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Chapter 565
Medical Fees (3)

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It was difficult enough to catch the lion, then they had to dodge the young man’s arrows . It was exhausting! As time passed, the number of soldiers dwindled because most of them were either injured, pinned unto the ground or the wall .

Ye Lang’s lion is impressive! Paired with his archery skills, they’re a terrifying presence, Li Yue thought privately .

“It’s your turn!” Li Yue had already killed her way to the front of the major . She was splattered with blood, intimidating as ever .

“No, don’t kill me!” yelled the major in a panic . He was already too scared just from looking at her .

“ . . . ” Li Yue did not speak, directly thrusting her sword through his throat . Fresh blood sprayed everywhere…

“The major is dead! The major is dead…”

When they saw the major collapse, the soldiers started to scatter and stopped fighting the two . Morale was already very low and after hearing the gruesome cries, they were terrified .

“Your medical fees are on your major’s body . Next time, please be smart and hope you don’t meet a Sorceress like my sister here!” Ye Lang left them with this piece of advice then rode off with Li Yue .

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Li Yue rolled her eyes and ignored him .

The rest of the crying soldiers and the crowd who witnessed everything were exasperated . To them, when compared to the Sorceress, it seemed like he was the slightly scarier one . Most of the soldiers were wounded by his arrows .

However, at least the sibling duo was merciful enough . Most of the soldiers were heavily injured but the wounds were not fatal . Especially the ones who were shot- they did not die afterwards, just needed time for recuperation .


Within the Muyang Town Lieutenant-General’s study, a middle-aged man slammed a folder of documents on the desk . It was obvious he was furious at the outcome of the situation .

“You’re all telling me, a twenty-something-year-old boy and girl destroyed four hundred people? And you all let them kill your major?!”

“Yes sir…” the soldiers standing before him muttered nervously .

“You’re all useless piles of trash! What happened to all your training? What’s the use of the Tanlang military group spending precious resources on feeding all of you? Four hundred people, all defeated by two people! And it was up to them to be merciful, that’s why you’re alive!” the middle-aged man continued yelling .

“ . . . ” The soldiers did not dare speak .

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“Do you know what was the cause of the conflict?” asked the man .

“We don’t know . Our subordinates tell us it was because the Sorceress cut off the arms and legs of more than ten of our men, that’s why the major had to step up . ” Of course, the soldiers did not dare mention that they were at fault, especially not the twenty-five thousand gold coins they received .

“Hmmph! I don’t care who these two are, they killed someone of mine, then hurt hundreds of my people! This matter shall not end here! If we do not kill them, then there will be no dignity in our Tanlang military group!” he said coldly . “Gather the horses and men, catch up to the two . ”

“Yes, sir!”

And just like that, the most elite fighters of Muyang Town was dispatched to kill Ye Lang and Li Yue- who by now were already far, far away . They did not seek help from other towns because they felt like it was too embarrassing and they would just be treated as a joke .

They were confident that they’d be able to defeat the two because Ye Lang and Li Yue looked very young . They should be at most Di earthly level fighters and these people were strong enough to defeat two Di level fighters .

This special task force was filled with master fighters . The Tanlang military group was no weak organisation- Muyang Town was a significant military base after all .

Ye Lang and Li Yue did not know they were being hunted down, completely unaware that someone was furious enough to send his best fighters after them to make sure they were killed .

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Well, it wasn’t even started by the both of them, plus they’d paid the people twenty-five thousand gold coins . Any military group would’ve called the matter off once they received such compensation, maybe only blacklisting them .

Based on this logic, Ye Lang and Li Yue had a very relaxed journey . After a while, they set up camp next to a stream at the foot of a hill .

There were still bloodstains on them both, especially on Li Yue . The bloodstains on Ye Lang were from her- she’d jumped on the lion right after the fight and they’d been riding together since .

He’d already removed the stains using a purification alchemy formation, also cleaning the lion with the same procedures .

However, he just stripped off all his clothes and jumped into the river for a bath . His underwear was still on, of course . He wasn’t THAT open .

However, when Li Yue saw this, she looked away shyly and started a fire instead to prepare tonight’s dinner .

This was deja vu, as if she was back to the group hunt days . Those were memories she would never forget!

If only Ye Lang wasn’t lying and was genuinely nice to her, how nice would it be… Too bad he wasn’t, but it still felt so good… Sigh, what is happening to me? Have I fallen in love with the asshole already? No, that’s impossible! I hate him!

“Hmmph!” with a huff, Li Yue hurled a pebble as far as she could into the forest, scaring a flock of birds .

“Woah! Li Yue, Li Yue, Li Yue, look look look!” Ye Lang’s excited cries snapped her back to reality .

“What now?” Li Yue initially looked up scowling to scare Ye Lang but when she did, her jaw dropped .

“This… This…”

What shocked her? It was a fish . Of course, it was no ordinary fish . It was a huge fish, a gigantic fish .

As Ye Lang hugged the fish, it covered more than half of his body!

“This fish is huge, isn’t it?” he said excitedly .

“How did you catch it?” Li Yue asked incredulously . Ye Lang wasn’t even fishing, he was just playing in the stream .

“Hehe, it swam to me on its own! It must have known that I’m hungry so it delivered itself to me,” he said casually . He had never stopped to think about this phenomenon .

“Yeah, you’re the son of Lady Luck! So, son of Lady Luck, what should we do with this fish?” she asked with a grin .

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