, so she chose the most violent way of waking him up . She knew he wouldn’t get hurt from something like that .

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However, she was shocked to find that he was still asleep even after falling to the ground .

What… What kind of human was this?

“Hey, why do I feel a little dizzy?” Ye Lang was duelling with Xuan Yuanbing with utmost intensity, and he had just dodged an attack from Xuan Yuanbing .

Actually, it resembled more like a wrestle than a duel . They did not look like trained fighters at all, just kids in a brawl .

Thank goodness this was a dream or Xuan Yuanbing’s Sacred Lady image would shock the crowds .

Xuan Yuanbing liked this . She was prepared to try this with Ye Lang in real life- not outside, just in her quarters…

“What’s the matter?” Xuan Yuanbing stopped and asked gently, looking at Ye Lang who’d just pinned her down .

“I think Li Yue is disturbing me . Whatever, we’ll ignore her . Nothing important,” he said casually then they started wrestling again .

He couldn’t remember why they started doing this . There was one time he was being annoying and then it led to Xuan Yuanbing wrestling him . Then it escalated into her just looking to wrestle him at random times like she was picking a fight .

Ye Lang thought this was undignified to pick fights after fights, yet this continued . Sometimes, they even bit each other .

Thank goodness this was just a dream so it did not hurt, nor did it leave any marks…

“Eh, there’s danger?! Xuan Yuanbing, I’ll see you tomorrow, I’ve got to go!” Ye Lang sensed something suddenly then left the dreamscape abruptly-- basically, he woke up .

When he woke, he realised Li Yue was standing in front of him like she was guarding him . There were many, many people surrounding them, every single person a master fighter .

He was surrounded by masters!

“What’s going on? Li Yue, did you go around attracting men again?” Ye Lang was in a state of daze . Since this was the first thing he saw when he woke, it must be something she did .

“Go to hell!” she cried angrily . “Eh? You’re finally awake?”

“Yep, I’m awake! I was startled awake by so many people,” Ye Lang nodded, “Women can be quite troublesome sometimes, this is just inconvenient . ”

“I dare you to say that one more time! And I did not invite these people here!” Li Yue turned around to glare at him as if she was going to swallow him whole .

“You think it’s me? That’s impossible, these are all men . If they were women, I’ll admit it was me,” said Ye Lang .

“ . . . ” Li Yue was speechless . You idiot, don’t you know what is happening here? You think they’re here because of THAT?!

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