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Published at 20th of March 2020 06:22:53 PM
Chapter 481
A Romantic Brick (2)
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“That’s none of your business anyway! Coldblood Seven, I think you’ve been too bored around here . What are you doing here anyway? You should go back to the Coldblood Group,” said Ye Lang cruelly .  

“You’re mean! I’m here because of you! Don’t you know how much information I had to retrieve for you?” huffed Coldblood Seven .  

“What information? Why hasn’t anyone told me?” asked Ye Lang, puzzled .  

“It’s related to you but I can’t tell you what it is!” she said mysteriously . She had indeed been busy disguising herself as different identities daily to collect information .  

She was a professional liar and a top spy- she was the best at retrieving information! 

She knew she wouldn’t have been of much use for his Li Yue mission so she was here to carry out a task given by the Coldblood Group- to talk to people about the laboratory Ye Lang left behind .  

This was why she couldn’t tell Ye Lang about it . Well, it wouldn’t mean much to him anyway . Ye Lang himself knew where the lab was, her task was only to find out how much the Soaring Sky Empire knew about his lab .  

“Little Five, what should I prepare for the hunt?” Ye Lang asked suddenly right before he left .  

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“You’ll only need a bow and arrows . You can put your game in your space item to preserve them! Other people who do not have space items would hand their game over to the organisers, the organisers would store the animals temporarily,” explained Coldblood Five .  

“Oh . What if I cheat? I could just throw random animals in there before the hunt, wouldn’t I win like that?” 

“The organisers have crew members who’ll be watching . If you were caught cheating, I’m sure you’d be laughing stock . No one would dare cheat!” 

“Oh, let’s go then!” 

“Mm!” grunted Coldblood Five .  

This time, Coldblood Five followed Ye Lang again from the shadows . While it was difficult to remain hidden under a complex circumstance such as a group hunt, it wasn’t a problem to Coldblood Five .  

However, there was one problem…

“Little idiot, you don’t know how to ride! They’ll be riding while they hunt, what will you do?” she asked when she realised how serious the problem was .  

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“It’ll be fine, I’ll walk! There are some places where horses cannot reach anyway!” shrugged Ye Lang .  

“But a horse is sometimes needed to chase prey…”

“I can run faster than a horse, it’s not a problem!” 

“ . . . ” Well, Ye Lang was right, he could indeed sprint like the wind . Coldblood Five had also witnessed this several times .  

They got on a carriage and left for the group hunt .  

Ye Lang arrived different from the rest . Everyone else rode their own horses to the place while he was the only one in a carriage .  

The group hunt was located in a hilly region 250 kilometres from the Imperial City . Many different species of birds and animals roamed the forests, some of them even classified as magical beasts . It was a place suitable for an event like a group hunt! 

Hunters were allowed to hunt magical beasts too . As long as you had the capability to capture one, then the more powerful the beast was, the more points you’d earn . Many participants chose to hunt magical beasts only to earn the highest points .  

However, they were also notoriously difficult to kill because the rules of the event were that every participant was allowed to only use bows, arrows and traps . No other weapons were allowed; alchemy and magic were banned .  

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In this case, trained martial artists had the upper hand . Although no other weapons were allowed, they could channel douqi through the bow and arrow as long as they practised .  

At the archery range, Ye Lang barely saw anyone practise using douqi . That was because most of them were practising their ultimate tactics in secret and didn’t want anyone else to know their true capabilities .  

“Sister, why aren’t you leaving yet? Hurry, let’s go!” At the gates of the Li Residence, Li Yue was pacing in front of her house as if waiting for something . She’d been circling back and forth on her horse since early that morning when she saw Li Yan, who’d recently recovered from his injuries, walk out of the house .  

“Alright!” She tugged on the reins and galloped away .  
“Hey, slow down!” Li Yan could barely catch up .  

Li Yue was no ordinary horse rider… . She was the Captain of the City Guard!  

“Hmmph! He’s so dumb! Don’t you know to come ride with me from my house?” muttered Li Yue .  

Li Yue had been waiting for Ye Lang outside her home . She felt like she’d already dropped multiple hints that he had a chance! If he were smarter, he could’ve come to pick her up from her house and they’d a hundred percent be together by now .  

There’ll be so many people at the group hunt, how would we be able to find each other?! 

In reality, Athena and the Coldblood members had thought of this but they knew it was for the best . If he did come to pick her up, it would expose a major weakness of his-- that he couldn’t ride .  

It might be a huge blow to his image if the girl knew he couldn’t ride . That was why they decided he should meet her at the hunt instead .  

In addition to that, there was another major reason: many people knew Ye Lang couldn’t ride a horse . With Ye Lang’s current behaviour, if the rest knew he couldn’t ride, it would raise more suspicions that he was actually Ye Lang! 

Perhaps this would be great too . A meet-cute would be romantic… As long as Ye Lang didn’t ruin it .  

They knew any romantic setting could be destroyed by Ye Lang with his cluelessness .  

However, sometimes, even the simplest things could be turned romantic with Ye Lang there, for example, the brick incident…

Many years later, Li Yue would pick up the same brick and her heart would be filled with joy…

“Little Five, look at the size of the crowd!” exclaimed Ye Lang as he surveyed the place through the window of his carriage . It was so packed he wondered if the entire forest could live through this group of hunting fanatics .  

To be honest, many people had looked into the problem but this place had always returned to its initial state of ecosystem equilibrium . It was as if its resources could never be depleted…

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