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Published at 18th of March 2020 04:41:39 PM
Chapter 480
A Romantic Brick (1)
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There was a silver lining to this: since Ye Lang rejected Li Yue, it reinforced the idea she had that Ye Lang wasn’t here to pursue her . It would make it easier for him to make his move in the future .  

However, he still had to spend more time with her . There would always be more opportunities to spend time with her, perhaps he could act then .  

The most important thing to note when pursuing a girl was that the chances of getting her would always be higher when you spend more time together .  

“What are you going to do now? She just left . And if you catch up now, what excuse would you use?” asked Coldblood Five .  

“Any excuse would do! I’ll find one!” Ye Lang wasn’t worried about looking for a valid excuse, leaving immediately . Coldblood Five and the rest who were shadowing him were exasperated for they wanted to stop him but couldn’t without revealing themselves .  

“What?! He wants to look for Li Yue again? He’s stupid! If he’d rejected her, so be it! Why drag it? We should just proceed as if she never extended her invite, our original plan never involved her extending an invitation anyway!” Athena stomped her foot in frustration when she received the news .  

However, she knew there was no way of stopping him because by the time she’d received the message, Ye Lang surely would’ve caught up to Li Yue already! 

Right now, all she could do was to pray Ye Langa would be lucky enough to find a good excuse . Perhaps the situation would not escalate for the worse .  

“Fuck! What kind of fucking excuse is that?!” 

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And when Athena received news about what excuse Ye Lang used, she couldn’t help but cuss too much with no care for her image . All she wanted to do was to flatten him .  

Anyone who heard his excuse would go mad, we cannot blame Athena for her reaction! 

What happened was…

After a short chase, Ye Lang finally saw Li Yue . Without thinking, he immediately sprinted forward as he shouted her name .  

“Li Yue!” 

“?!” Li Yue stopped in her tracks when she heard Ye Lang’s shouts . She turned around to see the guy who’d previously rejected her sprinting over .  

What’s he doing here? Didn’t he just reject her? What’s there to talk about? Did he change his mind? 

Hmmph, I don’t care if you’ve changed your mind, I’ll never team up with you! You think I, Li Yue, would agree with just a small apology?  

Just as her thoughts ran wild, Ye Lang’s mind was racing too . He needed an excuse . An excuse to talk to her .  

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He looked around and saw something on the ground . It was going to be his excuse! 

At this moment, Li Yue and Coldblood Five(and the rest with her) watched as Ye Lang bent over to pick up a brick . No one understood what he was about to do .  

“Li Yue! I think you dropped this brick!” 

Everyone almost fainted on the spot, impressed at how Ye Lang decided to use a BRICK as a pickup line . Damn, this kid was really something! It was unbelievable! 

Coldblood Five desperately wanted to smack him in the head and ask him why he would ask a girl if she dropped a brick .  

Do you know any girl who carries around a brick? You might as well bring her some flowers . She’ll know your intentions but at least you could give them to her .  

What is she going to do with the brick? Self-defence? 

“Hahaha…” Li Yue laughed after a moment of stunned silence . She thought he was absolutely hilarious, making her laugh every time they met .  

At this point, she felt like she wouldn’t mind even if Ye Lang was here to pursue her . He made her laugh so much and she felt comfortable around him .  

That was the most important . As long as he didn’t bear any ill intentions, she didn’t mind being with him .  

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“What?” he asked, still holding the brick .  

“Nothing! This is interesting! So, you were looking for me?” Li Yue asked after her laughter ceased .  

“Didn’t you ask me to be in your team? I didn’t notice you because I was distracted . . . I want to team up with you for the group hunt!” Ye Lang said very honestly . This surprised Li Yue . Even if he was here to ask her to team up with him, she was sure he’d beat around the bush .  

“I can’t! Well, I was humiliated because you rejected me! I need to reject you once too!” said Li Yue with a grin and a mischievous look on her face .  

“Oh, I see…” he said, disappointed .  

“But, if we meet tomorrow, I don’t mind hunting together!” She chuckled .  

“?? What?” Ye Lang was very confused . What did she mean? 

“Alright, that’s settled then . See you tomorrow! Oh, and give my brick back… Hahaha…” Li Yue took the brick from his hand, laughed, then left very happily .  

She wanted to keep the brick to remember this incident . She knew she’d laugh every time she saw the brick .  

“Little Five, what’s going on?” he asked Coldblood Five .  

“You little idiot, the girl just agreed to go with you! All you have to do is to look for her tomorrow! You’re dense!” huffed Coldblood Five .  

“Then there isn’t a problem anymore! Phew, thank goodness for that! Or Athena would be so upset… My ears would suffer!” Ye Lang said with relief .  

“Little idiot, you seem to care a lot about what this Athena thinks . ” 

“Yeah, she’s the commander of this project, I’ve got to listen to her . If she wasn’t, I would’ve kicked her by now!” Ye Lang said cruelly, kicking his foot in the air as if he truly wanted to kick her .  

“ . . . ” Coldblood Five fell silent . She knew he wasn’t an obedient person but she hadn’t expected him to be this ungrateful…

Athena was also very surprised to know about this unexpected outcome . She didn’t expect Li Yue to not get mad- and was instead very happy after the incident . She even agreed to team up tomorrow! That meant they were one step closer to their goal .  

Ye Lang was truly lucky . His flirting tactics were bad and yet he still got the girl… who’d have such luck with girls? 

Athena couldn’t help but smile…

“Li Yue, I think you dropped this brick!” mocked Coldblood Seven, imitating Ye Lang’s gestures when they returned . “You little pervert, where did you learn this line from, I’m truly impressed!” 

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