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Chapter 551
I'm Tired (1)

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That night, Li Yue opened her eyes slowly to realise she was lying on grass . The smell of delicious food travelled into her nostrils, and the starving girl found herself almost drooling .

She looked over at the fire, then at the person roasting food . She felt as if she was back to the days during the group hunt, for at that point, it was the same person roasting delicious food for her .

Was she dreaming? Wasn’t she just at home? Li Yue was slowly drifting back into sleep but soon felt like this wasn’t a dream, she was kidnapped by this person!

She’d been here before . As a soldier, she easily recognised places- these were the grassy highlands to the north of the Imperial City .

“Ye Lang, what do you want? Why did you bring me here?” said Li Yue calmly . She was not afraid .

“You’re up . Come, drink some water, eat some meat . You must be starving . ” Ye Lang did not answer her question, instead he passed a flask of water and some meat to her .

Without a thought, she started to wolf down the meat and chugged a lot of water . She did not suspect Ye Lang tampered with the food because there was no need- he had proven to be able to do whatever he wanted .

And Li Yue was hungry too . She needed sustenance, and as a soldier, she would not pass on opportunities to consume food, especially during such uncertain times .

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“How long have I slept?” she asked after she had eaten enough .

“Not long, it’s only eight,” said Ye Lang .

Li Yue was surprised . “You brought me here in just an afternoon? This place is very, very far from the Imperial City . ”

“Of course . I’m fast and I don’t want to waste any more time,” he said casually .

“What did you use to travel? Why isn’t there a horse nearby, just us?” Li Yue noticed there wasn’t anything as fas as she could see in this vast grassland .

This made her suspicious of how he travelled here . If this place was near the city, she would have thought he carried her here . But it was so far away .

He carried her all the way here? How was that possible? It shouldn’t be .

“I ran here! There wasn’t time to get a carriage . ”

Ye Lang’s words stunned Li Yue . So he did carry her here, they were hundreds of kilometers away!

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“You ran here? Then I…”

“I carried you here . Why? This isn’t the first time, do you have a problem with that?” he said casually, this wasn’t a problem to him .

“N-no!” she shook her head . What could she say? This wasn’t the first time either . Plus he had kidnapped her, it was already a good thing he didn’t just toss her over his shoulder as he ran .

“What are you going to do with me?” Li Yue looked at Ye Lang like an animal volunteering to be slaughtered .

“Lend me your Tianji armour and I’ll let you go home . Once I’m done with the armour, I’ll send someone to give it back to you . I’ll still give you the Dragon Scale battle armour- compensation for your troubles!” said Ye Lang as he poked at the fire with some wood .

Where did he get wood from? Probably from his ring .

“Compensation?! You think you can just give me some armour and be done with it?” scoffed Li Yue coldly . It was obvious she could never agree, though we don’t know why .

“You don’t agree? Think about it . I could always take the armour from you but that would mean ruining your clothes so I really don’t want to do that . ” Ye Lang’s tone was very flat, he looked at Li Yue’s frown .

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“You dare do such a thing?! Let me tell you this, Ye Lang, if you do it, I’ll die!” roared Li Yue and at this moment, her eyes welled up .

“I don’t, that’s why I brought you here . Or I wouldn’t have to bring you out of the city . I know that it’s inappropriate because I’m a man and you’re a lady, plus you’re not my wife so I can’t do that,” lamented Ye Lang, his brows furrowed .

“If you take the armour, you’ll toss me aside in the city, right?” Li Yue’s eyes filled with complex emotions, it would’ve taken a moment for a regular person to understand- so obviously an idiot like Ye Lang did not .

Very honestly, he nodded . “Yep! If I can, I’ll leave you in the Imperial City . Bringing you would just be a burden!”

“You! You bastard!” she bellowed pointing at Ye Lang, visibly furious .

“Me? Bastard? You’re here because I kidnapped you, Li Yue . Me tossing you back to the city will be freeing you, so you can go home! How am I a bastard? Although right now, I am being a bastard… Uh, no, I’m just a kind kidnapper, not a bastard!” Ye Lang realised he was insulting himself so he immediately switched his train of thought . It looked so dumb Li Yue laughed .

“Pfftt… You’re so stupid, you’re just very stupid!”

“You’re not angry anymore?” although Ye Lang was slow, he could still see that Li Yue’s smile was a genuine one .

“I didn’t say I wasn’t angry!” Li Yue stopped smiling . “Tell me, what do you want to do with my Tianji Armour?”

“I’m using it to save someone . The Tianju Armour has a special property and I need this property to save the person . ” Ye Lang did not hide the truth either . There was no point in lying now .

“Save who?” Li Yue did not ask what property of the armour he was relying on to save the person because she might not understand if he explained .

That was why she did not ask . Now, she needed to know who was important enough for Ye Lang to risk his life entering Soaring Sky again .

“About that, you’ll have to keep it a secret . Or at least temporarily keep it a secret . Or I won’t tell you . ” Ye Lang did not want Li Yue following him around, he was going to let her return . He only wanted the armour anyway, not Li Yue .

And if Li Yue told Zhao Yarou when she returned while Athena was still in the city, Ye Lang wasn’t sure if Zhao Yarou would harm Athena .

“Alright! I’ll keep your secret!” Although she didn’t know what Ye Lang was thinking, she could still keep a secret . If she didn’t promise, she wouldn’t know anything . At least she’d know something like that .

Li Yue always kept her promises, never changing her mind or breaking promises .

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