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Chapter 540
Working Alone (1)
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“Your Majesty, why are you so sure he’ll come back for me? With the current situation, he should be running far from here . His disguise has been found out, he will never come back…” Li Yue frowned, as if thinking it was impossible .

Privately, she was a little disappointed too . She felt like if it wasn’t for the task he had to accomplish, he would definitely not come back for her .

“I believe he will return . He hasn’t gotten your Tianji Armour yet, he will come back- he’s just that kind of idiot- he won’t stop until he gets what he wants,” said Zhao Yarou with a smile, shaking her head and staring up at the night sky .

“??” The crowd looked at Zhao Yarou in confusion, Li Yue even more puzzled .

To everyone, Ye Lang was a clueless kid who didn’t care about anything . How could he be the person she was describing? A person who would never give up until he reached his goal? That wasn’t Ye Lang, was it?

Why did she think so? We don’t understand at all…

Her Majesty must’ve mistaken…

“Is that true?” Li Yue muttered .

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“I don’t mind you all doubting my speculations, just wait and see . Also, you are all allowed to hurt him, it’s fine if he’s half-dead . But he must not be killed . ” Zhao Yarou’s tone turned icy as she reached the end of her sentence . They knew that if anyone disobeyed her orders, they would definitely die .

Or maybe the consequences would not be as simple as death .

Based on what she just said, no one thought Zhao Yarou even cared about Ye Lang . If she did, why would she not care about his wellbeing? 

But if she didn’t, then how would one explain what just happened? How would you explain the fact that she organised a party to meet him, her happy smiles with him, the different attitude she had towards him?

Was all that really just to catch Ye Lang? Perhaps that was it… but it still didn’t seem right .

So what if that didn’t seem right? Saying Zhao Yarou cared for Ye Lang sounded more wrong . They were sworn enemies!

“Yes, Ma’am . ” Li Yue straightened her posture, answering with the air of a subordinate . In front of Zhao Yarou, she was indeed just another subordinate . She was just a little distracted because of Ye Lang .

Even if Zhao Yarou was wrong, and made wrong arrangements, she still had to obey without objection .

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“I’ll remind you once again: you must bring him back alive . If that is not possible, let him escape,” said Zhao Yarou .

“??” The crowd did not understand . They understood the part where she wanted him back alive, but the second part was confusion . Usually, people would rather kill their enemy so other people would not get him .

Perhaps because Ye Lang’s identity was too special here . If any party killed him, it would only trigger a lot of trouble . And not everyone could afford to face such consequences .

Yeah, it must be because of that .

No matter what Zhao Yarou was thinking, it was a hundred percent confirmed that she wanted to hide her men near Li Yue for an ambush . She engaged many masters for this mission, similar to the number of skilled fighters she hired for her birthday party .

At this moment, Ye Lang was well hidden in the capital . No one would be able to find him other than Coldblood Five, who was with him .

Why was she with him? It wasn’t because she knew Ye Lang would be flying here-- he’d told her to come when he left the palace .

“Five, let’s go back . We’ll prepare for our next move . ”

“What? What happened inside? Why did you have to escape like that, were you found out?” Coldblood Five still did not know what happened . All she knew was that he’d left the palace in a peculiar manner which can only be explained as an emergency exit .

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“Yeah, they know . ” Ye Lang nodded as he responded calmly, his tone sounded as if it was very normal .

“ . . . ” Coldblood Five fell silent for a while . “Then we should leave immediately . ”

“We don’t have to . They can’t find me, I’m just one person . The mission is too important, it hasn’t ended yet . I still want to think of another solution . Inform Coldblood Seven, I’ll talk to Athena . See you at Romantic Floor . ” When he finished speaking, he melted into the shadows of the night, moving without a trace of evidence .  

Both Coldblood Five and Ye Lang were familiar with this camouflage technique .

This was because Ye Lang had learned this skill from Coldblood Five . However, at this point, she had nothing left to teach him .

The Romantic Floor . This the place Zhao Yarou and the rest were familiar with yet often forgot about . They didn’t think Ye Lang would be there again because it would just be too obvious .

However, Ye Lang chose to hide there once again . Perhaps the most dangerous place was the safest .

Ye Lang sent a message for Coldblood Seven and Athena to come . Theoretically, this was dangerous because if anyone saw them, it would be very troublesome .

However, with Coldblood Seven and Athena’s abilities, no one would ever see them . Not even Zhao Yarou .

In the past, when Ye Lang was still travelling in the open, Zhao Yarou had not noticed their presence . Now that Athena and Coldblood Seven were on guard, she definitely would not know .

Then again, at this point, everyone only knew that Ye Lang was acting alone .

“Master, you really like fancy places like this, huh? What do you want, calling me here at this hour?” Athena appeared within the brothel suddenly, chuckling when she saw Ye Lang lounging in the yard .

She had been worried about Ye Lang’s safety, especially if something had happened within the palace . Now that he was here, she felt relieved .  

As long as he was back in one piece, all other problems could be solved slowly .  

“You’re here . Have a seat, let’s wait for Five and the rest,” said Ye Lang softly without moving .

Athena did not say anything . She said down next to Ye Lang on the stone steps . The stone was cold but perhaps because she was now next to Ye Lang, she did not mind it at all .  

At this moment, Ye Lang was laying right on the yard’s stone steps . There were no tables or chairs near him .  

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