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Chapter 471: 471
It Was An Accident (1)

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After some time, Li Yue appeared at the shooting range . She habitually walked towards her usual slot where she could practice archery even if the entire place was booked .

Along the way, Li Yue ignored the crowd as she knew what was going on anyways . The situation was the same each day so she paid it no mind . However, she noticed a very peculiar sight today .

There’s no one near my usual training spot except for a kid practising in the middle . What’s going on?

Despite being here for quite some time, she had never encountered such a situation . Briefly stunned, she continued walking to her slot to prepare herself .

“Miss Li Yue, don’t go! It’s dangerous there!” A person called out from the masses to warn her when she approached her lane .

“??" Li Yue froze for a moment . She did not understand the warning, as well as the reason why everyone was keeping their distances .

“What’s wrong?” Although Li Yue could not feel danger, the strange behaviour of the crowd made her, a soldier, cautious .

“That fox is a newbie . His arrows are shot randomly and may hit you . ” Someone explained .

Li Yue stammered, then said, “That can’t be! Even a newbie would shoot forward and not sideways!“ She was confident in her archery knowledge and felt that this incident would not happen unless the person had malicious intentions .

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Despite the warning, Li Yue resumed walking towards her slot to begin practising . With her cultivation, she did not see a problem even if Ye Lang shot at her consciously .

Originally, there was no one near Ye Lang as many feared him . However, with Li Yue practising next to him, the situation became interesting .

Li Yue found it hard not to acknowledge Ye Lang’s presence . It seemed as if it was the will of the heavens .

“How can that little idiot be so lucky! Why is it that every time he does something, it goes so smoothly . Everything’s a coincidence with him!” Coldblood Five sighed .

Li Yue was shocked to see that the fox she was being warned of was actually Ye Lang .

We met twice today! How can this be a concidence?!

Suddenly, Li Yue recalled Ye Lang eating his dumplings in the morning and a smile crept onto her face .

No matter his intentions, he had left a deep impression in her mind . But of course, it was not time for him to pursue her just yet .

He was biding his time for coincidences to happen . When they did, she would definitely be his!

Yes! This is going according to Athena’s plan!

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Whistle . . .

Li Yue felt a chilly wind behind her as if something had flown past .

“Ah!” A shriek could be heard .

“Shit! I can’t even hide from your arrows! You fox brat, are you doing it on purpose?! “ Mu’er yelled . He had dealt with the two arrows from before and bandaged his wounds .

As one of Li Yue’s pursuers, Mu’er came back once he heard that she arrived . The reason he wanted Ye Lang’s slot was mainly because of Li Yue .

And because of her, he was standing in front of the crowd to watch her practice…

Beautiful! She’s gorgeous indeed!

While Mu’er was admiring Li Yue’s skills, he suddenly felt a pang on his shoulder, only to find an arrow stuck onto it .

Indeed, it was an arrow! Through the shoulder as well!

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Another one? Why am I so unlucky?

It was self-explanatory: the arrow belonged to Ye Lang…” . . . . ”

He is indeed a little dangerous . Li Yue finally understood . She could only feel a slight wind brush past her . She doubted she could dodge it if it was needed .

It was only Ye Lang who acted oblivious as he pulled back the bowstring . This time, the arrow flew forwards, as if the misfired arrow just now wasn’t related to him at all .

Under such circumstances, Li Yue was suspicious . Maybe the arrow was not shot by Ye Lang, but rather someone else .

It was only her that would come up with such doubts . If she witnessed any of the previous incidents, she would no doubt confirm that the arrow belonged to Ye Lang .

Everyone burst out laughing . To their surprise, the arrow was once locked onto Mu’er .

Just like Mu'er accused, everyone was suspicious if Ye Lang had intentions to hit Mu'er . The arrows were too coincidental after all . . . But if it was indeed intentional, Ye Lang must be a skillful archer! But no matter how they see him, he looked like a newbie!

While others were trying to determine if it was an act, master archers like Li Yue already knew the answer . After all, such a thing cannot be faked!

“Fox brat! “

Mu'er could not take it anymore . He wanted to teach him a lesson for purposefully injuring him .

“?? You sure are weird . Why did you leave an arrow on one shoulder and not remove both of them?” Ye Lang asked .

“Scram! I did not! You just shot another one at me!” Mu'er exclaimed furiously and pulled out the arrow . Blood spurted everywhere .

“Brother Fungus, you are joking again . All my arrows are in front . Although it was not on target, I am certain that it’s in the correct direction!” Ye Lang presumed .

“No matter what you say this time, I will show you no mercy!” Mu'er punched at Ye Lang .

Ye Lang did not move, while the hidden Coldblood Five was ready to take action .


Mu'er shrieked in agony as he was hit . However, the attack was from Ye Lang, not Coldblood Five .

While Mu'er waved his fist at Ye Lang, Ye Lang nervously shot the arrow on his bow . Coincidentally, it sank into Mu'er’s shoulder .

“ . . . ” Mu'er glanced at his shoulder and wanted to cry out so badly, What in the world is happening? Why am I constantly getting injured?

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