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Chapter 520: 520
Leaving Is The Best Solution (2)

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“He didn’t just drink flower wine, he even bought a pretty girl for himself! About that girl, Li Yue, although you’re my little sister, I’ve still got to be honest- this girl is prettier than you in some areas!” said Li Yan .

Little Zero was a very talented and pretty girl, as pretty as Li Yue . However, if you asked Ye Lang, he would definitely pick Little Zero .

Although he was pursuing Li Yue right now, this was fake . His relationship with Little Zero was real though- but it was a teacher-disciple relationship .

He hadn’t spent that much time with Little Zero anyway, and prior to this mission, he’d spent even lesser time with Li Yue .

“Really? Then where is she now?” asked Li Yue mildly, though there was some anger in her voice .

Li Yan grew excited as he sensed her fury . This meant that she was getting upset!

“I don’t know, I heard he brought that girl away and no one knew where they went . I think they must’ve gotten a room for themselves… Then… I don’t have to tell you, you know the rest!” Li Yan’s expression told them what he meant .

“Mr Fox, please tell me where you brought her?” said Li Yue in a flat tone .

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“I sent her back!” answered Ye Lang . He’d brought Little Zero back to the Coldblood Group, it was the truth and he did not intend to hide this from Li Yue .


This question didn’t come from Li Yue, but Li Yan . He was very surprised Ye Lang sent Little Zero back just like that . To him, Little Zero was a rare, delicious little thing .

“Yeah, she has already gone home to her family,” replied Ye Lang .

“How could you do this? If you didn’t want her, you could’ve given her to me! Why did you snatch her away from me, then let her go? What do you mean by this?!” roared Li Yan, pointing at Ye Lang . He’d exploded into rage the moment he recalled the moment Ye Lang had forced the girl away from his grasp, he was completely blinded by rage .

“What do YOU mean by this?! You were the one who forcefully took in a nice girl like her, I haven’t even talked to you about this, I can’t believe you’re shameless enough to bring this up!” Ye Lang’s tone had become cold .

So he’s the one who bullied Little Zero . Good . I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find the person . Coldblood Five thought to herself .

If Li Yan knew of Coldblood Five’s presence and Little Zero’s relationship with the Coldblood Group, would he mention her at this time? Obviously not, no sane person would .

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If the Coldblood members all knew he bullied Little Zero, their new Coldblood Thirteen and even sold her at the brothel, they would definitely make him pay the price .

A direct conflict? They wouldn’t . That would only bring ill to the group . If it wasn’t necessary, they would not .

Coldblood Group was an underground organisation, everything they did was in the dark . They loved operating in secret . How many families in this mainland had the power to fight them when they were in the shadows?

Very, very few- not even the Li family!

Just Coldblood Five alone, her being the best assassin in the world, could murder Li Yan without anyone noticing . There would be no trace of him left .

“Brother, you should stop talking, the Li family cannot afford to be embarrassed anymore!” scoffed Li Yue coldly . She had noticed many people listening in again, eager to watch this joke unfold .

And they got what they wanted, they witnessed Li Yan shoot himself in the foot!

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From what just happened, Li Yue’s impression of Ye Lang hadn’t worsened . Instead, Li Yan had made her like Ye Lang even more . She had a stronger urge to defend him now .

It was true Ye Lang wasn’t at Romantic Floor to do anything shady anyway . His intentions had been pure, he was just there to look around and kick Li Yan out if he could since Li Yan had illegally taken his place .

The visit to Romantic Floor wasn’t any shady business in the first place, right now the story had instead turned Ye Lang into the hero while Li Yan was embarrassed out of his mind .

Ye Lang was the handsome hero who saved a girl from the monsters, he played the role everyone loved- especially the more emotional girls present .

“You… You… You fox, I’m leaving! You wait and see!” Li Yan had no dirt to dig up now . He could not fight Ye Lang physically, and he just lost an argument so now he could only sulk .

“Alright, leave then . Be careful, don’t slip!” said Ye Lang casually . If Tigress was here, she would’ve reminded him not to say such a thing because he sometimes ‘jinxed’ it .

“Slip?! How old do you think I am, three? I… Ah…” Li Yan was cursing when he stepped on a banana peel that appeared out of nowhere, then fell flat on his back . It was hilarious .

“ . . . ”

Their audience was stunned for a moment, though it was soon forgotten . They explained this away with a coincidence .

Very soon, Ye Lang found an opportunity to take a walk with Li Yue in the yard alone .

Li Yue did not want to stay inside either . They were mostly talking about Zhao Yarou’s birthday party . It was nothing related to her, all she had to do that day was show up .

“Mr Fox, what should I gift her?” Li Yue felt like Ye Lang must’ve been very confident to speak like that just now .

“It doesn’t matter what you gift her, you just have to give me the Tianji Armour,” waved Ye Lang . He didn’t have confidence in understanding Zhao Yarou, he had no idea what she liked but was sure she would not care . Gifts were nothing to her .

“Hey, I’m serious!” Li Yue blushed then said, “You still can’t get my dad or my brother to like you . We’ll talk when you get their approval!”

To Li Yue, giving Ye Lang the armour was the same as agreeing to marry him . Ye Lang asking her for it was the same as asking for her hand!

“What has this got to do with them? As long as you’re willing!” said Ye Lang, confused . He hadn’t understood what Li Yue was implying .

“Don’t you want my family’s approval?” huffed Li Yue . She’d only said that as a reminder but she hadn’t expected Ye Lang to turn it into a topic of conversation .

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