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Chapter 493: 493
Night Ambush (3)

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The intruder reacted quickly to her slash too, he blocked her with his own weapon and did not show any signs of backing down . This was no ordinary fighter .

Li Yue was shocked . Although she didn’t use much strength, it was not supposed to be this easy to block her slash either . She was very surprised Ye Lang was this skilled .

With his behaviour, he didn’t look like he was a very skilled swordsman, he looked like he could be defeated very easily .

What shocked her even more was that after he parried, he threw a fist of powder which filled the entire tent immediately .

Li Yue could not react in time to such an unexpected attack, inhaling a mouthful of powder instantly . When she held her breath, it was already too late .

Very soon, she knew what this powder was because she was losing strength rapidly in all her muscles . It was a toxin made to lose control of your muscles .

“You scum! I can’t believe you!” cursed Li Yue through clenched teeth .

“Hahaha, I’ve always been like this, Miss Li Yue, haven’t you known?” the intruder guffawed .

And after she heard his voice, she knew the intruder before her eyes was not Ye Lang . She remembered him, he was one of the many men pursuing her . She recalled rejecting him before .

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“It’s you . ”

“Of course it’s me! Who did you think I was, that fox idiot? He’s very far away . Such an idiot, throwing away such a good opportunity . Then again, today’s my lucky day since he’s so far away . Saved me a lot of trouble…” the man chuckled .

“Li Xiande! You’re still the son of the First Swordsman, how could you do such a thing? Aren’t you afraid of ruining your father’s good name?” Li Yue’s glared furiously at him .

Li Xiande . She couldn’t believe it was Li Xiande . Ye Lang had killed his brother, so he was now the only son of the First Swordsman .

Li Xiande had always looked like a proud, honest man, she couldn’t believe he was such scum in the dark .

“His good name? He has many women of his own . ” Li Xiande had a look of disgust . “Don’t worry, you’ll be mine after this, I’ll be responsible for all your needs…”

“Go to hell! I’d rather die than let you touch me,” bristled Li Yue .

“Die? I’ll never let you die . You won’t even have the strength to die! That was Shixiang powder, it will relax every single muscle in your body…” Li Xiande sneered .

“ . . . ” Li Yue’s brows furrowed . She could feel arm unable to hold her sword properly . The powder was working .

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If it wasn’t for a final trick up her sleeve, she would’ve killed herself there . Although she wasn’t an impulsive person, she would rather die than let this scum touch her .

Of course, her final trick wasn’t Ye Lang . Although she had hope in him, he wasn’t her final line of defence .

It was the Tianji Armour .

“You must be thinking about your Tianji Armour, right?” he laughed . From his look, not only did he know about her armour, he also knew it wasn’t a problem for him .

“You…” She didn’t need to be a genius to know what he was implying .

“It’s useless now, it’s just an alchemy item . It can’t function without magic . My men have already activated an anti-magic alchemy formation outside, you should just relax and do your job as a woman . ” Li Xiande approached Li Yue with a sneer .

Li Xiande had made thorough preparations for this day . From sending his men to follow them, to the Shixiang powder to the antimagic formation… He’d already prepared for everything he could think of .

Right now, Li Yue was the fish on his chopping board, for him to use as he pleased .

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“The Li clan would never forgive you for this . ” All she could do now was use her family name as a warning . Her eyes were filled with hopelessness .

At this point, Ye Lang was the most important person to her . He was her only hope .

If she knew Ye Lang did not even care to come, she’d die from an immediate heart attack .

“So what? My father’s the First Swordsman of the empire, so what if the Li clan hates us? Is there anyone in the Li family who can beat my father?” Li Xiande asked arrogantly .

She fell silent . It was true . While family background was important, your personal skills and capabilities were still the most important in this world . If you could attain such a level of mastery like the First Swordsman, even if he was from a common family, every other powerful family clan would still have to revere him .

Not just the clans, even the empire would do so .

If this was brought to court, the empire would definitely not stand with the Li family, though they would also not support the Swordsman’s side . And after that, both sides would have to settle this matter in private .

“Haha, what about this: I marry you, then you Li family would be protected by the empire’s First Swordsman . This is the best outcome anyone could ask for,” he laughed . Li Xiande was coming closer .

“You animal! You animal, I’ll never let you get away with this!” Li Yue was struggling to back away . At this moment, she couldn’t help but hate Ye Lang . Why was he taking so long?

However, come to think of it, what would happen if he arrived? Would he be able to stop Li Xiande?

From what she knew, Li Xiande was a Di Earth Level fighter . She wasn’t sure she could beat him in a fight herself . He was the son of the First Swordsmen and he lived up to it .

There were also many people outside, would Ye Lang be able to save her?

When her train of thought arrived at this point, Li Yue felt all hope leave her . She regretted being so careless, she hadn’t expected anyone to stage an attack at a moment like this . And the attacker had come so prepared too .

Li Yue tried activating her Tianji Armour but it was useless .

She was ready to die as she watched him approach step by step, his disgusting sneer growing wider with the second . However, before she died, she must kill him too . No matter what he took .

And at this moment, she became oddly calm . Li Yue stared at him coldly .

Li Xiande couldn’t help but feel fear secretly seeping into him when he caught her eyes . However, he chose to ignore his fear, for he was filled with a primal need .

And with a roar, he pounced on her, ripping her clothes off…

Was this really happening?

Li Yue was seething with hatred, screaming internally . She prayed silently that no matter who came to save her, she would spend her entire life repaying them .

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