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Chapter 47 – Lifelong cook (1) Translated by imakeussmile


Sha Lan’s bad mood, which had been accumulating for such a long time, finally erupted, and she coldly said –

“Humph, still laughing and giggling over there, it seems that you simply did not even think about winning right? Well, what else, such a fat woman like you, how could you possibly be able to win? I think that you should quit before it’s too late, don’t come out and make a fool of yourself.”

Those words which Sha Lan said were very ordinary, yep, compared to those words that Ye Lang said, what Sha Lan said was not much at all. But those words however provoked Zhen Xiao Yan, because the person who said those words was a different person.

No matter how provoking Ye Lang’s words were, Zhen Xiao Yan would also not take them to heart, because she knew that Ye Lang did not have any ill intent behind them. But if it was changed to someone else, it would be different, needless to say if that someone was her rival in love.

“You can be at ease, I will not give up and I will also win. I will not only win against you, I will also win the championship!” Zhen Xiao Yan said without being outdone by Sha Lan.

“……” Silence. At this time, everyone was silent.

“Haha……” And what followed was everyone roaring with laughter. Although everyone knew that Zhen Xiao Yan was participating in the competition, they however also knew that the reason as to why she was participating in the competition was also because of being provoked, and thus no one laughed at her.

However, the situation right now was different, as Zhen Xiao Yan actually said that she wanted to win, and moreover, still said that she wants to win the championship. This made everyone feel that it was funny, as if they had just heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Haha. You? With your looks, do you think that you can win against me, even win the championship? Only if everyone’s eyes are blind, if not, then you can only wait when you have reincarnated and have a new look, then say it again. Haha……” Sha Lan laughed absolutely unrestrainedly, ruthlessly trampling on Zhen Xiao Yan.

And this was not the most hurting thing, Sha Lan still continued to stab her with words: “In this lifetime, you can only be compared to a pig, only fit to go to a pig pen! Zhen Xiao Yan, you should be called Zhu Wu Yan!” (The Zhu Wu Yan said by Sha Lan was 猪无颜, meaning – pig without shame.)

“You……” Zhen Xiao Yan was hurt to a point where she was unable to speak out anything, and within her eyes, there seemed to be tears which were trying to force their way out.

Suddenly, everyone in the classroom became silent. Although they were laughing at Zhen Xiao Yan before, but they did not approve of these kind of humiliating words. After all, everyone was classmates who had been together for so many years already, more or less also had some feelings towards one another.

It could also be said that Zhen Xiao Yan’s relations with people was quite good, having not offended anyone before. A person’s distinctive feature does not obstruct the feelings between classmates, instead, character was the crucial point between all those, and Zhen Xiao Yan’s character was generally acknowledged by everyone as being quite good. You could see it from just looking at her attitude towards Ye Lang.

“That’s right, that’s right, she was indeed comparing with pigs, that’s why she participated in this competition.” Ye Lang’s voice rang out.

“……” Everyone was dazed for a while, not being able to understand the meaning of those words in a short moment, but very quickly, they understood.


Some people were not able to restrain themselves anymore and began to laugh, as they sighed in their heart that this counterattack sentence was simply perfect, making others pick up a stone and smash it on their own feet.

“Ye Lang! Who did you say is a pig?!” Sha Lan said angrily.

“You!” Ye Lang replied very straightforwardly, “This was only according to what you said, she was comparing with you, that’s why she went to a pig pen to compete!”

“Ye Lang, don’t say anything more, you will offend others like this.” Zhen Xiao Yan said at the side.

The offending others here was of course not referring to Sha Lan. After all, Ye Lang had clearly already offended her countless of times. What it was referring to was Ye Lang taking a bamboo pole and hitting everyone off the boat, saying that all of the girls who participated in the competition were all pigs.

“What is there to be afraid of if I offend others, who dares to come find trouble with me. I am the magnificent Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, a tiger doesn’t show its might so you guys take it as a sick cat?” Ye Lang said very arrogantly, displaying out the hedonistic son-of-rich-parents side of him.

This sentence also reminded everyone who was present, that this brat was Ye Family’s thirteenth prince and was someone which couldn’t be offended. Even if he pointed towards those noble young ladies who participated in the competition and said that they are pigs, they could only tolerate it and not say anything.

For the past few years, Ye Lang’s identity had been often neglected by others. Reason being that, other than him being low-profile, he also often made muddle-headed mistakes, which made other not to know whether to laugh or cry. Making others feel that they were very close to him, and the most important thing was that he would very rarely use his identity to scare others.

And the people in this classroom would even more neglect his identity. After having interacted with one another a lot, they would also naturally not regard Ye Lang as an outsider, but as a classmate.

At this time, Sha Lan’s face became very ugly, seemingly also having noticed this point. Although her boyfriend Mo Ya was known as the academy’s one of the four big princes, but those four big princes added up together were perhaps not even enough to be compared to Ye Lang’s identity.


To explain in short, Ye Lang was seemingly like a type of hidden boss!

“This is indeed true, you are indeed not someone which the average person could afford to offend. But others can set you up secretly, and you would also often be muddle-headed, making you easy to be plotted against!” Zhen Xiao Yan also said straightforwardly without giving Ye Lang any face.

“Go away, go away! I’m so shrewd, how am I muddle-headed? Those who want to plot against me can only wait till their next life!” Towards Zhen Xiao Yan’s statement, Ye Lang only shook his head and denied.

“Shrewd? Then who was it that muddle-headedly went into the female’s changing room and got treated as a pervert, and got chased after for half a day.”

“…… This cannot be blamed on me, who told them to not repair the sign, I thought it was all for boys.”

“Anyone would know that both females and males would each have one room for themselves, if it was all male, then there would not be a need to separate both the rooms. You are precisely muddle-headed, and this is also not the first time!”

“Fuck, if you continue talking, then I won’t help you anymore. I originally still wanted to help you win against that group of pigs, but right now i have to reconsider it.” Ye Lang said as he flew into a rage out of humiliation.

Zhen Xiao Yan said petulantly: “You’re still saying that they are pigs, like this will……Wait a minute. What did you just say?”

“Nothing much, just that I will reconsider if I want to help you or not.” Ye Lang waved his hand and said.

“Help me? You have a method to help me?” Zhen Xiao Yan asked suspiciously.

“There are a lot of method, just depends on what method you choose only.” Ye Lang pretended to be an expert as he placed his hands behind his back, raised his head, and glanced at everyone.

“What methods do you have?” At this time, Zhen Xiao Yan did not pay any attention to Ye Lang’s actions, and only asked somewhat nervously. She of course wished that she herself would be able to win, even if this was seemingly impossible.

“The first one is simple and doesn’t need any effort. The other one is complicated, and would make one suffer. Which one do you choose?”

“The simple one!” Zhen Xiao Yan said straightforwardly. Everyone would choose this choice.

“The simple method is that I will spend money and bribe those judges and audience. Then I will threaten them a bit. After making threats and promises, at that time, the champion would be as simple as stretching your hand and grabbing it.” Ye Lang said out a method which made everyone fall onto the ground, only he would dare to do so.


Zhen Xiao Yan remained silent for a while, then said: “I think it’s better to change to another method, this one is not good.”

Although this method made others feel speechless, but no one doubted that Ye Lang would not be able to do it. With that prodigal personality of him, this kind of thing is what he liked to do the most, no matter if it succeeded or not.


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