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Chapter 494: 494
The Hero And The Damsel (1)

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She decided she’d spend the rest of her life repaying her saviour (if that person came)- but never with her body .

If she repaid with her body, would there be any difference from right now?

Well, one was voluntary, one was forced .

However, to Li Yue, there wasn’t much difference between them .

At this moment, a ‘shooting star’ was flying towards the tent .


The ‘shooting star’ hit someone’s head, then flew at a different angle up to the top of Li Yue’s tent . It flew with so much force it pulled the entire tent upwards then wrapped Li Xiande in it .

At this point, Li Yue was coincidentally lying on the ground so she wasn’t trapped inside the tent . However, her clothes were torn but thank goodness all the important bits were still covered .

Her silky skin peeking through was still enough to make all the men present gulp…


Li Yue suddenly realised the problem and in a flurry, she instinctively tried to activate her Tianji Armour…


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She realised the armour was successfully activated . This was puzzling, why didn’t it activate before then?

She quickly knew the answer . She saw one of the men maintaining the antimagic alchemy formation collapse to the ground, the formation disappearing in an instant .

There was a loud rip .

Li Xiande tore the tent off himself, appearing before Li Yue once again only to stand there, stunned . A shining, colourful suit of Tianji Armour covering her entire body .

What the fuck? How could she activate her armour?

Li Xiande looked towards his men and like Li Yue, noticed one of them had collapsed . He realised the shriek he’d heard earlier must’ve been from this person .

“What the fuck is going on?” he cursed, evident he was furious .

“Something flew at us, I don’t know what that was…” One of the men answered as he pointed in a direction, which was where the ‘shooting star’ came from .

“Who is there? Show yourself!” roared Li Xiande .

“It’s me . ” There was a voice, a silhouette emerging from the shadows .

It was Ye Lang .

“Mr Fox!” Li Yue was ecstatic and so relieved to see him, her eyes sparkling as she looked at Ye Lang . She couldn’t believe Ye Lang would be the person who saved her .

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Although Ye Lang wasn’t very smart to reveal himself like this, Li Yue did not think too much . All she knew was Ye Lang looked so heroic, so brave .

Right now, Li Yue was already protected upon the activation of her Tianji Armour, she didn’t have to worry about Li Xiande hurting her . Even if his father appeared, the First Swordsman would not be able to pry open her armour .

“Sorry I’m a little late, I was cooking supper… Oh, right! My supper…” Ye Lang was initially calm but his expression turned anxious as he rushed over to Li Yue .

When she heard him, she was ready to kill Ye Lang . She was almost raped and this boy was making supper?!

Then a very puzzling thing happened because she watched as Ye Lang ran towards her, searched the ground for something, then picked up a piece of clay and sighed . “Thank goodness it’s fine…”

This was his supper? That’s odd .

“This was the thing that hit us?” asked Li Xiande . Even he could guess that this piece of rock was the one that ruined his plans .

“I think so…” The rest couldn’t be sure . It was dark, they couldn’t see it well .

“Yep, this was the thing that hit you . I threw it . ” Ye Lang nodded, confirming everyone’s suspicious . He had to make it very clear because Li Yue had to know he was the one who threw it .

“You! Do you want to die today?” Li Xiande was radiating violence, about to slash Ye Lang into a thousand pieces .

“Nope, I’m just here to play the hero to save the girl . Li Yue, are you alright?” Ye Lang told them truthfully . So truthfully he literally said ‘play the hero’ .

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“I’m fine, I think you should stay away, inform the organisers and get help,” said Li Yue calmly . Based on her impression of Ye Lang, she was sure he didn’t have the capability to play the hero . In fact, he might get hurt in the process .

“Get help? How would I be the hero then? Let me do this alone!” said Ye Lang with a laugh . It was a very confident laugh .

Was he faking it?

Of course he was . These people were sent by Athena to orchestrate a scene, and he was there to fake playing the hero too .

At this point, Ye Lang seemed to think it was all just a sham . That was why he was very calm, very confident .

“This is your hero? More like your pet, who is going to die today,” sneered Li Xiande . After looking Ye Lang up and down, he felt Ye Lang was nothing compared to him .

“Eh, why do you look so familiar?” At least Ye Lang recognised him, though he couldn’t recall where they’d met before .

Li Xiande glared at him coldly . “I don’t care if you know me . That isn’t important because you’re about to die today . ”

As he spoke, his grip on his sword tightened . He was about to attack, yet he couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous looking at Ye Lang and his calm face .

“Be careful, he’s the son of the First Swordsman, he’s a Di Earth Level fighter!” reminded Li Yue . “I think you should run, I have the Tianji Armour, I’ll be alright here . ”

“The son of the First Swordsman? Ah, I remember, you’re that… . That…” Ye Lang finally remembered where they’d met, though he couldn’t remember the guy’s name .

“Li Xiande,” reminded Coldblood Five .

“Right, Li Xiande . I knew it, both the brothers are quite useless after all,” remarked Ye Lang .

“What did you say?” Li Xiande grew angrier .

“Bye . ” Once Ye Lang knew he was Li Xiande, he left immediately, sprinting at top speed away from them .

“ . . . ”

Everyone fell silent, not expecting Ye Lang to do this at all . They couldn’t believe he’d leave just like that .

Didn’t he just say he was going to play the hero? And he’d just run away!

Li Yue was a little disappointed at his behaviour . Although it was the best plan, she was still a little uncomfortable .

“Why are you running?” came Coldblood Five’s message .

“Nonsense! If that’s Li Xiande, that means this is real . It’s not orchestrated by Athena,” answered Ye Lang .

At least he wasn’t clueless right now . It was true . Athena would never be able to involve Li Xiande in her plans . There was no other way to explain what just happened . That meant just one thing: this ‘playing the hero’ moment was real .

“So what if it’s real? Isn’t it good then? You can knock everyone out and win Li Yue’s heart!” said Coldblood Five . It was a very good opportunity .

“I know, that’s exactly what I’m going to do!” said Ye Lang .

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