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Chapter 552
I'm Tired (2)

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“I need to save Tigress’ father…”

“What?! Tigress’ father? Tigress, that’s your slave, Tai Ya right? So you’re going to the tiger tribe now?” Li Yue knew about Tigress too . She was a known figure, everyone in the Imperial City knew Tigress .

“Yep!” Ye Lang nodded .

“What happened to him? Is he in danger?” said Li Yue out of courtesy . Tigress’ father wasn’t related to her, she wasn’t kind enough to care about just anyone .

‘Not really, I’ve already sealed him in crystal, keeping him inside for ten months will not be a problem,” said Ye Lang .

“Oh, that’s great! Since you’re using it to save someone’s life, I’ll lend you the armour . If you told me earlier, you wouldn’t have caused such a mess,” said Li Yue wistfully .

But if he didn’t cause such a mess, the things between them wouldn’t have happened . Could she bear the thought of it?

Li Yue did not dare dwell on such questions . She felt fear in her heart when she thought about them, as if she was afraid of losing something .

Or rather, she did not want to lose the memories…

“If I knew you were open to discussion, I should’ve come to meet you in secret . ” Ye Lang also regretted putting in so much effort, it all seemed like a waste of time .

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“How could I not? You think I’m that difficult to talk to?” Li Yue asked with a smile, though something very scary was hidden behind the smile . If Ye Lang’s answer did not satisfy her, it would appear .

“Yeah, you used to be a very difficult person to talk to . I remember every time you saw me you looked like you wanted to kil me,” he said with a nodded .

“Uh…” Li Yue was shocked by his answer, she felt like she was about to cry . Was it all her fault?

“That’s because you were being ridiculous, saying I was fated to be your wife! I couldn’t shake you off no matter how hard I tried, so I had to use force…” Li Yue said, a little embarrassed . “If I’d known such a day would come, I would’ve…”

“What? You would’ve been nicer?” asked Ye Lang curiously .

“No, I would’ve been more determined! I should’ve hit you so hard you’d be too afraid to lie to me again!” said Li Yue .

“ . . . ” Ye Lang did not speak . Anything he said would be wrong now, it was a smart decision to remain silent .

“Why are you not speaking? What happens next?” Li Yue was lying on the grass, staring at the moon in the night sky . It looked as if the moon and her silver eyes were reflecting each other . If Ye Lang saw her eyes now, he would definitely be mesmerized .

But Ye Lang wasn’t looking . Ruining the mood, he said, “Didn’t I just tell you? Give the armour to me and you can go home!”

“ . . . ”

Li Yue turned away, ignoring Ye Lang .

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“Hey hey, Li Yue! What do you mean by this! Say something!” Ye Lang did not understand when he saw her reaction, he needed to confirm what she meant .

“I’m tired! We’ll talk tomorrow!” said Li Yue .

“Tired? Are you a pig? You just woke up, all you did was eat and now you’re going to sleep…” said Ye Lang incredulously .

“ . . . ”

I’m not talking to you! I’m ignoring you!

“Goodnight then!”

Ye Lang thought Li Yue was tired so he shielded them with an alchemy formation so no one from the outside could see them in the formation . At the same time, it kept out snakes, rats and insects so the patch of grass would not be disturbed . It was a sort of tent .

Very quickly, Ye Lang went to sleep to talk to Xuan Yuanbing . He was exhausted too, he’d carried Li Yue while sprinting hundreds of kilometers . If it wasn’t for his internal cultivation, he would’ve collapsed .

But the long journey wasn’t useless to him, he benefitted too . This journey improved his internal breathwork because running long distance was a good method to pace his breathing .

Li Yue clawed at the grass cruelly after Ye Lang fell asleep . She wanted to kick him badly- she’d slept for a day, it wasn’t going to be easy for her to fall asleep .

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However, she did not get up . In the end, she slowly drifted into sleep .

And just like that, they did not speak through the night…

In the morning, the sky brightened . On the grassland, Ye Lang and Li Yue were still fast asleep, cuddling…

Wait? Cuddling?

“Ah?!” Li Yue screamed, then shoved Ye Lang away with all her might . This was a reaction any girl would have!

When she woke, she realised she was hugging a very warm body, the warmth made her feel very, very comfortable .

However, when she was more awake, she opened her eyes to see herself hugging Ye Lang . Her face reddened immediately and then she reacted as we described above .

With the shove, Ye Lang rolled several times across the grass and hit the boundary of his alchemy formation . This formation had certain defensive properties .



When he crashed into the protective field, he shrieked in pain- different from Li Yue’s scream .

“ . . . ” Li Yue almost laughed when she saw him like that but she did not . She was still mad, mad at Ye Lang for taking advantage of her when she was sleeping .

However, she realised something . Ye Lang had been sleeping in the same spot, while she’d fallen asleep a distance away .

This meant…

I was the one who came to cuddle?! Li Yue blushed when she thought about it .

It was hard to blame Li Yue too, this was very natural because it was chilly at night and their fire had died . It was very natural for a sleeping Li Yue to gravitate towards a heat source- Ye Lang .

At this point, other than being secretly embarrassed, she was also perplexed at why his body heat was especially comfortable . It did not feel as simple as someone’s body temperature .

Perhaps she was wrong .

“Eh, it’s morning? Why am I over here?” Ye Lang sat up and muttered to himself . “Whatever, maybe I had a cramp?”

Yeah, you had a cramp! Li Yue thought, relieved Ye Lang did not know .

“Time to wash up, brush my teeth!” With one alchemy formation, he cleansed his entire body . Then, he used alchemy to condense some water to rinse his face and mouth . Such a feat that required skill and water was completed so effortlessly .

Everything was so much simpler with alchemy!

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