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Chapter 487: 487
Death By A Single Arrow (3)

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If she knew this young man of the fox tribe was Ye Lang, she probably would’ve unsheathed her sword and stabbed him right here!

This outcome was what Coldblood Five, Athena and Ye Lang was very sure would happen . Nothing good could come out of this .

That was why he could never reveal his identity, at most he could make her hate Ford Fox if it came to that! Fox… How would she meet him in the future? Well, he didn’t care!

“I’m hungry, let’s eat…”

After half a day’s walk, there was almost no one nearby . Previously, they’d met a few but right now there was barely a person here .

Everyone was far from each other now, no one wanted to hunt with too many people around . The real hunt had already begun .

“Don’t eat that! That’s against the rules!” stopped Li Yue immediately when she saw him taking food out of his ring .

“?? What?” Ye Lang was confused once again . Was this against the rules?

“This time, there’s a rule stating participants must rely on themselves for everything including food and shelter . You have to forage for your own food or bring your own dried food!” said Li Yue .

This year’s event tested participants’ survival and hunting skills . They could survive on wild vegetables and fruits- and animals, of course!

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Let’s not forget this was a hunting event . After the point earned from the hunt was recorded, it was up to the participant to cook, roast or store it!

“There’s such a rule?” asked Ye Lang . He’d never noticed a rule like that . However, he never paid much attention anyway because Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess usually dealt with everything for him .

“Yeah! If you’re hungry, you can have some of this first!” Li Yue took some biscuits from the satchel on her horse .

“Thank you!” Ye Lang did not hold back either . He was hungry .

“This is odd, why haven’t we seen any animal so far?” Li Yue asked . Ye Lang suddenly noticed too .
Indeed, they hadn’t seen a single animal so far . Based on his past experience, he should’ve encountered many animals by now .

“Maybe we just didn’t meet any large animals . ” Ye Lang’s confusion only lasted a moment, quickly offering an explanation .

“I guess . Or maybe we’ve entered a very powerful magical beast’s territory . That’s why all the animals are gone . Or maybe we’re just unlucky today,” said Li Yue .

Unlucky . This word should never appear in Ye Lang’s life, though we don’t know if it was the same since Li Yue was present too .

“Maybe it’s just temporary, I’m sure something will… Look, look! There’s one!” he cried, pointing in a direction .

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“ . . . ” Li Yue and Coldblood Five was silent .

“What are you so happy for, that’s a huge wolf!” Li Yue’s words and Coldblood Five’s message came at the same time .

“I know, I know it’s a wolf!” It was just a wolf, why were they both so anxious?

“That’s a magical beast!”

“I know!”

“A high-level one!”

“I know that too!”

“It won’t be easy for us both to defeat it, we have to be careful!”

“I know!”

“ . . . ”

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Now that the conversation had ended, Li Yue had nothing else to say . The only thing they could do was to prepare to fight . She couldn’t believe the first animal they saw was a magical beast, she wondered if this meant she was lucky or unlucky .

This grey wolf was different from the typical wolves seen on Earth . The grey wolves here were magical beasts, they were huge and had grey fur .

On Earth, wolves were almost the same size as dogs . In this world, the magical ones were a little bigger than dogs and it was very rare to meet any wolf twice the size of a dog . However, this wolf they met was larger than a bull, it was very different from anything they’d seen .

“Mr Fox, I’ll distract it . Shoot it when you have the chance! Remember, its weakest points are its eyes and belly . ” Li Yue took out her bow and arrow, then approached the wolf . Once she was in range, she would kill it with one shot .

That was the most ideal plan of course . If that didn’t work, it would be the same as what she mentioned: she’d attract its attention then Ye Lang would ambush it .

“I understand!” Ye lang also held his bow up, his eyes fixed on the wolf . He looked very serious and focused, though in private, he was actually in a discussion with Coldblood Five .

“Little Five, should I let Li Yue be in danger and then save her like a hero? She’ll definitely fall in love with me if that happens . ”

“ . . . She’ll definitely notice if you do that! It only works if you were hiding,” replied Coldblood Five . This idea was not usable at all .

If Ye Lang hadn’t been walking with Li Yue, he could hide and wait until she was in trouble . Then, he’d appear like a handsome hero to save the damsel in distress- that was not possible now!

Ye Lang and Li Yue were a team now . If he deliberately got her in trouble, she’d definitely notice and it would be a disaster .

That was why Coldblood Five rejected the idea .

“Fine, I’ll kill it then . I’m starving!” Ye Lang wanted to quickly kill it with one arrow after his idea was rejected .

Deep breaths…

He pulled the bowstring back…

At this moment, Ye Lang was calm, everything around him went quiet . If Li Yue turned around now, she’d realise he had already blended into his surroundings .

This was a feeling that was hard to explain . Ye Lang was standing there, yes, but you wouldn’t be able to feel him there- or a better way to put it was that he was everywhere at once . It was one with the earth and the skies .

Yep, he was the earth and the skies .

A ball of energy was focused at the tip of the arrow . It was indescribable, like magic but also like douqi, maybe it wasn’t either .

Then, Ye Lang gently released his fingers . The arrow tore through the skies… At this moment, Li Yue thought Ye Lang was still covering for her at the back . She was about to attract the wolf’s attention so Ye Lang would have a chance to kill it . Based on what she’d seen, she knew Ye Lang would definitely be able to do it .

Although this was a magical beast and it was a high-level creature, with her capabilities, it was still nothing to her . Yes, it was going to be difficult but not enough for her to worry .

That was why she was going to let Ye Lang make the shot . It was a simple plan to execute anyway . As a trained soldier, she knew how to use her resources .

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