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Chapter 528: 528
Time To Eat (3)

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Ye Lang did not bother Zhao Yarou anymore once he’d gotten his answer . He did not want to make small talk with her at all . All he wanted was to bring Li Yue to the garden after their meal .

Zhao Yarou snapped a file close then looked at him, only to see him and Li Yue chatting happily away while completely ignoring her presence .

“Mr Fox…” said Zhao Yarou but Ye Lang did not respond .

After a few times, he still did not reply . She was starting to get annoyed, then had an idea when she saw the food on the table .

Zhao Yarou stood up, walked over to the meal table and sat down . She said very softly, “Hey, time to eat!”

“Alright!” Ye lang answered curly and quickly sat down at the table . He picked up a piece of pork rib with his chopsticks .

Suddenly, another pair of chopsticks appeared on the same piece of pork rib . This pair of chopsticks pressed on the rib, stopping Ye Lang from picking it up .

“Oh fuck me, there are so many pieces here . Just take a random one, don’t take mine,” yelled Ye Lang as he looked up to see the person who’d stopped him from taking his pork rib .

“Why is it you? Don’t think I’ll go easy on you just because you’re the empress, this pork rib is mine!”

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At least Ye Lang saw that it was Zhao Yarou . However, he did not back down at all when he did, he only wanted his pork rib .

The servants serving Zhao Yarou were all sweating nervously . Did Ye Lang have a death wish, to be talking to the empress like that?

However, they were surprised -or rather, flabbergasted- to see her reaction .

“I’m not taking your pork rib! You can have it . ” With a smile, she gave up on the piece of pork rib and even placed some vegetables in his bowl .


Oh my goodness, what did we just witness? Are we dreaming? Not only did this little empress not rage, she even gave him more vegetables? I must be dreaming, this is unbelievable .

The royal servants each had looks of disbelief .

He gave her a look and stopped eating abruptly to also place some vegetables in her bowl . “You should have some too!”

Zhao Yarou and Li Yue were stunned . Even when Ye Lang’s relationship with Zhao Yarou improved a little, he never offered her any food, it was always Li Yue who offered .

Right now, to witness him offer her food was like watching the sun rise from the west .

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“Have some!” hurried Ye Lang when he saw that Zhao Yarou wasn’t moving .

“Mm!” With a grin, she ate the vegetables . The servants were stunned once again to see such a smile . They’d never seen her smile like that!

“Have some of this too!” Ye Lang placed more vegetables in her bowl, she ate them too .

Then, Ye Lang consecutively offered her even more food, giving her a little from every dish that was served . Zhao Yarou ate every dish with a smile though she was also weirded out .

“Alright, all clear! Li Yue, have some too!” Before anyone understood what he meant, he started to gobble up his food like a tornado .

While he was inhaling his food, he still did it in an elegant manner . It was evident he was raised in an aristocratic family for no commoner would eat like this .

Zhao Yarou was still smiling as he ate, though very soon her smile faded into a frown, into anger .

“When you offered me the food, were you testing them?” Zhao Yarou asked this question so calmly it sent chills down the servants’ spines . Something bad was about to happen .

“Yeah, how would I know if you’ve poisoned the food if you aren’t eating?” answered Ye Lang nonchalantly as he ate .

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“ . . . ”

At this moment, almost all sound vanished within the royal study . Other than the sound of Ye Lang eating, it was completely quiet .

This fox kid was… impressive indeed, to use the empress as a test kit . So that was why he gave her a little food from every plate! And he was so honest about it too! Did he really want to die today?

“I have graciously prepared a feast for you and you dare accuse me of poisoning your food?!” exclaimed Zhao Yarou .

Eh, that’s it?

The servants were surprised at the turned of events . While she was obviously furious, based on her past behaviour, she would’ve immediately ordered him to be killed .

“This is very normal, you’ve had an interesting past!” said Ye Lang .

“ . . . ” Zhao Yarou and the rest fell silent . Ye Lang was referring to the day she poisoned everyone when she usurped the throne .

“Fine, it’s my fault then!” Zhao Yarou clenched her teeth to hold herself back .

What?! The empress was actually holding herself back? She even admitted it was her fault! Oh my goodness, what’s happening? Did someone switch the empress?

The servants thought this was a very exciting day, they were already dumb from astonishment .

“I’m done! We’ll excuse ourselves now, thank you for the meal!” once he’d finished eating, he prepared to leave with Li Yue, who was already waiting .

“ . . . ” The servants fell silent .

They were exasperated at his behaviour, acting as if this was a restaurant-- a free one too .

“You’re leaving straight after the meal? What do you think this place is?” cried Zhao Yarou .

“A place to eat! It’s only normal to leave once the meal is over!” argued Ye Lang . “Didn’t you invite me here for a meal? You have anything else?”

“No, fine, go then . Ugh . Stay in the palace, come to the party on time tonight!” waved Zhao Yarou . She had no choice either .

“I know! I’ll still be punctual even if you didn’t remind me to . The earlier I show up, the earlier I can leave…” Ye Lang nodded and disappeared straight after he finished his sentence .

“You . . ” Zhao Yarou did not even get to reply in time, all she could do was proceed with her work . She seemed to be in a very bad mood now, everyone else was in for a bad day today .

When she dealt with work matters later that day, she started to use terrifying methods to solve her problems instead of rational ones… all because she was mad .

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