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Chapter 511: 511
Party At The Li's (1)

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“What?! She invited you to her birthday party? You can’t go! Absolutely not!” Athena’s voice echoed across the room . You could tell from this that she was panicking .

As she spoke, she stood up and glared at Ye Lang…

This happened when he went back to Zhu’s Soup House . Athena was in his room waiting for him, and when he arrived, she loudly questioned him about the reason he went missing because it had ruined her plans .

Then again, she wasn’t too worried . Plans could always be rescheduled . However, she was incredibly worried about his disappearance . She’d initially wanted to ask Coldblood Seven but Athena couldn’t find her . All she could do was to wait for her reports to arrive .

Then, Ye Lang appeared back on the radar again- with Zhao Yarou- this was the most puzzling thing to her . Risking the possibility of being seen, she came to his room to wait for his arrival .

While she was there, she hid in a secure spot- if the person who entered wasn’t Ye Lang, she would not have appeared .

Naturally, no one saw her!

At this point, her brows were tightly knotted as she listened to him tell her the entire story . She didn’t understand why Zhao Yarou would want to follow him around, and was most troubled by why she treated Ye Lang so oddly .

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Ye Lang wasn’t the one who said she was behaving oddly, Coldblood Five had beat him to it .

However before Athena could comment, Ye Lang added that he had already agreed to attend Zhao Yarou’s birthday party . That made her yell at him .

They didn’t know what Zhao Yarou intended, how could he attend her birthday party? This was not a joke, for she was an absolute madwoman!

The previous events were an exception . They were in the wild, Zhao Yarou was not in full control of her environment . However, if they entered the palace, they would be walking straight into the jaws of the monster .

Her birthday party would naturally be at the palace, that was something they could confirm!

“I think I shouldn’t either but if Li Yue wants to go, I should go too . Unless you can get Li Yue’s matter settled within ten days!” Ye Lang said casually as if the entire mission did not involve him at all .

He did not seem to care . He didn’t think it was a big deal entering the palace, into Zhao Yarou’s lair .

That was perhaps because he did not dwell on the severity of the problem!

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“Ten days . This is going to be a little difficult but it’s not impossible . Let me think…” said Athena .

Coldblood Five raised a concern . “Miss Athena, it’s best you make a plan soon so we can leave in ten days . It would be very troublesome if he has to enter the palace, I can’t follow him in!”

“I know…” Athena understood . No matter how stealthy Coldblodo Five was, she could not hide within the palace- or more accurately, follow Ye Lang and hide at the same time .

Ye Lang added suddenly, “It’s not impossible for you to follow me into the palace . You jsut have to disguise yourself as my servant . With my identity, having a servant is very normal . I’ll just say you had other matters to attend to so you weren’t with me before . ”

“Alright! Although being in broad daylight isn’t as useful as being hidden, at least I’m by your side!” she nodded . All that mattered was that she could watch over him .

“This might work but if Zhao Yarou has pinned you as her target, she would not let anyone remain by your side . She would only let you enter the palace alone . If that happens, Coldblood Five would not be able to help and we’d risk exposing her identity . This is not good!” Athena’s brows were still furrowed . She disagreed with this idea .

If Zhao Yarou truly wanted to target Ye Lang, with Coldblood Five in plain sight, she would definitely be separated from him . Then it would all be for nothing and Zhao Yarou might even watch Coldblood Five .

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And if Zhao Yarou did not intend to harm Ye Lang, then Coldblood Five’s presence would be redundant and the intelligence she’d be able to gather would be limited .

That meant that it was best she remained hidden . At least she would be a secret weapon!

Ye Lang and Coldblood Five hadn’t thought of this . They were not the best strategists . Athena was the thinker of the team .

“Then let me enter alone . I’ll be able to escape even if she tries to attack me! In this world, there are many who are stronger than me but very few can make me stay…” said Ye Lang casually . At least he tried to be humble .

There were extremely few people who could make him stay if he did not want to . Perhaps none .

Perhaps Ye Lang would never meet a person who would be able to catch him!

“Let’s not be too confident here . Zhao Yarou is not a simple woman, I suspect she knows who you are . She just hasn’t said anything because she wasn’t sure she could catch you!” Athena was looking at him solemnly, a stark contrast from Ye Lang’s nonchalance .

“No way, how could she recognise me? We’re not that close . I don’t think my mother would recognise me if she were here, I don’t think she could! You’re thinking too much!” Ye Lang shook his head, denying this possibility .

“Theoretically, it’s impossible, but she’s no ordinary person…” Athena was still suspicious . “Then how would you explain this empress acting like a close friend? Don’t you think something’s up?”

“Uh…” Ye Lang was silent for a moment, then gave a very shocking reason . “Maybe because I’m handsome!”

“ . . . ” Athena and Coldblood Five were speechless .

“You’re saying she fell in love at first sight?” Athena was laughing now, though no one would know what that laugh meant .

“Hey, hey! I did not say that!” Ye Lang felt chills all over when he heard this . It would be worse than death if Zhao Yarou decided she liked him romantically .

“Then what did you mean?” asked Athena .

“I meant, Zhao Yarou might have been mesmerised by my good looks, that’s why she acted weird!” Ye Lang lowered his chin, striking a what-he-thought-looked hot pose .

“ . . . ” Both girls were silent once again .

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