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Chapter 544
Love Story (2)

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“At the time, the thirteenth prince was lukewarm . Everyone here knows when he meets someone he doesn’t like, he won’t be too polite . At the time, everyone saw it as him disrespecting the empress, they were sure, with the empress’ personality, she would rage . But what happened next was shocking because not only did she not rage, she insisted to hunt with him…

“Then, they spent the rest of the time together . Apparently the thirteenth prince was carrying Miss Li Yue too . She was, for some reason, very weak so he was taking care of her . ”

“Of course, this isn’t the main point . After that day, the thirteenth prince spent the rest of the hunt with the empress . They were very flirty, definitely did not look like enemies . I heard that the thirteenth princes, Li Yue and the empress went missing for a period of time too . Nothing major happened between the three of them which made everyone very confused .

“The next thing was even more surprising- the empress suddenly announced she was having a birthday party plus she invited him to attend it . Before the party, everyone was wondering why she was so enthusiastic about it but they soon knew- it was all for the thirteenth prince!

“Then… then, she even publicly said that she wanted to marry him… but he rejected her…” when the conversation arrived on this topic, everyone thought it was a pity he rejected her, as if Ye Lang marrying Zhao Yarou would be a good thing .

To the common folk, they did not think about whether the two of them actually liked each other romantically, or if they were archnemesis . They just thought it was a perfect ending to the story, they just wanted to see them married .

From a certain perspective, it was also a political marriage- the people wanted this to happen too!


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The guy talked more about things that happened between Zhao Yarou and Ye Lang, things that everyone (the gossipers) thought might be considered flirting .

Hence, the story of Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou started to spread- the initial enmity between two people was distorted into a complicated love .

Some people even started to write their own parts, weaving a love story between Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou, which spread across the city . There were many versions of it, and surprisingly, the story of Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou would become a classic love story in this place .

The story depicted a princess living in the depths of her palace, and her elder sister’s future husband…

Cough, cough! Back to the main story!

Very soon, Zhao Yarou also heard of these rumours . All she did was smile but she did not stop them .

Although she did not stop them, no one thought it was a thing they could talk about in front of her either . Perhaps it was because these trivial matters were not worth her time .

No matter how the story was distorted, the news of Ye Lang’s appearance in the city was now public knowledge!

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“Ah, he’s HIM? How could I be so stupid? How did I not see it? I want to talk to him about something, I wonder where he is! Aargh!” Zhu Ye’er was stunned for a while after receiving such news, then started to beat herself up .

Like her, many people wanted to know where he was . Had he escaped or did he stay? And if he did, where was he?

However, most people thought it was unlikely he would stay . He’d already been exposed, plus Zhao Yarou had tried to catch him- why would he stay? He could be a sitting duck!

“Li Yue, you’re going out?”

Li Tianjun was looking for Li Yue only to realise she was preparing to head out just like any other day . However, how could he let her go? In these times?

“Yeah, I’m going out!” Li Yue did not seem to catch what Li Tianjun meant, so she nodded .

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“Don’t you know what is happening right now? How could you go out? Stay at home!” said Li Tianjun immediately .

“What’s happening? Why can’t I go out?” asked Li Yue mildly .

His brows furrowed . “We don’t know when the Ye family’s thirteenth prince will appear again, who knows what other intentions he would have with you? It’s best you stay at home for a few days . ”

“It would be even better if he shows up, aren’t you all prepared for that?” Li Yue was still speaking in a calm tone . After one night, she didn’t seem angry anymore .

However, that was because they did not know what had happened between them . If everyone knew all the things that had happened between Ye Lang and Li Yue, they would likely not think so .

Yeah, just ‘likely’- there was still a possibility!

“We are prepared, yes, but if you walk around outside, it would only weaken our preparations . And it might be unsafe for you,” said Li Tianjun .

“If I don’t walk around outside, won’t he just suspect that we are prepared?” said Li Yue .

“I don’t think so, you know how clueless he can be…” though Li Tianjun was sweating when he said that-- Ye Lang was only clueless sometimes .

“What if he suddenly becomes smart again?”

“Uh…” Li Tianjun had nothing to say .

“Father, you don’t have to worry, you know? Although he was lying to me, he would never do anything to harm me, he would never hurt me- at least not physically…” said Li Yue, though this time, there was a hint of resentment in her calm tone .

“You’re right though . Although the kid’s a bastard, he would not hurt you, it’s not him . Plus, we’re us, he would still give us face,” said Li Tianjun, nodding .

Regarding the possibility of Ye Lang hurting Li Yue- everyone was 100% sure that it was impossible .

Li Yue and Ye Lang were not enemies, plus he’d even tried to pursue her . With his personality, he would not do anything to her unless she intentionally provoked him .

“That is why, I will be fine,” said Li Yue, starting to step out of the door .

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