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Chapter 539
Sister-In-Law (4)
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Ye Lang grinned as if he didn’t care . Either he’d given up or he had another solution .

No, he hadn’t given up!

He waved his arm, extending his index and middle finger . Like a sharp sword, he slashed at the net and broke out of it .

Zhao Yarou had many layers of defence, not all of them consisted of powerful people- she could not mobilise too many of them within such a short period of time . This netting was released by one of the weaker grounds .

However, while they were weaker, the special net they realised should not have been broken that easily . Especially not in an anti-magic zone . Ye Lang was an exception .


Once Ye Lang broke free of the anti-magic zone, he immediately materialised an alchemy formation, which he stepped on with all his might and sprung into the air once again .

Everyone could not imagine how well he had mastered the usage of alchemy formations . It was unbelievable for him to escape when there were so many people after him!

No, not yet!

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As he leapt, he sensed another threat . There was a silhouette charging at him at high speed, plus several shadows appeared around him .

“Fuck, I forgot! There are dragon riders here too!”

Yep, he had forgotten about them . Everyone else too . Dragon riders rarely appeared in public, they were often forgotten .

If he was surrounded by dragon riders, he would be in for a long fight .

The person charging at him was Sir Tie Jing . Although he was not a dragon rider himself, he arrived first .

As long as Sir Tie Jing could buy some time, he would soon be surrounded by the dragon riders!

He was definitely the top ten masters of the empire to be able to arrive at such speed . However, if he had previously been waiting on the ground with the rest, he wouldn’t have been able to catch up! 
Sir Tie Jing had already been waiting mid-air when Ye Lang first leapt upwards, just in case .

Ye Lang had to avoid Sir Tie Jing, but if he did, then he would slow down . Every second was precious, avoiding him might not be a good idea .

Hence, Ye Lang attacked Sir Tie Jing directly . Yep, he shoved Sir Tie Jing with the force of lightning and thunder!

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“?!” What was he doing, trying to fight Sir Tie Jing? So what if he won, he’d be captured by the other dragon riders! Li Yue was very worried, she could tell the odds were stacked against Ye Lang .

Zhao Yarou was previously getting a little nervous but she was now calm again . Ye Lang can’t escape now .

But, the results were unexpected! 


With concentrated douqi in both his arms, Sir Tie Jing’s palms met Ye Lang’s palms . A deafening boom rang when four palms came into contact-- but Sir Tie Jing realised he had been tricked .

Because Ye Lang did not attack again!

He was borrowing Sir Tie Jing’s powerful douqi to increase his momentum, shooting across the sky, away like a shooting star . Even the dragon riders could not catch up .

The audience stared in stunned silence . They could not believe how weak he’d acted when he was in disguise, they’d completely fallen for every trap he set up! How easily he’s escaped when there were so many people after him!

The courage, the cunning, the intelligence- he was an admirable alchemist .

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Ye Lang’s voice rang across the night sky .

“Thank you Sir Tie Jing for sending me off . See you again, everyone-- wait, I hope we never meet!”

“Your Majesty, what now?” asked someone .  

Everyone stared at the alchemy formations glowing in the sky like starlight as Ye Lang escaped further . It was unbelievable, they had not snapped back to reality yet .

It was until Ye Lang’s alchemy formations disappeared from sight when they slowly came back to reality .

What just happened? Everyone was initially shocked, thinking Zhao Yarou was absolutely insane to make so many preparations . Even the ultimate master would be captured .

But Ye Lang escaped . Again . This was even more shocking than the last time .

From the part where his identity was found out, to the way he escaped, to his alchemy formations…

To be able to create alchemy formations and then using them as stepping stones, moving freely mid-air… As long as he was out of the anti-magic zone, he could practically go wherever he wanted to .

The way he was able to travel mid-air was as if he had a pair of wings .

Anyone who wanted to catch him would have a hard time!

Most of the people there admired him for being able to do that . No matter what timeline it was, humans always dreamed of flying .

Although he was technically leaping in the air, he was still travelling mid-air . It was a type of flight .

“What should we do? What can we do, close the city gates? He can just fly over them . We won’t be able to catch up! Unless he comes into the trap himself… Wait . ” Zhao Yarou had already given up but she quickly remembered something . She turned to look at Li Yue .

“?!” Li Yue was puzzled . Did Zhao Yarou imply that Ye Lang would come back for her? How was that possible?

“Li Yue, he’ll come back for you . Stay at home for a few days, lure him here! He’ll be suspicious of the palace but he’ll likely go to your house!” said Zhao Yarou .  

At the same time, Zhao Yarou suspected Ye Lang would still come if she was in the palace but he would be a lot more prepared . It might be even more difficult to catch him .

If she let Li Yue move about freely, Ye Lang might not anticipate her ambushes . It would be better than a fight at the palace . Maybe achieve the same results with fewer people .

With his personality, he was likely to fall into her trap without knowing himself .

However, it all depended on whether he was coming back! 

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