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Chapter 517: 517
A Shameful Matter (1)

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Which girl would be happy to hear of a place like that? Especially not when they hear a potential partner went to a brothel .

“I’m not lying! Also, I’ve done many things people can’t know of, which one are you referring to?” There were many surprised faces upon hearing Ye Lang’s words .

“ . . . Little idiot, do you know he’s referring to shameful stuff?” Coldblood Five sighed .

“Shameful? He’s talking about secrets that people don’t know about me, I have many secrets!” came Ye Lang’s reply .

“Stupid! Secrets are secrets, that’s different from shameful! He’s insulting you, he’s talking about bad things you did!” exclaimed Coldblood Five in his ear, exasperated .

“It’s about the same!” Ye Lang still thought it was almost the same .

No matter what, Ye Lang still thought it was fine . However, his nonchalance only made everyone thought he was a fake asshole who had done many shady things .

However, they also found it odd because why would a fake asshole tell everyone so directly that he had done things people can’t know of?

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That didn’t sound like something a fake person would do!

“Mr Fox, I think you’ve mistaken! He’s not talking about secrets!” added Li Yue . After spending ten days with him, she knew he was prone to misunderstandings .

Of course, she explained them away with the thought that the fox race might have different communication styles compared to humans . However, she never considered the long history of the Fox family living among humans- they should be practically assimilated into human society by now!

“I know, but I’m sure every person must have something they cannot tell the world . It’s the same!” waved Ye Lang, though he indirectly clarified that he was definitely mixing the meanings of ‘secret’ and ‘shameful matters’ .

At the same time, he was admitting that he had, in fact, done shameful things, and everyone in the world too .

Perhaps everyone would agree with him though no one would ever say it aloud . This made them shocked .

“He’s right! That was a good one, kid . Every person has a dark side to them- or, you could say, everything has its own dark side . We don’t have to hide this truth, nor do we have to force people to reveal their dark side,” came a shout from a very learned, senior scholar . He had a huge revelation from Ye Lang’s words .

After the old scholar spoke, most of the guests fell into deep thought, no one dared say that they had not committed a sin in their lives . It didn’t matter if it was major or minor, everyone sinned .

That meant it wasn’t a big deal this fox kid had a few minor sins!

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Eh? Wait a minute!

“Hey, you fox, I don’t care if you have committed sins or not, I’m not even talking about that!” Li Yan snapped out of his thoughts abruptly . What he wanted to say had nothing to do with this at all! Phew, he almost got sucked into that conversation .

“?? Then what did you want to talk about? Also, who are you? Why do you seem so familiar?” Ye Lang eyed him in confusion .

“ . . . ” Li Yan fell silent . He didn’t expect Ye Lang to be shameless enough to pretend not to recognise him . Li Yan hadn’t at all even considered the possibility that it was the truth .

Although Li Yan had taken the Romantic Floor from him, he was still a minor character in Ye Lang’s life, he didn’t spend any energy or memory space remembering him .

He still hadn’t known that Li Yan was Li Yue’s brother either . If he did, perhaps it would jog his memory .

“Mr Fox, he’s my older brother! Brother, just speak up if you have something to say, don’t beat around the bush!” Li Yue finally introduced Li Yan, at the same time insisting Li Yan to get to the point .

“I’m beating around the bush? Alright, ALRIGHT! Then I shall get to the point now . You fox, do you remember the Romantic Floor?” Li Yan said coldly . One would say he’s losing his sense from his rage, to be mentioning the Romantic Floor at this time .

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Everyone here knew Li Yan had been punished by Zhao Yarou because of this brothel . This case had already been settled too but everyone was sure that if Zhao Yarou felt like it, she could increase his punishment if he reminded her of it .

That was why it would have been wise to not talk about this at all .

“The Romantic Floor?” asked Ye Lang and Li Yue at the same time, looking at Li Yan in confusion . Although they asked the same question, they had very different thoughts .

Li Yue was wondering why her own brother was bringing this matter up again- what had that got to do with Ye Lang?

While Ye Lang…

“Oh… I remember! You’re the Li guy who illegally took over the Romantic Floor, so that’s why I thought you were so familiar! We do know each other after all!” Ye Lang was pointing at Li Yan with an oh-my-god look on his face .

“You remember now? You must’ve had so much fun that day, tossing me out! You’re one arrogant asshole now that you kicked me out of that place!” Li Yan glared at him coldly .


It was only now that everyone realised this fox kid was the one who kicked Li Yan out . This was such a coincidence, it was a small world indeed!

The rest of the admirers started to laugh, for they knew Ye Lang was no longer a threat .

It didn’t matter if Li Yue liked him, they didn’t think he would have a future with this family . He was dumb enough to beat Li Yan up and kick him out of the Romantic Floor!

Li Yan was the eldest son of the Li family . To be kicked out like that in public was very embarrassing for the Li family . Even if the Li family did not place emphasis on this event, it would be impossible for them to accept Ye Lang into the family as if nothing had happened .

That was why they knew Ye Lang would not be welcomed into the Li family!

At the same time, Ye Lang was the trigger for everything that happened next . Li Yan was almost killed by Zhao Yarou -no matter what, it was indirectly caused by Ye Lang . These subsequent events would lead to enmity with the Li family .

These admirers secretly watched for Li Yue’s reaction and saw the shock on her face . It was obvious she never knew .

They believed that Li Yue would start to distance herself from Ye Lang after this!

However, what they hadn’t expected was that she bore no signs of disgust at Ye Lang but instead said, “You deserved it for what you’d done! Do you still not understand what you did wrong?”

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