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Chapter 531
The Empress' Guest (1)

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“I didn’t want to come either but I have no choice, the empress insists I attend,” Ye Lang said blankly, staring back at the group of people glaring at him .

“The empress? Hmmph, you’re lying . You’re just a pretty boy, you think the empress wants you?” scoffed these people . To them, he was just a weakling .

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, I suspect this too . I think the empress really wants me,” said Ye Lang solemnly, though he meant it in a different way .

Ye Lang suspected Zhao Yarou intended to lock him up, ‘wanted’ him . Though it was different than what they meant .

“You’re a shameless weakling! Who do you think the empress is? If she were so easily tricked by just your face, I would have her by now!” spat another person .

“So, does this mean it was too difficult to pursue the empress so you picked your second option, which is Miss Li Yue?” said another .

While they were all harassing Ye Lang now, let’s not forget these people were rivals too . The fights between them had not stopped, and all of them had offended each other many times so they often landed blows at each other when they could too .

“No, it was just an example! The person I love is Miss Li Yue, this will never change for the rest of my life,” explained the other person frantically .

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“I heard you were trying to date Ye Lanyu once, you said that too . This means you were lying then, are you lying now?” said nother .

Ye Langyu?! Ye Lang’s eyes brightened . He stared at this person, there was a faint memory of him .

The guy was silent . There was nothing he could say to save himself so it was best to stay silent .

With this squabble, Ye Lang was now the spectator again . It didn’t involve him so he started to talk to Li Yue again .

Very soon, the harassers suddenly realised the girl they were trying to woo was whisked away by the pretty boy away .

Although they’ve settled one rival, the biggest threat was still here . And he was slowly cornering them into a ‘dead’ end too!

“You pretty boy, stay away from Miss Li Yue!”

“Miss Li Yue, why are you still with the pretty boy? What he did that day, didn’t that disappoint you?”

The crowd started to talk amongst themselves, their voices drowning Ye Lang and Li Yue’s conversation .

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“Please…” Li Yue stood up calmly but her eyes flashed suddenly, “ . . . shut up!”


The crowd was stunned . They had never heard her say such a thing in their lives!

“First, I would like to say this: he is handsome but he is no pretty boy! Second, who I choose to be with, is my business, you have no right to interfere! Finally, please stay away from us, stop getting in our way!” Li Yue said coldly as she glared at them .

“Miss Li Yue…”

“I am not repeating myself again, do you understand what I just said?!”

“You fox, I challenge you to a duel . I am Gao Lei and I have my pride, I will not stop until I die!” one man rushed before Ye Lang, pointing at him with a sword . The tip of his sword stopped ten centimetres away from his face .

The sudden thrust of the sword and Ye Lang’s blank face became the focal point of all attention . Not just them, the entire yard was now staring .

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“Who is that guy?”

“You don’t know him? He’s the pretty boy that’s recently been very close with Li Yue!”

“Oh, that guy! I have to say, he is very handsome . He has the potential to be a sugar baby!”

The nosy aristocrats started to gossip but they did not stop what was happening here . Even if there was a war here, they would still continue to gossip .

“Lord Gao, that looks like your son . You’d better get him to keep his weapon away . ” Once Li Tianjun saw what was happening, he immediately spoke to a middle-aged man . This was Gao Lei’s father!

Li Tianjun and Lord Gao knew each other well, that was why he could immediately remind him .

If this happened in the morning, Li Tianjun would’ve encouraged Lord Gao to get his son to remove Ye Lang from his daughter . However, he was wiser now and would do no such thing .

“That’s the cowardly pretty boy, I know he’s the boy from the Fox family . The Fox family does not scare me, if they come for me, so be it! I’ll be waiting for them,” scoffed Lord Gao . He did not think Ye Lang was any important figure . He wasn’t afraid of the Fox family at all if they came looking for him .

“No, this fox kid, he’s not who you think he is . You should quickly get your son back here or it’ll be too late!” reminded Li Tianjun once again . He was quite close to this Lord Gao after all .

“Really?” Lord Gao asked, puzzled . He hesitated, and because he hesitated, the situation went out of hand . After this day, he would forever regret hesitating . He should’ve stopped his son when he could!

“Gao…” Lord Gao was about to yell for his son . Li Tianjun must have his reasons for saying such a thing, he should listen to Mr Li .

Then again, listening to Li Tianjun was also the same as giving him face, or sucking up to him . Why not? Then again, pointing your sword at someone like that doesn’t look too good no matter the occasion .

However, before he could, someone had taken action .

Specifically, this person made only one gesture, though it was enough to disarm Gao Lei, who was not a bad fighter himself . This showed how powerful this person was .

Not many were powerful enough to do such a thing . Most of them were also careful with their own reputation so they would not interfere . There was only one who defended Ye Lang without hesitation . He was Sir Tie Jing .

Actually, the second before Sir Tie Jing reacted, Ye Lang was doing something--- he was twanging Gao Lei’s sword with a finger, bending and releasing the tip .

“Excuse me, can you put your sword away? Swords are very sharp, they’re very dangerous!” Ye Lang said with a grin . Everyone was shocked at how calm he was .

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