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Chapter 49 – Lifelong Cook (3) Translated by Hazel


If, at this time, the emperor could find Ye Lang, then everything would be solved. However, he also knew it was almost impossible to find him. If it was possible, the Ye girl and his sweet daughter would have stopped being angry.

To him, it was unbelievable. Although everyone knew Ye Lang was around, and never really left, they just couldn’t find him. This was not the first time. Every time, he was able to find a place that other didn’t think of.

Although Ye Lang didn’t mean to hide from them, they just didn’t know where he was.

“I hope he won’t do anything outrageous, so long he frightens them a bit is fine. I hope he doesn’t do those other things.” The emperor was having a headache.

Why did he have to go and scare those people. Now he was gone, but we have to suffer!

“I…I think he won’t…” Ye Cheng Tian was not confident.

“….” The ministers were in silence. Those whose daughters or granddaughters were in the Incomparable Girl Talent Competition seemed to realize that they must protect their girls as much as they could themselves and not rely on the Royal Family or Ye Family.

They were thinking, if Ye Lang really did those things, would the Emperor and his parents really punish him? Maybe they would, but it wouldn’t be serious.

“Hey hey, he is your son. How could you not know?” The Emperor didn’t notice the people’s faces and continued to talk bullshit with Ye Cheng Tian. Oh, no, it was a serious conversion between an emperor and a minister—according to him.

“How could I know. Don’t you know him? Hasn’t he done plenty of silly things since childhood?” Ye Cheng Tian shook his head.

“Right. Alright, forget it. We will see when it happens. One thing I feel strange is that who is Zhen Xiao Yan. Why is the silly boy helping her?” The Emperor suddenly thought of this important person.

“I checked. She is the granddaughter of Earl Zhen Tian Ming.” Ye Cheng Tian said. He knew the Emperor was asking about her identity. He should have already heard the other things from people.

The Emperor had a deep thought and said, “Oh, him. I have a bit of an impression. Zhen Family have been doing restaurant business for many generations. Are they still doing it?”

Zhen Family were not in the core of the imperial power. It was not even at the edge of it. So they were not related with them. If not this incident, they shouldn’t have even noticed the existence of Zhen Family. This was actually a good thing for Zheng Family. Their future would be brighter.

The reason why the Emperor remembered the Zhen Family was because they used to be the royal chefs. They were granted the hereditary ‘Earl’ title because one of the former emperors liked them.

No wonder everyone wanted to approach an emperor. As long as an emperor liked you, you and your descendants would live a good life. Of course, sometimes bad blood disasters came, but people were willing to take the risk.

“Yes, Zhen Youwei Restaurant. It is a traditional and old restaurant.” Ye Cheng Tian said.

Zhen Youwei was that royal chef, and the restaurant was named after him. His cooking was the number one of the world so the restaurant was prosperous for a long time.

However, like some other family businesses, the capabilities of the person in charge were a variable. The restaurant was declining in the recent several years. But in the ordinary people’s eyes, the Zhen Family was still a big family. Right, in ordinary people’s eyes!

“This is not important. I wonder whether Zhen Xiao Yan is able to cook as well as her ancestor? If not, why does your silly boy care about her so much? He hasn’t cared about anything these years, even his own stuff.” The Emperor doubtingly said.

“I heard her cooking was amazing. And only her cooking is amazing.” Ye Cheng Tian’s answer was not straightforward but clear enough. Apart from her cooking, none of her stuff could attract his son.

“Cheng Tian, shall we bet on her?” The Emperor was getting excited and forgot he was in the court.

“You are thinking of this too! I already sent people to bet ten thousand gold coins for fun!” Ye Cheng Tian laughed.

“… You are shameless!” The Emperor gave him a despising look. After all, he was in the court, so he had to care about his image.

Ye Cheng Tian seemed to understand him and answered him with eye contact: “You too…”

“Emperor, why do you think Zhen Xiao Yan will win. How could she win with her conditions?!” One minister was upset and angry, because one of the participants was of the younger generation in his family.


Some other ministers were like him. They were not happy with the Emperor and Ye Cheng Tian’s opinions. Of course, they couldn’t express their feelings too visibly.

“Zhen Xiao Yan wouldn’t win considering her condition. The point is that miraculous boy from Ye Family. The result will be hard to tell.” The Emperor shook his head and laughed slightly.

“Emperor, please stop Ye Lang from doing nonsense. If you don’t, I will ask my granddaughter to quit!”

“Right. If so, we should quit. It’s better to quit than have our daughters get hurt.”


“Don’t worry. I won’t let him break the rules. I will keep the fairness of this competition. If you are still worried, then I will allow you to be the judges, so no one will be bribed. Rest assured! I will send the top guards to protect you!” Said the Emperor immediately. He needed to prove that he didn’t take sides for anyone. In fact, he hadn’t planned to do so at all, but those ministers had misunderstood him.

What’s the point of protecting? That silly boy slipped away from the tight guard again and again. If he meant to give you trouble, I can’t promise anything.

Ye Cheng Tian laughed in his mind when seeing those ministers become relieved. He was kind of proud of this thing. Of course, he pretended to be serious outside— with a look that he would try his best to protect these ministers.

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