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Chapter 500: 500
Do It Yourself (1)

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Ye Lang did not realise that was a problem until Coldblood Five’s reminder either . She knew what Li Yue wanted .

“What?” asked Ye Lang .

“I . . . I still can’t move, can you bring me there…” Li Yue was pointing at a hidden area .

“What for? Oh, you need to pee? Why didn’t you say so earlier? Didn’t I tell you last night you can wake me up, you didn’t have to hold it in…” The more he spoke, the redder Li Yue’s face became .

“Shut up! Just bring me here!” cried Li Yue to stop him, afraid he’d say more ridiculous things .

“Alright…” He picked her up, brought her there, then put her down and left .

Before he walked away he even said, “Tell me when you’re done!”

“Go away, don’t look!”

“I don’t want to! I’m going to brush my teeth . Do you need me to bring you some water to wash…”

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“ . . . ”

Li Yue realised she’s already lost all dignity with Ye Lang, fully considering the option of going home now . So what if other people knew what happened? He was the one who’d get into trouble, not her .

However, she could not bear to be this cruel!

After that, she soon enjoyed this feeling . The feeling of allowing Ye Lang to help out while she was too weak .

It was a great feeling, though she couldn’t explain it . Ye Lang tending to her needs felt so much better than servants and waiters, this was a hundred times better .

Many years later, she would still reminisce about the days with him in this forest, the feeling she had . If only this lasted longer, too bad it was only a few days .

Ye Lang and Li Yue continued trekking deeper into the forest . However, due to her condition, progress was slow, taking three days to travel what they could’ve done within one .

While progress was slow, they encountered many animals . Ye Lang had many opportunities to show off his amazing archery skills while his roasting skills slowly improved .

For three days, Li Yue was… in Ye Lang’s words, ‘half-dead’, that was why he could only do it on his own .

Ye Lang didn’t like roasting food much, he still preferred boiling soup or cooking Beggar’s chicken . He didn’t have to remember to flip the meat, all he had to do was wait .

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One day, they were both sitting next to a fire, as usual, waiting for the buried Beggar’s chicken to cook . At this point, they’ve grown much closer, laughing between conversations .

Li Yue no longer blushed when Ye Lang hugged her as if it was something very normal . Perhaps she’d gotten used to it .

Very soon, the chicken was ready . Ye Lang fished it out of the fire, waited for it to cool, then cracked the mud layer open . It smelled delicious .

“This drumstick’s yours so your legs will recover faster . It’s too much trouble carrying you around every day!” Ye Lang first gave her a chicken drumstick then a wild fruit .

There were many kinds of wild fruits growing in this mountainous region, they both loved plucking a few for meals .

“Are you tired of me already? You were even talking about marrying me a few days ago! I think I’ll have to reconsider your offer with you acting like that!” joked Li Yue with a smile .

After three days of constant companionship, they were both a lot closer than before . Just from this conversation, anyone would be able to tell that Li Yue was dangerously close to falling in love with Ye Lang . He was so close .

“If I married you, I’d take care of you, I would never get tired of you! Too bad you don’t want to…” Ye Lang tore off another drumstick for himself . He bit down on it, his face smeared with grease .

“If you really want to marry me, you should do that now! Or how would I know if you’d toss me aside after we get married?” she said, chuckling .

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“I won’t, I’m a good person!”

At this point, Coldblood Five said in his ear, “A good person? You own The Romantic Floor! You’re the owner of a brothel, a place to drink and gamble and be a pervert!”

“I’m only the owner, I drink very little and I’m not a pervert…”

“It’s the same…”

Just when Ye Lang was about to argue, something unexpected happened . Ye Lang had half a mind to run as far away as possible, leaving Li Yue here .

It wasn’t because he was selfish-- this situation was no threat to Li Yue . ”

“This smells amazing! Hope you don’t mind sharing a wing with me!” They heard a pretty voice, at the same time a pretty silhouette appeared before Li Yue .

Ye Lang was still facing Li Yue so he didn’t see this person’s face . All he said, nonchalantly, was, “Roast it yourself, I can give you a chicken . ”

“ . . . ”

The stranger and Li Yue were stunned for a moment, neither expecting such a response . Then again, it was normal to talk to a stranger that way, though this person was of a very special status…

Li Yue interjected immediately, “Your Majesty! You can take mine if you wish to eat, I’ll eat later! Please forgive me for not being able to greet you, for I am unwell!”

“Your Majesty?!” Ye Lang was stunned for a moment . Could it be… Ye Lang turned around slowly… Fuck! It really was her!

Zhao Yarou, the empress of the Soaring Sky Empire, was standing just behind him . There were several royal guards behind her, and they were all elites .

All of them were at least Di Earthly Level or above . Although there were only a few of them, they were deadly as a team .

And these were the ones he could see . The guards who were hidden must be deadly too .

“Captain Li Yue, what happened to you?” Zhao Yarou looked at Ye Lang, though immediately ignored him after she saw his fox ears and tail .

“I’m just a little unwell, I feel weak all over…” answered Li Yue, trying her best to hide the fact that she was poisoned .

If she told Zhao Yarou straight, she knew Zhao Yarou would immediately be able to give her an antidote but that would also open a can of worms .

At this point, Li Yue and Ye Lang were thinking the same . They both prayed Zhao Yarou was only here for a short chat and would leave immediately . They prayed she wouldn’t stay with them .

“You’re sick? If that’s the case, let’s get someone to bring you out of here . You don’t care about rankings anyway,” said Zhao Yarou . She knew Li Yue well and understood she wasn’t one to put much emphasis on titles and rankings .

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