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Published at 9th of June 2020 08:40:03 AM
Chapter 561: 561
Little Sorceress (2)

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“Do you know something happened at the town gates? A girl chopped up more than ten guards!” someone ran inside, found his friends and sat down .

“What?!” the people who heard him were shocked .

“The soldiers had an unlucky day . They saw how pretty the girl was and wanted to take advantage of that . They didn’t know she was a little sorceress, she didn’t even speak much then just chopped them up! All of them either had an arm or a leg chopped off . ”

As they spoke, they wouldn’t have guessed that the main character was sitting nearby .

“Sorceress? Li Yue, this nickname suits you,” Ye Lang said with a smile .

“Hmmph!” she ignored him .

“Then where’s the little sorceress now?” said those people .

“I don’t know, she probably ran away with the fair-faced bastard . Why would they stay here waiting for the soldiers to come back for revenge? Although those few soldiers weren’t strong, they are still the Tanlang military group . Offending the military group here will have greater repercussions than offending the empress!”

“Fair-faced bastard…” Li Yue forgot about everything they said other than Ye Lang’s nickname . “This doesn’t suit you at all, you’re not fair, and you’re not handsome!”

“ . . . ” Ye Lang was irritated . “What do you mean, look at my skin!” he pointed at the part on his arm where the sun couldn’t reach under his clothing . “Also, look at my face! I’m no Pan An but I am still handsome!”

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“Handsome? Has the meaning of the word changed recently?” Li Yue jabbed . She didn’t know who Pan An was but guessed that he must be a handsome man .

“No, I am definitely a handsome man, you can ask the people here if you don’t believe me . ” Ye Lang shook his head, preparing to get up to ask the people nearby if he was a handsome man .

The results were as expected . Even if he wasn’t handsome, everyone would say yes anyway… Plus he looked average . Although he was far from actual handsome celebrities, they could still bring themselves to say that he was handsome .

Plus, Ye Lang had hidden potential . If he put on some makeup and styled himself up, he was a pretty boy who can make teenage girls fall in love instantly .

But he didn’t like to dress up like that…

“You said the sorceress is called Li Yue? Then what’s the guy’s name?” people continued to talk in the hall . Li Yue had mentioned her name plus Ye Lang kept calling her name too hence her name wasn’t a secret .

“I don’t know, he didn’t introduce himself!”

At this point, Ye Lang realised he never declared his own name .

“Li Yue, do you think I should tell people my name?” Ye Lang realised he was going to continue meeting situations like that . The people here were going to ask for his name at some point .

“Yeah! But don’t use your real name!” Li Yue said .

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“?? Why?”

“If you don’t tell them your name, other people will guess who we are . But if you tell them a fake name, they won’t know,” she said simply .

“Oh…” he nodded .

“You understood me?” Li Yue was weirded out . You’re always so clueless, you shouldn’t be able to understand this . I haven’t explained further .

“What’s there to not understand? Well, if other people know you, Li Yue, are here, they’ll know I’m here, and we match their stories . Actually, if I use a fake name, everyone would not think of me from the rumours… . you’re Li Yue but there are many people called Li Yue in this world . . .

“They think I would use a fake name but you’ll use your real name… then they’ll think we’ll both use fake names out of convenience… with you using your real name, it’d probably drive away suspicion instead!” Ye Lang explained, this was exactly what Li Yue was thinking .

“You’re right! Looks like you can be quite smart sometimes . ” Li Yue stared at him and felt like he could be quite intelligent if he wasn’t clueless .

“Of course!” he said proudly .

“Not shy at all,” she huffed .

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“What’s ‘shy’? I do not know what that means,” he said casually then started eating . Li Yue too, the both of them ate leisurely then sipped tea and chatted .

“Ye Lang, we should leave,” she said after a while . At this point, she felt like those people would have almost caught up by now . It was going to be very annoying soon .

“Leave? Where? Aren’t we going to stay here for the night?” he asked as if nothing had happened .

“ . . . ” Li Yue was speechless . “We can’t stay here, those people will come to take revenge . Although we’re not afraid of them, it’s going to be a lot of trouble, it’s going to delay the journey!”

“Oh, is that so? Let’s leave then,” he replied .

“Good!” she nodded .

She suddenly felt like things had turned weird . She was the one who was kidnapped, why did it feel like she was helping him finish the mission now…

“You’re leaving? You really think you can leave?!”

Just as they arrived at the entrance, a group of people were already there, blocking off the entrance . They were here, though the two did not know who these people were .

“Yep!” Ye Lang replied .

“ . . . ”

It was a rhetorical question…

“You can try, I’ll watch and see how you’ll leave this place,” a leader said cooly, standing right in front of them .

“I’ll be leaving with my lion . Busboy, bring my lion here!” Ye Lang answered his question .

His answer made the man’s expression change . They felt like Ye Lang was patronising and it angered them . “Boss, this kid thinks he can joke with us! You must take revenge!”

“Eh, your arm’s recovered? Looks like you have great doctors here . ” Ye Lang recognised the speaker to be one of the soldiers who got his arm chopped off .

“Hmmph!” the soldier grunted, his face filled with contempt .

“You think this is it? You’re wrong! With this connecting method, your arm will only partially recover its strength . You’ll be able to carry out daily tasks but to wield your knife and kill people? That will be impossible,” Ye Lang said as he looked at the soldier .

“That’s bullshit, what do you know? Our army doctor said as long as I rest, I’ll be good as new soon,” the soldier said immediately . It was obvious his doctor did not tell him the entire truth .

Perhaps it was to give him hope . The doctor did not want his patient losing hope .

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