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Chapter 514: 514
A Face (1)

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“Li Yue, what are you doing here? The guests have arrived, come greet them!” called Li Yan after a while . This wasn’t because he was worried about Li Yue- he had no time for this . You can only imagine how much he was enjoying himself chatting with the rich aristocrat ladies at the party, he was forced by his father to come get Li Yue .

Although his punishment had been severe, and he was heavily wounded, after twenty days of treatment plus magic and medicine, he’d already fully recovered a few days ago, as sprightly as ever .

While he did not have a great reputation, that did not cancel out the fact that he was a powerful man . This was because he was the son of the Li family, hence was still a popular figure among the city’s aristocrats, especially among the rich ladies of the same age .

“Hold on, I’m waiting for my guest, my guest isn’t here yet,” said Li Yue .

“Your guest? You sent out an invitation?” asked Li Yan in surprise . He’d never seen his little sister send anyone invitations .

It was very common for aristocratic girls to have a few close girlfriends but Li Yue did not have any . She had a few close friends but after she enlisted in the army, they had grown apart .

“Yeah . ” She nodded .

“Is it a guy or a girl?” asked Li Yan with an odd expression . He didn’t initially want to ask this question for it implied something else .

He felt like it was quite impossible for her to be dating someone right now . However, if she was, the Li family would be very happy .

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Of course, the only happy ones would be her family . The rest, especially her admirers, would definitely be very frustrated .

That animal nearby, -uh, more like the guy who looked like an animal with his fur coat- was silently praying .

Please don’t be a man, please don’t be a man…

“It’s a guy,” said Li Yue softly .


Animal Man’s brain exploded, his features twisting to make him look even more like an animal .

“Oh, I understand . ” Li Yan nodded then went inside to tell his father . He was sure Li Tianjun would stop asking her to come in once he knew .

Although there were many people present, this party was not that important . Li Yue’s absence did not matter, what mattered most was her happiness .

Who could that guy be?

Not only Li Tianjun- his wife and everyone else who heard also wondered .

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Which man was attractive enough to impress this girl, the most beautiful being they’d ever laid their eyes upon?

While everyone was still socialising, they couldn’t help but resent this guy for being dumb enough to make Li Yue wait, to be so late for her party .

“Is he not coming? Or did he not receive my card?” As time passed, Li Yue started to overthink .

And just as she started to overthink, Ye Lang finally arrived . He approached the yard led by one of her servants .

Li Yue, who was still staring at the sky, sensed his arrival and looked towards the entrance of her yard .

“Why are you so late?” Li Yue suddenly appeared before him . In the darkness, it made him jump in surprise .

From Li Yue’s reaction, this man must be very important to her for this girl to be so anxious . Their relationship must be something more than a friendship .

“Ah, Li Yue, it’s you! You scared me, I thought I was under attack!” Ye Lang patted his chest and he was not kidding at all . Coldblood Five had almost attacked Li Yue with such a sudden movement .

“Who would dare attack you here? You are my guest!” Li Yue said, giving him a long look . “Tell me, why are you so late?”

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“Am I late? What time did your party start, I thought I was early,” said Ye Lang cluelessly .

“ . . . ” Li Yue recalled that she seemed to have forgotten to write the time of the party on the invitation card . She wrote ‘tonight’ but did not state a specific time .

“It’s almost eight, you think this is early?” huffed Li Yue . Even if she hadn’t written the time, this was still quite late .

“Yeah . ” Ye Lang nodded, indicating that he was indeed early .

“ . . . ” Li Yue was speechless . He was definitely being too honest .

In truth, this wasn’t the reason why Ye Lang was late . However, he couldn’t tell Li Yue that he was caught up with some other matters .

What matters?

Well, the thing was, he never realised the card was written by Li Yue . After finishing his dinner, he was about to throw the card into the dustbin when the eagle-eyed Coldblood Five finally noticed .

However, could he tell Li Yue this? Obviously not .

“Li Yue, is he the guy you were waiting for?” asked the other person who had been watching .

“Yep . ” Li Yue nodded, maintaining her politeness . A very superficial layer of courtesy .

“What’s so good about him to make him worth your time? His looks? He’s a fox, just a pretty little boy,” he mocked .

He was jealous, not just at Li Yue’s attitude with Ye Lang but also Ye Lang’s good looks .

“This is none of your business,” said Li Yue coldly as she pulled Ye Lang with her to leave . Although they weren’t holding hands, she’d grabbed him by his wrist which only invited more questions .

If the rest were mildly jealous before, they were definitely, extremely jealous right now! ---It wasn’t as if most of them had the right to be jealous though .

The other guy glared at Ye Lang, so furious his eyes looked like they were about to catch on fire . He wanted to explode, to rage, but there was no outlet for it .

Ye Lang hadn’t done anything- he didn’t grab Li Yue’s hand, for it was she who voluntarily grabbed his wrist first . What could he say? Could he accuse Ye Lang of treating her badly?

As one of her admirers, this would not be smart . Animal Man was still a smart man, or he would not be here, wearing a fur coat .


Jaws dropped as Li Yue dragged Ye Lang into the party . All the people who were watching the door for her were staring in shock .

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