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Chapter 532: 532
The Empress' Guest (2)

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Ye Lang’s calmness proved one point: this pretty boy was not as weak as the stories told .

Before anyone could think, Sir Tie Jing disarmed Gao Lei in a flash of lightning . This scared many people, for they did not know why Sir Tie Jing would be the one to take action . Ye Lang did not look like he was worth Sir Tie Jing’s time .

Even if the fight had to be broken up, since it was Zhao Yarou’s party, this was a job for the kingsguard- not him!

A string of even more unbelievable events happened .

“Mr Fox, my apologies if you were startled!” Sir Tie Jing’s apology was even more shocking . It was already an honour for Sir Tie Jing to defend him, there was no need for an apology- especially not for a person like Ye Lang .

Then, Zhao Yarou then slowly walked over, then said coldly to Gao Lei (who was now restrained), “You’re Gao Lei, right? Not bad, can’t believe you drew your sword at MY party, then pointed your sword at a guest I personally invited!”

Zhao Yarou’s frigidness sent chills across the yard . Gao Lei, who was now on the ground, and Lord Gao, who was watching far away, were sweating buckets as if they had met Death herself .

Yep, she was basically Death!

Everyone suddenly realised something . If Zhao Yarou mentioned he was a guest she invited . That meant the fox kid wasn’t here because of Li Yue, he was invited by the empress!

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That meant Gao Lei was finished!

“Your Majesty, I beg you, forgive my son for his ignorance!” Lord Gao rushed over to beg her, falling on his knees .

“If he’s so ignorant, what’s the use of keeping him alive?” she scoffed coldly .

Lord Gao did not know what to say . He hadn’t expected his pleads for mercy to be used against himself .

“Your Majesty, I beg you to think this through!” Li Tianjun stepped up to help Lord Gao . This action greatly moved Lord Gao .

“I have thought this through . This person, shall not be forgiven!” replied Zhao Yarou coldly .

“Let him go…”

“I said I will not let him go, or were you not listening? Do not test my patience!” her voice grew colder .

“But I can’t move if you don’t!”

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“?? What do you mean?” Zhao Yarou was confused . She turned around to look at Ye Lang . He wasn’t able to leave because Gao Lei, held down by Sir Tie Jing, was in his way .

All Ye Lang wanted was to leave, he did not care if Zhao Yarou sentenced him to death . No matter what, this was a person who’d just pointed a sword at himself . A person like that was not worth the risk of angering Zhao Yarou .

However, when he saw how pitiful Gao Lei was, kneeling in front of him, his heart melted and decided to help him once . Just once .

Sigh, I am a good person after all . “He’s in your way? Then we shall kill him!” said Zhao Yarou .

Ye Lang waved his hands saying, “Hey hey, you’re a girl, you shouldn’t always be talking about killing and beating people up . Let him go, it wasn’t a big deal . He doesn’t need to die for it!”

Everyone was shocked to see that Ye Lang was giving her advice as if she was some random girl .

Perhaps this is because he’s from the fox race, he doesn’t know how humans behave! --This was the only explanation everyone could give .

At this moment, the happiest, most touched people were the father and son from the Gao family . Ye Lang’s words had given them a glimmer of hope .

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The crowd weren’t so sure . Would Zhao Yarou listen to Ye Lang? Based on their understanding of her, this was very, very unlikely!

“He pointed his sword at you, and you want to let him go?” Zhao Yarou did not make a decision, merely asked Ye Lang a question .

“I’m not the emperor, there are so many people who have pointed their swords at me and none of them died,” said Ye Lang . He did not elaborate further though: all these people were taught a lesson, some of them perhaps would not be able to wield a sword for the rest of their lives .

“You’re sure?” asked Zhao Yarou .

“Mm!” he nodded .

“Alright then . I’ll show him mercy, he will not die . But I still can’t let him go just like that, this is a man who pointed a sword at you at my birthday party, and you were my guest,” said Zhao Yarou coldly .

No more death sentence but there will be a punishment! This was what Zhao Yarou meant .

The father and son were relieved . Although they still had to be punished, at least they got to live .

The audience stared curiously at Ye Lang . Zhao Yarou had never changed her mind like this before, no one had ever been able to persuade her . And for Ye Lang to be able to change a decision she had made with a few words, this was very shocking indeed .

Just when they were overthinking, Ye Lang spoke again . They fell silent again, then felt like Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou were probably very suited for each other .

“I said don’t kill him, I didn’t say we let him go . We can just break his sword hand or whatever, it’s your birthday, it’s best we don’t draw blood or it’ll be unlucky for you… Eh, wait, I WANT you to be unlucky! Sir Tie Jing, chop off Mr Gao’s right hand!” Ye Lang suddenly remembered he didn’t like Zhao Yarou . Her misfortune was a reason to celebrate .

“ . . . ”

Everyone fell silent . This fox kid was equally cruel, he is treating the fate of another man’s life as if it was nothing .

From a certain angle, Zhao Yarou and Ye Lang were the same kinds of people .

Of course, everyone has similarities with other people . This doesn’t dictate a person’s entire personality . Ye Lang only said that because he hated her, plus he thought he was already very kind to let him live .

Both father and son were furious, glaring daggers at Ye Lang . To chop off his right hand, that would be worse than death!

If Ye Lang heard them, he would say, life, no matter the conditions, is always much better than death .

Only the ones who had no courage to live would feel like death was better, the ones who were living as if they were already dead . This was because they could not accept reality, could not take matters into their own hands to change their fate .

Well, if you can’t change your life, might as well enjoy the ride!

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