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Chapter 564: 564
Medical Fees (2)

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“So what do you want now? You need more medical compensation? How much do you want, just tell me,” said Ye Lang looking at them all .

At this moment, Li Yue gently tugged on his clothes and whispered, “Don’t give them more, even if you want to be a prodigal son . They’re all bad people!”

He grinned but did not answer . He continued staring at the major, waiting for an answer .

The major was thinking fast and hard . Should he just ask for some money and settle the matter or could he make an even bigger demand?

Based on the attitude Ye Lang had with money, it meant he was no ordinary young man . He must have a certain rich background, the major had to think hard if it was worth risking angering such a family .

If it was not worth it, he should just mooch a bit of money and leave him be . If he could afford to anger the family, then of course he was going to wring this kid dry .

What now?

The two options rose and fell like a scale, he couldn’t decide!

In the end, he made a decision . A decision he would regret for life . As the saying goes, people die for money, birds die for food .

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“As long as you give us all the money you have on you and let your sister stay with us for a night . Then I will let you both leave here safely!” the major smirked as he looked at Li Yue . She looked so beautiful .

“I do not agree with your conditions . I’ll pay you 10,000 more as medical compensation and that will be it,” Ye Lang said with a smile then threw a cheque at him .

“Are you mad? Why are you still giving them money? They’ll never stop hounding us!” Li Yue wanted to punch Ye Lang, that was like throwing food at dogs to chase them away .

“Hehe, don’t you all say I’m a little dumb?” said Ye Lang .

“You’re dumb but in a cute way! But don’t do anything like that anymore . ” Li Yue smiled but she was no longer angry . It was how Ye Lang had always been, plus he had the money to spend . There was nothing to be afraid of . Whatever .

At this moment, he suddenly turned solemn . “Li Yue! I want to give him the money or I’ll regret it . ”

“??” Li Yue did not understand .

“Sir, this is still not enough…” the major eyed Ye Lang greedily, obviously implying he wanted more from Ye Lang .

Ye Lang shook his head and chuckled . “It’s enough, this is enough to pay your medical fees!”

“It’s not! The twelve men have families to feed too, this bit is not enough,” said the major, squinting his eyes . Money had made him blind .

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“You’re wrong, it’s not twelve people . This is 473 people . I think it’s enough if you give out twenty gold coins each, you’ll still have some left,” Ye Lang said with a smile .

“473 people? What do you mean? Where did all the other people come from?” the major asked in confusion .

“Yep, this money is very important!” Li Yue’s eyes brightened . She understood what Ye Lang meant and was getting excited . She approved of his plan .

“These are people, aren’t they?” Ye Lang pointed at all the soldiers behind him calmly .

“ . . . ”

The major fell silent, quickly understanding Ye Lang . “Fuck! You little bastard, you’re playing with us! Who do you think you are, look at these hundreds of people, you think you’ll injure all of them?”

“Maybe not! Maybe not all…” he said softly .

The major started to smile again . He thought this meant even Ye Lang was not confident in his own abilities, though his next words made his face darken .

“I can’t injure all of them because we can’t really control our power sometimes . Perhaps there will be a few deaths . Don’t worry, I’ll pay more for every death!”

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“Go fuck yourself, who do you think you are? Brothers, let’s kill this bitch!” the major commanded and his men all charged ahead at the two .

“I’ll first cripple you!” Ye Lang grinned at him and prepared to take out his weapon . However, Li Yue stopped his hand with a touch .

“Give this to me! Don’t use this, use either your martial arts skills or archery . ” As she spoke, she unsheathed her sword and dashed ahead at the major .

With her past experience, she hated these useless assholes who called themselves soldiers . Especially when the major smirked at her when he suggested she should spend the night with him . She had to kill him personally .

She did not want Ye Lang to use his alchemy weapon because she didn’t want them to know who he was!

“Then I shall use my bow and arrow . I have a few thousand arrows with me anyway… Lion, dodge the attacks and go somewhere safe . ” He fired many arrows while still sitting on the lion .



Shrieks of agony echoed consecutively, lasting a very, very long time . Some people started to come to watch .

When they saw what was happening, they were shocked for they could not believe someone had so openly declared war against the Tanlang military group . Although there was just a few hundred of them, the other party only had 2 people .

2 people! Yet they caused hundreds of men and horses to collapse in agony while they waved their weapons effortlessly . They did not have so much as a cut .

The girl must be the legendary Sorceress! Just as the rumours went, she was violent, leaving behind a trail of blood .

Blood splattered, torn limbs flew…

This Sorceress was no Level 6 warrior, what the fuck? Who said she was a level 6? This girl had to be at least a level 9!

Also, she was no ordinary martial artist either . Every move was decisive and caused crippling injury to the other person or death . Ordinary fighters could not do that, even fewer lady fighters were known to have such capability .

And this young man! He was not a warrior but this was even worse than a warrior . His archery skills were godly . Every arrow crippled a man, sometimes he could kill two birds-no- humans, with one arrow .

This kid was good in archery . They were thinking about how he did not look strong . If he was surrounded and forced to fight in close quarters, his archery skills would be useless…

But the young man was sitting on a lion! This was no ordinary lion . A regular lion would not be this agile . Could a regular lion dodge attacks so gracefully when it was surrounded by hundreds of people?

This was no ordinary lion at all!

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