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Chapter 516: 516
A Face (3)

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At this moment, Ye Lang spoke first . Calmly and casually, he said, “Indeed we’re not regular friends, do we really have to tell you again? Well, we’re both definitely closer than you all with her . ”

“ . . . ” Very few would ever think of answering his question like this… Even if they did, they would not say such a thing for it sounded like blunt gloating and an insult .

He was showing off his relationship with Li Yue, insulting the rest of her admirers .

“You…” Just as someone was about to yell at Ye Lang, Li Yue had something to say .

“Yeah, he’s right . ” Li Yue nodded, agreeing with Ye Lang and hurting everyone else at the same time . She was also backing him up in such a situation .

“ . . . ”

The crowd fell silent once again, probably to process Li Yue’s behaviour- she was protecting Ye Lang . Despite him saying something quite offensive, she still backed him up anyways .

Although it was a minor thing and did not mean much, it still confirmed one point- they were definitely not regular friends .

This confirmation was enough to set a few people on fire .

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“Hmmph, you pretty fair-faced boy, what gives you the right to stand next to Miss Li Yue?” scoffed someone .

“How could a pretty fox with only a fair face be good enough for our Miss Li Yue? Such shameless behaviour!”

“ . . . ”

Suddenly, every person intent on pursuing Li Yue exploded with insults at Ye Lang, causing him to merely stand in shock…

“Is my skin THAT fair?” Ye Lang asked as he stared at them blankly .

“You idiot, they’re not talking about your skin, they’re calling you a… How do I say this… They’re saying you only get girls with your face, and you’re a good-for-nothing who relies on the girl in the relationship…” explained Coldblood Five immediately .

“Oh, they’re talking about that! I thought I made some mistake with my makeup today . ” Ye Lang hadn’t realised it was an insult .
[Note: Little Fair Face is an insult directed at guys who are useless and pretty- pretty useless]

“Yeah, you’re nothing but a little fair-faced boy!” replied some people when they heard Ye Lang’s question to insult him further .

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At this point, Li Yue was about to defend him for she knew Ye Lang wasn’t like that at all . If he was, they wouldn’t be this close!

“Yep, I AM a fair-faced pretty boy! As long as Li Yue likes it . Are y’all jealous? Envious? Hate me?” came Ye Lang’s shameless answer though his words ignited more fury among his audience .

In a second, no one spoke .

“ . . . ” Li Yue wanted to laugh, knowing Ye Lang was upsetting them on purpose . However, at such an event, she still had to maintain her image and elegance . She could not laugh now or they’d think she was rude .

In truth, she was wrong . Ye Lang wasn’t doing it on purpose- he was just saying it as it was .

If Li Yue knew who Ye Lang was, she would not question it, knowing how clueless Ye Lang was .

“You…” Li Yue’s admirers were all so furious they could not speak . Getting physical was not an option at an event like this, they had to do something .

The smarter ones found Li Yue’s family members to speak to Ye Lang . It looked a lot better than them speaking for themselves .

“Brother Li, don’t you think that Little Fair Face next to your sister is useless? I don’t think he’s fit for your sister?” someone came looking for Li Yan, who was busy flirting with the aristocratic ladies .

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“I don’t care if he’s fit for her . He’s fine as long as my sister likes him, it’s better than her refusing to marry anyone,” shrugged Li Yan, giving a very shocking answer .

These people did not know that the Li family had begun to worry about Li Yue’s personal life . With her attitude towards men, they were concerned she would not marry, ever .

If Li Yue did not marry into another clan, that meant she was likely to inherit the position as head of the Li family . That was definitely something Li Yan did not want to see! That was mainly why he wanted her to marry someone .

“But if Miss Li Yue marries the wrong person, she’d suffer!”
“Still better than not marrying . It’s all your fault, all of you! With so many people pursuing my sister, I can’t believe none of you succeeded . Now that we’ve finally got a winner, let me tell you, they have my blessing… I… That fox kid…” Li Yan never finished his sentence because he saw Ye Lang .

Although his intentions were not the best, he still cared enough to check how his future brother-in-law would look like .

And when he saw Ye Lang, his eyes narrowed into a glare of intense hatred .

Interesting .

While no one knew why Li Yan had such a reaction, why he was so angry, it wasn’t important . They knew Li Yan was about to do what they wanted him to .

From his expression, he must know this pretty boy- and hated him too .

Just as they expected, Li Yan dropped everything to charge at Ye Lang with so much hatred .

“Fuck, so it IS you! You motherfucker, how dare you step into the Li house? And you think you’ll get to touch my sister . . . ”

Li Yan’s sudden outburst brought everyone’s attention to Ye Lang . The initial situation between Ye Lang and Li Yue was not enough to attract all eyes- after all, it was merely a matter among the kids .

This was different . Li Yan’s sudden rage must have a story behind it . Li Yan must have a very bad impression of this young fox .

“And you are?” Ye Lang stared at Li Yan, confused . He couldn’t recognise Li Yan .

The incident at the Romantic Floor was more than twenty days ago, he’d thrown this memory to the back of his brain . It would take some time to ‘retrieve the file’ .

“Fake it all you want . You can pretend not to know me so no one will know what you did . ” Li Yan glared at him, his eyes still ablaze with hatred . He thought Ye Lang was pretending not to know him .

Based on the current circumstances, perhaps it was best Ye Lang pretended not to know Li Yan too . This was because they’d met at the Romantic Floor . No matter what he was doing there, it would definitely affect Li Yue’s impression of him .

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