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Chapter 48 – Lifelong cook (2) Translated by imakeussmile


“The other method would be a bit cumbersome. In this method, you just have to procure a way to get rid of the competition, making them unable to participate in this event anymore. You could abduct them,threaten them, disfigure them or drug them, just to name a few of such methods. Any of these methods could be said as being completely unscrupulous!” Ye Lang thus suggested yet another scheme, however this method seemed to even be a bit more intense than his previous one.

“Stop, stop right there. This method also isn’t feasible, change your plan once again. I want a method which doesn’t harm others, and is a bit more in the realm of normalcy!” Zhen Xiao Yan couldn’t stand Ye Lang anymore, she was afraid that he would really go through with his eccentric plans.

“Alright, then let’s skip over all the other methods and arrive at the final one. However, this method will be very tough, and there is a risk of lack of time. Thus, I suggest we go ahead with this plan immediately! Come, let’s set off right now, we will return on the day of the competition. You guys, help me inform my family for me, and also assist me in requesting a leave of absence from the academy.” Ye Lang said while preparing to leave, and unhesitatingly entrusted others to help him inform his family.

“??” Zhen Xiao Yan was muddle-headed right now, unable to understand what Ye Lang wanted to do.

“Let’s go, don’t just stand there like a fool! Believe me, you will surely become the champion this time! Sigh, seems like I won’t be able to act like a prodigal son again this time.” Ye Lang shook his head somewhat dejectedly.

Zhen Xiao Yan stood up suspiciously, and just left with Ye Lang, half-believing and half-doubting.

At the final moment, Ye Lang smiled devilishly and exclaimed to Sha Lan: “That pig over there, you better be a bit more careful during this period of time, don’t blame it on me when something suddenly happens to you!”

“What do you want to do? I don’t fear you!” Sha Lan forced herself to be calm and said.

But Ye Lang did not pay attention to Sha Lan anymore, and left with Zhen Xiao Yan. In the following 20 days, until the beginning of the competition, the two of them did not appear.

After departing……

“Ye Lang, why do you want to help me?” Zhen Xiao Yan was very puzzled, she did not understand why Ye Lang would suddenly want to help her. With his character, there wasn’t any reason for him to meddle in this matter, more so in the situation after he had bet that she will win the competition.

Ye Lang replied casually: “If want to help, then I’ll help, what why. Don’t assume that I’m helping you for nothing, you have to promise me one thing.”

Although he said it casually, but Zhen Xiao Yan slightly felt that he had helped her because he did not like her being humiliated like that. Not liking her being taken lightly by others, and thus stepping forward to aid her.

“What thing?” Zhen Xiao Yan smiled and asked.

“In the future, you must cook food for me every day, and one more pastry!” Ye Lang said. Regarding this subject, Zhen Xiao Yan’s pastries were excellent, just that she rarely made pastries because of the troublesome procedure . Although she felt that the pastries were delicious, the amount was too little, not enough to even satiate her own hunger.

“So long as you help me win this competition and let me have a chance to be together with Mo Ya, I will cook food for you in this lifetime. All the pastries you want to eat, I will make however many for you!” Zhen Xiao Yan said. She didn’t care about the consequences at all. In any case, as long as she is able to win the competition, she would be willing to do anything.

“Then it’s settled!” The muddle-headed Ye Lang would also naturally not feel that those words were weird, and was just pleased that he had conned a lifelong top grade private cook for himself.

“Ye Lang, what are you going to do?” Only now did Zhen Xiao Yan enquire of just what method he planned to use.

After Ye Lang heard those words, he became very solemn and said very seriously: “Fat woman! There’s still time if you want to regret this right now, if not, in the following 20 days, you will experience hell. And moreover, the method doesn’t guarantee success either. After all, the time we have is too short, and you are in too poor a condition already!”

“No, even if it’s hell, I will have to go through with it!”

“Since you are this determined, then be prepared to endure suffering. Sigh, if only your condition was slightly better, but unfortunately, your condition is bad to such an extreme. Having no knowledge of either one of the four arts, nor did you go and learn any noble etiquettes. Your height ,too, is a meagre 1.6m, but you actually have 200 kilos of fat. I’m afraid that there is not even enough time for you to lose weight……” Ye Lang said while shaking his head, and Zhen Xiao Yan’s face, who was at the side, was getting redder after every passing comment.

“That’s enough, if you speak further, I will squash you to death!” Finally, Zhen Xiao Yan flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“It’s an emergency, so we can also only use drastic measures right now!” Ye Lang sighed.


After this matter, in the following few days, the development of things became very interesting. Many people were paying attention to Ye Lang who had vanished into thin air, of course, everyone’s point of view on this matter differed to some extent.

“Cheng Tian, that brat of yours has still not been located yet?” When going to the imperial court, the emperor asked Ye Cheng Tian in a straightforward manner, seemingly intending to make this the nation’s prime matter to discuss.


It was not that the emperor was using his official authority for private interests, but that recently, Ye Lang had caused him a bit of a headache. A matter which was originally fine, had catapulted into a situation where everyone couldn’t decide whether to laugh or to cry.

If Ye Lang just merely took Zhen Xiao Yan and left, it would at most be the Ye Family being a bit anxious, but Ye Lang was already such a famous person that there was also a high degree to the Ye Family’s anxiousness. Moreover, the Ye Family also knew of Ye Lang’s character, which could accurately be deduced by the following words –

“Not yet. We can’t find him until he comes himself. You know this too. If this brat wants to play and disappear, if he does not appear voluntarily, no matter how painstakingly we look, we still won’t be able to locate him. But one thing which can be said for sure is that he is definitely in the vicinity, just that we can’t pinpoint him exactly.” Ye Chang Tian said somewhat helplessly.

Ye Lang had also disappeared many times before, and every time, it would be him appearing voluntarily. What’s more, this time he had stated himself that he would disappear. Thus, Ye Family also naturally did not worry too much about him, and did not erupt in a huge movement like in the past.

The problem was that those words which Ye Lang had said before disappearing had made many people feel afraid this time around.

And this group of people was those who were participating in the pig pen competition, no, the girls who were participating in the Incomparable Girl Talent Competition. After they had received the news, they were in trepidation that Ye Lang would do something that would cause harm to befall them.

No one could say with absolute guarantee what kind of thing Ye Lang would do. According to his past actions, he could be described as a silly person doing silly things. Thus these kind of people were the ones who caused others to fear the most, knowing that he didn’t care about the consequences.

After hearing that Ye Lang said that he could have them kidnapped, threatened, or, to everyone’s deepest fears, disfigured, these girls began to grow very nervous, and started to mobilize the powers they had power over to protect themselves, incessantly day and night!

And because the families of those girls were not able to find Ye Lang, they sought the aid of the emperor. And right now, their only request was that the emperor would call the shots and help search Ye Lang’s whereabouts!!

And this situation caused the emperor an endless headache. Ye Lang publicly threatening them like he did was indeed a bit over the top, And moreover, he also couldn’t dare to confirm that Ye Lang, that brat, would not go ahead and do those things which he said, thus he was also only able to ask those girls to look out for their safety.

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