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Chapter 463: 463
Romantic Floor (1)

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“Not bad, not bad at all . ” This was what Ye Lang said when he saw the plan .

“Hmmph . ” There was a huff from Coldblood Seven .

At this moment, Ye Lang was sitting on the top floor of Zhu's Soup House . He was sat above the balcony, a seat popular amongst visitors because one had an unobstructed view of the scenery .

Ye Lang took up one table alone but Coldblood Seven looked for an excuse to share a table with him and sat down . Coldblood Five initially planned to keep a distance from Ye Lang but after what Coldblood Seven did, she decided to sit with them too .

He was puzzled . Didn’t they want to pretend not to know each other?

“Don’t ask . We are just strangers sharing a table, this is very normal . Don’t make a big deal out of avoiding us, it would just raise suspicion,” whispered Coldblood Seven before Ye Lang could speak .

Oh, alright . It was indeed very normal .

He no longer paid any attention to Coldblood Seven and proceeded to order his food, then eat . He seemed to be looking at something opposite .

“What are you looking at?” Coldblood Seven was communicating with Ye Lang using a secret code created by the Coldblood Group . This message was transmitted through a special alchemy tool and was very expensive .

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The alchemy item had a huge range, only higher-ranked members had access to it- Ye Lang coincidentally had one of his own .

Their conversations weren’t in a spoken language either, they were scrambled into something that resembled the Morse code . Even if someone took had taken this item by force, they still wouldn’t be able to listen in on the Coldblood Group’s secrets .

“I’m looking at the Romantic Floor across the road,” replied Ye Lang .

“Romantic Floor? Isn’t that yours?” asked Coldblood Seven . “I heard it was taken over by someone else, the Li family I think . They’re related to Li Yue . ”

“Yeah, that was where I met Little Zero . I even chased a guy called Li Yan out . I think something’s going to happen at that place,” said Ye Lang .

“What’s going to happen?” asked Coldblood Seven .

“I don’t know . ” This was his honest answer .

“You don’t know? Then what are you waiting for?” Coldblood Seven and Coldblood Five were confused .

Ye Lang stared at the Romantic Floor and gave his reply . “I just have a feeling that something is going to happen . I don’t know what though . ”

“ . . . ” Coldblood Five and Seven fell silent . All they could do now was to wait with him to see if anything would happen .

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Of course, from an outsider’s point of view, all three of them were complete strangers eating on their own and minding their own business .

Time passed slowly . The buildings across the road were still calm . The two girls thought Ye Lang might’ve been wrong, perhaps he was being confused again .

Just when even Ye Lang was starting to doubt himself, right when they’d finished their meals and about to leave, something finally happened .

They watched as a group of soldiers clad in black armour appeared in the street below them, marching tidily to surround the Romantic Floor . Then, another group arrived with one of them riding a horse . This commander was commanding his men to capture everyone inside the building .

That was how the Romantic Floor was shut down once again .

Although there were many people who were captured, compared to yesterday, the number was very, very small .

Most of the people had decided not to come after what Ye Lang said yesterday, while the girls who worked there had mostly left after Ye Lang’s advice . That was why there were very few people inside today .

What a relief these people would feel when they hear about this incident, thank goodness they’d left or they would’ve been dragged into trouble .

On the other hand, the ones who were captured deeply regretted their decision to ignore Ye Lang’s advice .

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Especially the girls who stayed . They regretted not leaving with Ding Lin, some of them even called her a coward for leaving so hastily after one small incident .
This was the moment they realised how dumb they were .

However, everyone was still confused about why the place was shut down again . Why were all the people inside suddenly captured without a warning?

What happened?

Wasn’t this place re-opened by the Li family? Who dared challenge them?

This group of people did not usually appear in public . If they were present, something severe must have happened .

Many people didn’t understand . Why were they here? Did the Li family do anything wrong?

Even the Li family didn’t understand what was going on a few hours ago . That was when Li Yan was summoned to see the empress herself .

You wouldn’t be able to imagine how excited Li Yan was when he received the message . He felt like the empress was about to reward him because of the work he had done in recent times .

In reality, his family had indeed helped him complete a task… A task that would ensure his future was a little brighter .

Of course, Li Tianjun and the rest didn’t think the task they assigned him was important enough for him to be specially praised by the empress herself . It wasn’t a big deal at all .

However, it wasn’t impossible . Perhaps the empress liked the Li family .

Before it was announced why he was summoned, no one could be certain it was a good thing . Perhaps Li Yan had committed a crime and was about to be punished .

Would the empress even need to personally meet him if he did? She shouldn’t care this much .

This was why the Li family finally concluded that it was going to be good news . Li Yan was about to be rewarded!

Li Yan himself was ecstatic, wearing his best clothes as he stepped into the palace grounds .

At this moment, Li Tianjun was within the palace with the rest of the top officials . They were in a discussion with Zhao Yarou about the nation’s major events and were busy listening to her instructions .

Although Zhao Yarou was indeed a little psychotic, she was a great leader in terms of her management of the empire . In fact, she was a lot better than the previous emperor at it, perhaps also because she was more cruel and decisive .

This was why even after almost two years, all objection towards her ascension within the empire had ceased-- there was even a growing group of supporters who liked her .

There was a saying that peasants did not care who the emperor was or how he/she got the throne, all they needed to know was that he/she was a capable ruler, and that was enough--- perhaps there was some truth in this .

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