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Chapter 510: 510
The Underwater Kiss (3)

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“But, this was the exact reason why the Tiangongyue tribe was annihilated by other tribes . Their alchemy items were destroyed so they could never pass their knowledge to the next generation .

“The discovery of this place would bring alchemy to its peak once again, it is the start of a new age…

“However, I truly hope that is a good thing . I don’t want this discovery to be the start of war…” Ye Lang couldn’t have but sigh as he admired the city . These were words meant for Zhao Yarou, he hoped she could control her temper as an empress in the future and that she would not start wars .

“It wouldn’t be so soon . We don’t even know if their type of alchemy can be used now . Let’s not forget the unlimited materials they had in the Ancient era to build so much . In current times, just think of how much labour, money and materials we’d need to recruit just to make that airship…” Zhao Yarou was different from Ye Lang . He was a prodigal son, cost was the last thing on his mind . As the empress, she had to think about the cost of research .

“I guess . We might not be able to recreate much even if we have the knowledge . Zhao Yarou, if you all made an airship one day, could you sell me one? I’ll pay you,” asked Ye Lang .

“It’s too early to talk about that . I don’t even know if we’ll be here when we build the next airship . ” she shook her head .

“More like we don’t know where I’ll be . You’ll be at Soaring Sky Empire!” Ye Lang said with a grin . “Tough life living as the empress…”

“ . . . ”

“Let’s go, time to play . Zhao Yarou, don’t follow me . We’ll take separate paths,” said Ye Lang, trying to take this as an opportunity to shake her off so he could look at the relics in peace . He had to look at everything before she sealed this place up for research .

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“You wish! I’m coming with you, don’t even think of shaking me off . ” Zhao Yarou was still stuck to him like a dogskin patch .

Ye LAng started to look around . There were many things in the city that gave him ideas for his alchemy research too, though he had to study the relics subtly in a way where no one knew he was an alchemist .

Over the next few days, they stayed inside the city . They were able to send out messages to the people outside to tell them they were taking a rest and would not be participating in the hunt for a while .

The people outside still could not enter due to the alchemy formation . Although they did not know what the three of them were doing inside, they had no choice but to wait .

However, Coldblood Five was back to shadowing Ye Lang . On the first day, Ye Lang had escaped and brought Coldblood Five in while Zhao Yarou and Li Yue were asleep .

When she arrived at the city, even that emotionless face of hers showed signs of surprise because it was an incredible view indeed .

Ye Lang’s research was a lot easier with her around too . Coldblood Five hunted down notable relics, things with texts carved on them so Ye Lang would come check it out .

And just like that, Ye Lang learned a lot in just a few days . The two other girls did not realise he was an alchemist, for it was all in secret .

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In ten days, he had studied the entire city thoroughly . Ten years of study by the average alchemist might not yield as many results as the ten days he spent .

Ye Lang was, after all, an alchemy genius .

In reality, his skills were on par with this civilisation’s level- perhaps even more mysterious, a little more practical .

He could make an airplane or a cannon if he wanted to . With a few years, he could even make missiles- with the help of a lot of money and many people, of course .

Learning a little more would never hurt . Ye Lang spent his time here absorbing more knowledge to perfect his alchemy .

At this moment, what he wanted to make most was an airship . Humans tended to dream in the direction of flight anyway, and right now he had the confidence to be able to recreate one . However, it would take a very long time and this was his biggest problem .

Ye Lang did not have much time . Also, if he travelled by airship, he’d attract a lot of commotion every time he arrived at a place . He felt like it was too flashy for his personality, perhaps it wasn’t a suitable mode of transport for himself .

That was how this plan was scrapped by Ye Lang .

Zhao Yarou did not study alchemy in the ten days . All she did was walk wherever Ye Lang wanted to go . As for Li Yue’s condition, she had her suspicions so she made Li Yue an antidote . At least Ye Lang did not have to carry her around once she regained her strength .

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Ye Lang was so happy he could die, celebrating the moment Li Yue regained her strength .

He sang and cheered…

This upset Li Yue though . She asked him, in fury, if he was actually trying to date her .

Ye Lang then said the answer was yes, though he refused to elaborate .

Ten days later, the three of them left the underground city . The group hunt was ending soon too . Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou were sure they weren’t going to win any prizes- they weren’t even in the top hundred .

However, it was no longer important to them . They had received something better- and they didn’t care about results anyway .

Naturally, the three of them bade farewell after the ordeal . Zhao Yarou had to return to the palace . She had been absent for ten days, there were many matters awaiting her decisions there .

“Goodbye, Zhao Yarou . I won’t miss you . ” This was what Ye Lang said as she left, a farewell she’d asked for a few times .

“ . . . ” She glared at him coldly then got ready to step into her carriage . She did not say goodbye for she knew she’d see him soon enough . As long as he was still pursuing Li Yue, he would not leave the Imperial City .

“Also, if you’re still in the city, come to my birthday party ten days from today . ” Zhao Yarou offered, looking at him .

“I’m… not… going…” Ye Lang sounded out every word .

She’d expected such an answer from him . With a smile, she asked, “Li Yue will be going too, do you want her to come alone?”

“We’ll see . I might not even be in Soaring Sky Empire then,” said Ye Lang, exasperated . If he was still pursuing Li Yue, that meant he would have to go to the party…

Unless he could get the Tianji Armour by then . Then he’ll be able to say goodbye to everyone here .

It was just ten days though . He wondered if she would hand him the armour by then . This was a difficult question to answer . No one was sure, not even Li Yue .

Zhao Yarou was banking on this fact too, hence forcing him to come to her birthday party . Why? No one knew for sure .

However, even if it was the dragon’s lair, Ye Lang still had to enter for the sake of the Tianji Armour…

With the condition of not revealing his true identity!

No matter what, Ye Lang’s trip to the Soaring Sky Empire was already a fruitful one . The discovery of that underground city was already eye-opening to him . As for the other parts, he’d have to wait and see .

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