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Published at 15th of April 2020 12:50:04 AM
Chapter 507: 507
Life Or Death (3)

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Click . Click .

Ye Lang heard clicks as if some mechanism had been activated . At the same time, he felt the ground vibrate slightly . It must’ve been because of the door’s gears .

“Why don’t you ever listen to me!” cried Zhao Yarou furiously .

“Would I benefit from listening to you? Are you so sure you’re right?” came Ye Lang’s reply . It was obvious he did not care that she was angry .

“Even if I’m wrong, can’t you just listen to me once?” Li Yue was confused upon hearing this, Ye Lang even more so .

“If you’re wrong, why would I want to listen to you? Are you mad?” Ye Lang peered at her with an odd look on his face .

“Yes! I’m mad! Or I wouldn’t have done all the psychotic things I’ve done . I’m an absolute madman, I love picking the wrong options! I want to pick Death!” Zhao Yarou pressed on the ‘Death’ button .

“Fuck, you’re sick!” exclaimed Ye Lang .

“So I’m sick! Do you have medicine for me?” said Zhao Yarou coldly .

“How much do you want?”

“How much do you have?”

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“It depends on how much you want, I’ll have it!”

“Well, I want everything you have!”

Why does this conversation feel so familiar…

“Ah… . ” While Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou were still bickering, Li Yue was in trouble . There was a shriek, and by the time Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou looked over, Li Yue had already disappeared .

There was a huge hole in the ground where she was . Obviously, this was the Death path .

“Li Yue!” cried Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou at the same time . Ye Lang sprinted over, and without a second thought, jumped .

“You like her THAT much? So much you’d die for her?” Zhao Yarou hadn’t expected him to do this at all . He’d jumped without knowing what was inside .

What she didn’t know was that he didn’t jump just for Li Yue, it was mainly for the Tianji Armour on Li Yue .

At this point, Zhao Yarou did something very unexpected too . Any Soaring Sky official would be stunned to witness this next scene .

Zhao Yarou jumped too . Like Ye Lang, although she knew this must be a trap, she jumped right into the hole .

This was a very questionable choice she made . It wasn’t like she had no choice! As long as she waited here, someone would come get her . At the same time, it was just Ye Lang and Li Yue . There was no one important enough for her to jump into a hole without regard for her own safety!

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She had murdered her own father, was there really anyone in this world important enough to her?

It was an inexplicable decision-- she was an absolute madwoman to have such complete disregard for her own life .

“Mr Fox…”

Li Yue had fallen into a pool . She felt like her entire body was almost broken into pieces from the sheer force of the impact . Being so weak, she had no strength to swim to the surface, all she did was sink slowly into the depths .

At that moment, Li Yue felt like her world had become very quiet, very peaceful . She did not struggle .

She didn’t feel like she was going to die either . For some reason, she knew Ye Lang would come save her . What happened next did not disappoint her at all . She saw Ye Lang approach, hold her in his arms, then swam up…

“Li Yue, are you alright?” Ye Lang asked frantically .

“I’m fine!” Li Yue shook her head with a smile .

“Fuck! Why did you follow me?” Ye Lang saw a silhouette fall into the water . That was Zhao Yarou, of course .

“Because I want to . ” Zhao Yarou said cooly, first looking at Ye Lang then at Li Yue in his arms .

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“Your Majesty…” Li Yue gasped in surprise .

“Fine . It’s not like I can do anything about it, you’re already here . We’ll have to look for the exit . ” Ye Lang looked up to see that their ‘entrance’ had already sealed on its own . They had to look for another exit .

“There’s no exit!”

“The water’s rising!”

These were the two conclusions made by Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou after surveying the room . It was a rectangular secret chamber and water was gushing in through many small holes .

These holes could not fit even a hand, there was no hope of fitting themselves through it!

“It’s true then . This is Death! Zhao Yarou, do you understand now? You were the one who chose this option,” said Ye Lang mildly . His brows were furrowed, he was thinking hard .

“I like it . At least we die together . I’d pick this path again if I could,” scoffed Zhao Yarou coldly .

“You really are insane . Can’t you just die alone if you like dying so much? Why did you have to drag us into this too?” cried Ye Lang .

“It would be boring to die alone . Look how great it is having company!” Zhao Yarou was still cold as ever .

“I don’t have time for this! Fuck!” Ye Lang produced a wooden bucket . He placed it upturned on the water surface so it could be a temporary air supply . Air would be trapped in the bucket so at least this would keep them alive for a while .

Zhao Yarou and Li Yue both understood what he was doing . . . but was it useful here?

Zhao Yarou expressed her thoughts in full honesty . “What use would this be? It’ll just let you live a little longer, you’ll still die in the end!”

“Then don’t come here, you can die over there!” shrugged Ye Lang . It was true he did not care if she lived .

Then again, the scales tipped a little more towards Ye Lang wishing she was dead…

“Hmmph, fine! I’ll die over here!” Zhao Yarou did not approach Ye Lang, glaring furiously .

“That would be the best!” said Ye Lang .

As time passed, the water level rose slowly to fill up the entire chamber . The three of them maintained their breaths above water right up till the ceiling, only going under when the chamber had been completely filled . At this moment, Zhao Yarou glared coldly at Ye Lang before going underwater .

Ye Lang and Li Yue ducked under the wooden bucket, breathing normally again .

“Mr Fox, are you really going to leave Her Majesty there?” asked Li Yue . It was just a casual question, for she was sure they were only going to be alive for a while .

“Why bother? She can die if she wants to die, no one’s stopping her,” said Ye Lang coldly .

“I don’t understand why she followed us . She fully knew about the Death part too, did she really have to take the risk?” Li Yue did not understand . At the same time, her gaze at Ye Lang had another layer of emotion to it .

They knew the risks of coming here . Now that they were going to die, she grew emotional just looking at Ye Lang, who’d jumped in to save her .

“I don’t know either . She’s not normal, it’s not surprising if she does anything insane,” said Ye Lang as he shook his head .

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