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Chapter 46 – What business does it have to do with you (3) Translated by imakeussmile


“Do you think that it’s too little? If so, I will bet a million gold coins.” Ye Lang obviously misunderstood Zhen Xiao Yan. However, he himself had thought that the bet was indeed too little. For such a rare opportunity, how could he only bet a hundred thousand gold coins.

How could a hundred thousand gold coins even be enough for such a prodigal son like me?

“No, no, it’s too much. Don’t bet, you won’t be able to win. Wait a minute… Ye Lang… Could it be that you are trying to use me to be prodigal?” Zhen Xiao Yan suddenly thought of Ye Lang’s prodigal habit. He was the kind who would try to be prodigal when he saw something that he could be a prodigal at.

Could it be that? Him betting this time was to……

“That’s right, such a good opportunity, how could I miss it? This time, I’m one hundred percent sure to be successfully prodigal! Haha, I want to see what kind of accident could stop me this time!” Ye Lang said very excitedly. He didn’t noticed that Zhen Xiao Yan’s fury had already began to emit outwards.

“Ye Lang, what is your meaning? Are you saying that I will lose hundred percent?!” Zhen Xiao Yan’s furious roar flooded the entire classroom.

“Nonsense, of course it is like this. You are lacking in all 3 departments. You, who doesn’t have neither appearance, figure nor talent. Don’t even talk about winning, I think that the moment you go on stage you will be kicked off!” At this time, Ye Lang had already ran out of the classroom. Only words were heard, but no one saw the speaker.

“Ye Lang!!” Zhen Xiao Yan’s incomparably angry roar reverberated and resounded in the entire academy building. At this moment, a certain person was pretending that he didn’t hear anything. Later on he excitedly left, running to place his bet.

Zhen Xiao Yan bit her teeth, and within her heart, she understood that Ye Lang wouldn’t give her any help in this matter because he wants to be prodigal, even longing for her to be kicked off the stage.

She really wanted to strangle Ye Lang to death, but she knew that there was no mistake in what Ye Lang said. She was indeed lacking in all 3 aspects. Who doesn’t want appearance, figure and talent?!

This kind of her, how would she even be able to defeat those talented girls?

However, if you wondered if she regretted it or not, she certainly would not regret!

For her, as long as she had love, even if she suffered from pain but made an effort, it would all be enough!


“Little brother, what happened, your mood seems to be especially good?” When Ye Lan Yu returned home that evening, she discovered that Ye Lang’s mood was very good, and a brilliant smile was hanging on his face.

“Big sis, let me tell you about a happy matter! In a month, I will be able to successfully squander away a million gold coins. Haha, this time it would be certain for sure!” Ye Lang smiled and said. That happy look seemed to say as if he had gained a million gold coins, and not lost a million gold coins.

If a normal person were to lose a million gold coins, they would cry their heart out and would want to die, even if it was a prodigal son. They wouldn’t be able to bear this loss. This showed that Ye Lang was different from the ordinary people!

He was indeed worthy to be called a super prodigal son!

“…… Seriously can’t do anything about you! However, perhaps you will earn again this time.” Ye Lan Yu shook her head and said very helplessly, only this darling little brother of her would feel that losing a million gold coins was something to be happy about.

“Won’t, this time definitely won’t!” Ye Lang shook his head and said decisively.

No matter how small an accident had happened before in the past, and how good his luck was, it would also not let Ye Lang feel that an accident would happen this time. Because this time, there was no way that an accident could happen, definitely not able to happen!

“You always say that, but in the end, many accidents would still happen.” Ye Lan Yu said petulantly, and knocked on Ye Lang’s head.

“There won’t be any accident this time. I ask you, if Zhen Xiao Yan were to participate in the Incomparable Girl Talent Competition, do you think that she will be able to win?” Ye Lang asked.

“No! It should be impossible for her to even participate, but if she were to participate, she would be laughed at by others for the rest of her life. Her recent actions have already made other people ridicule her.” Ye Lan Yu shook her head, when talking about Zhen Xiao Yan, she seemed to have a bit of sympathy.

And she probably did not know that this little brother of hers actually made this pitiful girl to become even more pitiful!

“She is already participating in it. I have bet on her to become the champion. You say, will I be able to lose a million gold coins or not?” Ye Lang smiled and asked.


“She is already participating in it? How could this be, doesn’t she know that this matter will make her unable to raise her head and look at others in the future?” Ye Lan Yu asked while feeling astonished.

“Sigh, she knows that, but she still agreed to participate. The courage of a woman who has been muddled by love cannot be stopped, even if she was asked to go and die, she would also not wrinkle her brow at all.” Ye Lang shook his head and sighed.

Actually, he also know what the effect of this matter would be. However, he knew that Zhen Xiao Yan right now would not listen to others’ advice. And he also thought, isn’t it just throwing face for one time, what is there to be afraid of this little bit of setback!

To do something crazy for someone who you like, I believe that this is something that many people would be able to understand. And the things that she does also don’t harm anyone, and was just her trying to show her feelings with all her heart only.

“Since it is like this, why do you still use this matter to joke about. You shouldn’t have gone and bet.” Ye Lan Yu said with a somewhat blaming tone.

“Where did I joke about this matter, I’m being serious! Those are both different matters, she loses by her own, and I’m being prodigal seperately!” Ye Lang said very seriously.

For Ye Lang, these were two different things, even if Zhen Xiao Yan was miserable, he would also still place the bet!

“What you said is right, but this just sort of doesn’t feel good.” Ye Lan Yu said.

“It’s alright, she won’t hold a grudge at all. This point of hers is very cute, which is also the point that I like most about her.” Ye Lang said without minding at all. From the start up until now of him knowing Zhen Xiao Yan, he doesn’t even know how many times he had offended her, but every time, she would only just be angry about it for a while, and then forget about it later on.

And this matter was also indeed like this, after offending her today, the next following day, she would still prepare the things which he liked to eat the most. And then later on it would still be the same, smiling and quarreling about.

Just like this, a few more days passed by, and Zhen Xiao Yan seemed to not suffer from the mental influence from the competition, which was getting closer and closer. Of course, she was also preparing, thinking about what things she should do, but she did not want others to feel anxious because of her.

Seeing Zhen Xiao Yan being like this, Sha Lan, who was preparing for the competition all the time, was a bit on edge.

Nonsense. For this competition, Sha Lan had been preparing every day, every hour, every moment, in order for her to display herself even a bit better in the competition.

Practicing her talent and preparing for the competition’s program. Needless to say, of course all talented girls who participated in the competition were all preparing, but she was much more hardworking than the other people!

Other than this, she also exercised and went on a diet so that this perfect body of hers would be able to become even more perfect.

This kind of suffering and hard work, I believe everyone would also be able to understand and know about it!

And right now, she instead saw that Zhen Xiao Yan was being relaxed and carefree, as if nothing was the matter. And moreover, was still unrestrainedly eating things, and that big body seemed like it was getting bigger and bigger.

Even if she felt that Zhen Xiao Yan did not have any chance, it still made her feel very unhappy. And seeing that Zhen Xiao Yan was like this every day, she was even more unhappy!

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