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Chapter 504: 504
Lost (3)

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During that time, Ye Lang also received a report from Coldblood Five about the hidden protection around Zhao Yarou . He was amazed at how well-protected she was . Even if a Tian Heavenly Level fighter came, he/she might not be able to harm Zhao Yarou .

That was why Coldblood Five reminded him once again to not provoke or try anything with Zhao Yarou, and never reveal his identity .

Ye Lang didn’t think that the first part was a problem . He could control himself . However, the second part was a little more difficult . If they spent more time together, with her intelligence, she might be able to guess .

He didn’t seem to notice before but now he was very puzzled at how Zhao Yarou acted around him . She didn’t talk to him like he was a stranger at all .

No matter the circumstances, Ye Lang felt like it was necessary to shake her off . He must shake her off tomorrow…

On the second day, Ye Lang made many attempts but still failed to shake her off . She was like a dogskin patch, stuck to him .

With this, Ye Lang finally told her, in utmost honesty, that she was annoying . Then, he told her not to follow him around .

What she said next triggered many memories…

“You’re trying to shake me off again? Why do you hate me so much?”

Why did she say ‘again’?

Ye Lang did not dwell on this question because he thought it must be because he had been trying to get rid of her since the day before .


In the end, he could use the most primitive method- he ran . With the horse’s rein in one hand, he sprinted like a madman . The poor horse was suffering and could barely keep up .

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In response, Zhao Yarou leapt unto her horse and ran after him . As they ran deeper into the forest, they slowly lost their bearings while the number of people following Zhao Yarou dwindled…

“You’re still running . ”

“You’re still following me . ”

“I won’t if you don’t run . ”

“I won’t if you don’t follow me . ”

“Then you stop running first . ”

“No, you stop following me first . ”



Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou were still bickering while Li Yue felt a headache coming on . She never would’ve imagined that the matter would escalate to such a situation . The empress of a huge empire was playing happily with this person .

Fuck, who’s happy now?

If Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou knew what she was thinking, this was what they’d say .

“Hey? Where are we?” asked Zhao Yarou suddenly . She realised she couldn’t recognise where they were and she’d lost all her men .

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This was shocking because she knew how capable her guards were . She knew she was running pretty fast, yes, but they should still be able to keep up!

At this moment, she felt a little afraid . Afraid Ye Lang might do something to her since there were only the three of them .

“How would I know,” huffed Ye Lang . He noticed something odd too… He could not sense Coldblood Five’s signal, and when he sent her a question there was no reply .

Looks like Zhao Yarou wasn’t the only one who lost her bodyguard .

However, at this moment, Zhao Yarou was alone . This was the perfect opportunity to kill her! Ye Lang did not do such a thing though, we’ll never know if it was because he didn’t think of it .

“You don’t know? Then why did you bring us here? Are you going to hurt us?” said Zhao Yarou, covering her body .

“Go to hell, even if every girl in the world died, I would still not be interested in you,” said Ye Lang .

“What?” asked Zhao Yarou threateningly, radiating violence .

What Ye Lang said was very offensive, she’d definitely still be mad even if she was in a good mood that day . Plus, she never had a very good temper .

“I said… even if every girl in the world died, I would still not be interested in you,” repeated Ye Lang, completely ignoring her seething anger .

“Do I disgust you so much?” her tone grew colder and colder .

“It’s not about disgust or hate, I don’t feel anything . It’s just a matter of principles,” said Ye Lang nonchalantly .

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“Your Majesty, let’s not talk about that anymore . I think we should talk about what we should do now . ” Li Yue tried to change the conversation topic upon noticing the tension in the atmosphere .

“Hmmph . ” Zhao Yarou glared coldly at Ye Lang .

At least this was the empress she knew . Although her frigid glare was scary, Li Yue thought this felt a little more normal . Zhao Yarou was supposed to look like that .

“Mr Fox, you don’t know where we are?” asked Li Yue . From Zhao Yarou’s sour mood right now, it would be useless to ask her . She was only following Ye Lang anyway .

“I don’t know but I am sure of one thing,” said Ye Lang .

“What is it?” asked Li Yue, while Zhao Yarou looked at him once again .

“We are lost . ”

“ . . . ” Both girls fell silent .

“We know that! So that means you don’t know where you are?” asked Zhao Yarou mildly .

He nodded . He looked around him then said, “I don’t know but I am sure of one thing . ”

“Just tell us . ”

“We’ve lost the rest too,” said Ye Lang .

“No shit,” said Zhao Yarou .

“Can’t you say something a little more useful?” said Li Yue, exasperated .

Ye Lang thought for a moment . “Fine, I am also sure of one thing . ”

“ . . . ” Both stared at him, not bothering to speak .

“I am sure that if we do not find shelter, we’ll be drenched soon,” said Ye Lang .

“You’re saying it’s going to rain?” Li Yue looked up at the sky but there were no signs indicating it was about to rain .

“Yeah, it’ll be raining very soon . A thunderstorm too . That’s why we should get to that cave now . ” Ye Lang pointed at a cave nearby located on the side of a hill . The mouth of the cave was huge, hence visible from here .

“Are you sure it’ll rain?” asked Zhao Yarou .

“I’m sure . ” he nodded without further elaboration .

“Alright, let’s go . ” Zhao Yarou was quick to make a decision too .

Hence, the three of them trekked towards the cave . Once they entered, the weather outside started to change . Huge clouds covered the sky . There was going to be a storm soon .

At this moment, both girls were grateful they believed Ye Lang or they would’ve been drenched .

“How did you know it was going to rain?” asked Li Yue curiously .

“From little details in the environment . It’s not difficult . I can teach you if you’re interested,” said Ye Lang .

“Alright . ” Li Yue nodded . She was very interested, of course, for the weather was an important factor during war .

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