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Published at 26th of May 2020 04:50:03 PM
Chapter 549: 549
Kidnap (2)

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“Thirteenth prince, this is not a place where you can come and go as you please . Please don’t treat us like we’re dead, alright?” lamented the people who’d been ignored many times .

“I never treated you like dead people . If I did, I wouldn’t have prepared all of this for you,” said Ye Lang as he shook his head .

“?? What did you prepare?” No one understood .

“Something for you to sleep well!” said Ye Lang .

When he finished, there was a sound of many firecrackers exploding at the same time . They weren’t full-blown bomb explosions, they resembled firecracker pops . Then, everyone realised there was a thin fog slowly rising and soon filled the entire Li Residence and everywhere around it .

The area where the fog covered was impressive . This meant that Ye Lang had planted many alchemy items across the area without anyone knowing .

Perhaps he could get away with hiding them outside, but inside? How did he do it?

There were so many people watching the house, how could he plant items here without anyone noticing? It was unfathomable, at the same time terrifying .

What were these alchemy bombs for?

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Would the entire Li Residence collapse, turning every object and human into ashes?!

Right now, they wondered if it was true: was the fog going to make them unconscious?

Very quickly, as the fog spread, everyone within the fog started to sleep- though they were not unconscious, just sleeping .

This was a sleep-inducing fog for drowsiness for people to sleep in a short period of time!

A regular person would sleep immediately after inhaling just a little . A master might be able to fight it but not for long . All people under the Tian level would be affected . Di level fighters could fight it for a long time but their physical strengths would deteriorate .

Of course, the solution was to not inhale the fog . If you could do that, you’d be safe .

Not many people could do that, and this was enough for Ye Lang . He merely wanted to incapacitate most of the people . The ones who were left would not be much of a threat .

“?? How did you know we’re here?” The guards fell one by one, the ones who were left were the elites . But so what if they were elites? They were still affected by the fog and if this continued, they would not be able to complete the mission .

They hadn’t expected the clueless thirteenth prince to be so intelligent, they were suffering a huge blow!

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They resented the fact that the thirteenth prince decided not to be clueless at this moment . Why did he suddenly become smart now? However, they didn’t know that Ye Lang actually didn’t know that they were indeed here, although he’d been hanging around the area for a long time .

“I didn’t know you were here! How would I know you all would be so evil, to ambush me here . You must’ve been taking lessons from Zhao Yarou,” said Ye Lang very directly .

Taking lessons? No, these were her instructions! Li Tianjun and the rest were exasperated at how he directly used her full name . How could his behaviour not piss Zhao Yarou off?

“You didn’t know we were here?”

He shook his head . “I didn’t! If I did, I wouldn’t have entered like that . I’d use another method, taking Li Yue away secretly . ”

“If you didn’t know, then why did you prepare so many items? Who were you planning to fight against?”

“The Li family, of course . I was prepared to make the entire family sleep . I initially wanted to make that happen before I appear but Li Yue was talking bad about me so I couldn’t help but talk too . ”

“ . . . ”

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These people sulked even more . They couldn’t believe their men were ‘mistakenly harmed’!

“I’m sorry I got you all involved too . They’re just sleeping, there won’t be a problem . ” Ye Lang seemed to understand why they were upset so he tried to comfort them to no avail .

“ . . . ” They lamented, “It’s not about the sleep . We just can’t afford to provoke the empress, she’ll get angry if she knows we failed . ”

“Let her talk to me instead!” offered Ye Lang heroically .

“That’s what she’s been trying to do, but do you want her to?” huffed another guy who was deeply disgusted by Ye Lang faking his heroicness .

“Nope!” he shook his head . “And that is why, I’ll be leaving now . You don’t have to send me off!”

Ye Lang left with Li Yue in his arms as he spoke . At this moment, Li Tianjun and the rest tried their best to surround Ye Lang .

However, Ye Lang broke through their circle in the blink of an eye, his silhouette appeared at the gates . No one could stop him .

Although they were mildly influenced by the drug, their skills weren’t diminished so much that a person could escape just like that! Was the thirteenth prince really secretly a master?

The group stared as Ye Lang disappeared at the gates, stunned . They knew Ye Lang might break out but they hadn’t expected it to be so easy .

“After him!!”

After a moment of stunned silence, everyone remembered what they were supposed to do- catch Ye Lang . However, they realised there was another problem- something they were very impressed by too .

When they exited the house, the entire area around the residence was covered in a thick veil of fog . Visibility was extremely low, how could they catch Ye Lang like that?

The fog didn’t just function as a sleeping drug, it was also a fog bomb so he could escape within the fog .

“We’ll split up!”

Since they had no other choice, everyone left who could still move split up to chase after Ye Lang while calling for backup to block Ye Lang from the outside . However, the area they were working with was very big .

The Li Residence was already huge, and now Ye Lang covered a huge area outside of the Residence too . That was why no one knew which direction Ye Lang would run in, it was difficult to strategize .

Basically, Ye Lang had succeeded again! He’d easily kidnapped Li Yue right under so many people’s noses, everyone could not believe their eyes!

To be fair, Ye Lang’s success also relied on some help- which involved his approval ratings in this city .

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