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Chapter 545: 545
I'm Here To See You (1)

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“I know that but if you go out, what if he appears? It won’t be easy to catch him… Wait . Are you going out because you don’t want us to catch him?” Li Tianjun suddenly realised .

Li Yue leaving the house would benefit Ye Lang the most . This would disrupt all the arrangements made by Zhao Yarou, plus it would be very easy for Ye Lang .

With Li Yue’s personality, she should’ve been willing to stay at home- to Li Tianjun, she would usually listen to their advice and stay home, not like this .

That was why there something was up . The only reason he could think of was that she wanted to help Ye Lang, she didn’t want him to be captured by Zhao Yarou .

Right now, there was a huge, invisible trap around Li Yue . This trap was waiting for Ye Lang!

“Yes! I don’t want Zhao Yarou to catch him, especially not because of me!”

“Why?” Li Tianjun was very surprised, his mouth was open wide- not because of her answer but because of her tone, the way she was reckless with everything .

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Li Yue and Li Tianjun weren’t the only ones present . There were people here, some in plain sight while the rest were hiding- Li Yue’s words would soon fall on Zhao Yarou’s ears .

“No reason, I just can’t stand it . But, I won’t ruin your plans either . I just won’t participate, I’ll do my best to improve his chances by doing what I can . ” Li Yue obviously didn’t want to tell him the true reason, but he was certain she was leaning towards Ye Lang .

However, although she was supporting Ye Lang, as a soldier, she would still obey instructions . She would not blatantly disobey orders, plus she would not obstruct Zhao Yarou’s operations- this was the most she could do .

“ . . . ” Li Tianjun was silent for a long time, then he slowly said, “You…” There was a pause . “ . . . have you fallen in love with the Ye family’s kid?”

“Ah? Of course not! Father, what are you talking about?!” Li Yue was stunned for a moment then immediately denied this . At the same time, her cheeks were turning red .

“Are you sure?” Li Tianjun was still suspicious, his expression incredulous .

“I am! I hate him, he lied twice to me! Hmmph, if I see him again, I’ll tear him to pieces…” Li Yue said hurriedly as if she was panicking .

At this point, Li Tianjun wanted to say something but he heard a voice and stopped .

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“Fuck, you don’t have to say such cruel things, I didn’t lie for no reason! The first time was because of the fortune teller, this time was because someone else advised me to do so . ”

“You! It’s you! How could you believe whatever the swindler said, if he told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it? Also, if you’re here for the Tianji Armour, just say so . It’s not like I’ll definitely not lend it to you, if you need it… Wait . ” Li Yue hadn’t realised what just happened until she’d gone on a rant .

“You, you… Why are you here?” Li Yue pointed in shock .

“ . . . ” Li Tianjun and the rest were silent as they looked at the intruder, all their jaws dropped as if they’d seen the most surprising thing in the world .

Yep, who else would provoke such a response? Just to catch Ye Lang, they had to think up so many possibilities and methods he might use to break-in .

However, no matter what, they did not expect this, nor did they expect him to return this soon .

Yep, the voice belonged to Ye Lang . He sauntered in slowly, looking exactly like a person walking into a friends house, completely unlike a person walking straight into the lion’s mouth .

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This was a little unbelievable . If Zhao Yarou were here, she would’ve stared too .

“I’m here to see you,” said Ye Lang nonchalantly .

“Why?” Li Yue asked . She didn’t mean why he was looking for her, but why he was doing this .

“I want your Tianji Armour,” said Ye Lang very honestly, unaware of the meaning behind her question .

“I know you want the Tianji Armour but why? Why do you want the Tianji armour?” You’re willing to risk your life to come here, knowing it will be very difficult, and yet you’re willing to risk it all!” said Li Yue, looking at him . But there was another question she had no courage to ask:

For the armour, you had to come win my heart over . Was it worth it?

“I’m just going to borrow it for research, plus I will return it back to you . I’ve brought you something to exchange for it . This is a suit of dragon scale armour, what do you think…” Ye Lang produced an armour . Anyone could see if was no ordinary armour from its glittering green .

“Dragon scale armour? Isn’t this the one from the legends? Apparently it’s a magical suit of armour made of dragon scales? Why does he have it? And this is definitely more valuable than the Tianji Armour! What is he trying to do?”

When he showed them the armour, Li Tianjun and the rest were stunned, not knowing what Ye Lang was trying to do . He wasn’t here for the Tianji Armour’s value, for the dragon scale armour was worth more .

Even without the armour, no one believed he was just here for the Tianji armour either . This was very confusing . Ye Lang was the symbol of the pinnacle of alchemy, plus he was the ultimate prodigal son . The Tianji armour should be nothing but a trivial matter to him .

And even if it was trivial, it should be impossible for him to risk his life for it .

“Why do you want the Li family’s Tianji armour? You already have the dragon scale armour! And, you once told me you’re familiar with the workings of the Tianji armour, that you didn’t need to see it to make a better one,” said Li Yue looking at him .

Many people knew of this . At the time, Ye Lang had borrowed the Tianji Armour for research . It was very easy for him to borrow it because the two families had friendly ties and Ye Lang was known for his alchemy abilities .

That was why Li Yue was very confused .

At the same time, everyone nearby started to surround Ye Lang, sending out messages to complete the capture . They wanted Li Yue to keep talking to him so they would have more time to prepare .

They prayed that Ye Lang would not move .

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