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Chapter 459: 459
Coldblood Five (3)

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“Yeah! The Tianji Armor is on Li Yue right now! It cannot be removed unless she strips!” Ye Lang said .

Ah, I see now . . . I thought he’d become a creep…

“Alright, Coldblood Seven, the best in this field, will help you . The rest of us will support you behind the scenes as well!” Coldblood Five spoke .

“Oi, Coldblood Five, that’s it? You’re helping him trick the girl too?” Coldblood Seven replied instantly for she did not quite understand the situation .

“Is there a problem?” questioned Coldblood Five .

Of course there is . We’re helping him trick a girl . It’s weird no matter how you see it! Coldblood Seven felt helpless . She realized that Coldblood Five was not only ruthless, she was also a little dense . How could she ignore this and even help the guy?

But this was something she could not say out loud of course . How would she dare enrage Coldblood Five, the assassin who would not even blink when she took a life?

“Of course not . Little pervert, I will come and help you once I’ve gathered enough information on Li Yue…” Coldblood Seven could not do anything but obey . She ordered someone else to collect information from the organisation for she knew they would have useful intel .

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“Oh yeah, why are you both here?” Ye Lang remembered the question he had on his mind .

“It was all because of you!”

“Me? You guys knew I was coming?” Ye Lang became curious . “My tracks are hidden . No one should know about it!”

Ye Lang did not notice the surprised looks on Coldblood Seven and Coldblood Five’s faces when he arrived here . Truth was, they did not expect him to come .

“Nope . We didn’t anticipate your arrival . ” Coldblood Seven shook her head .

Ye Lang continued, “Then, why did you say it was me?”

“It was because of your lab! We didn’t know anything about it before this but it’d become the gathering point of people across the continent . We wanted to visit and see if there was anything worth stealing!” Coldblood Seven said .

It was true, the two of them were there for his home . They were just monitoring for the moment and had not taken any actions yet .

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The organization’s personnel were experienced . They knew the place will be heavily guarded and without prior preparation, they would not do anything .

And thankfully they did not do anything or they would have been thrown into jail!

Now, they no longer cared about the place as they’d gotten a better option . With Ye Lang here, they could directly ask him questions instead of gathering information in secret .

They also needed explanations as to why he was there to save Little Zero too .

Coldblood Five had wanted her to gain some experience in the cruel world . She was planning to save her before anything happened to Little Zero when Ye Lang appeared .

At that time, she hadn’t known that he was here either . It was not until Ye Lang notified the organisation of his presence when she realised too .

“So I see . There isn’t anything there, why dispatch so many professionals?” Ye Lang seemed to understand a little . Just a little .

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“Do you know how much you shocked the world? You built Miracle Square in just a few hours! Can you imagine how many people would benefit from obtaining your skills?” Coldblood Seven spoke .

“That technique is unusable . You can’t use it just because you wanted to, for a requirement must be met . ” Ye Lang shook his head . To him, that alchemy technique was not something impressive to him .

“Damn it! Little Five, stop touching my tail . It’s fake…”

Coldblood Five has not spoken for a while as she was next to Ye Lang, stroking his “fox tail”, as well as his ears and silver hair .

“This really resembles the real stuff . Idiot, teach me how to craft this . It’ll help me with my assassinations!” Coldblood Five said meekly . She was the only person who would talk about murder with such an unfazed expression .

“Remember the Transfiguration Technique I taught you? The one used on Fatty? It’s actually quite similar to that, plus a few little alchemy formations . I’ll help you make one now, what do you want to be?” Ye Lang asked .

“The same as you . ” Coldblood Five did not put much thought into it and wanted the same disguise as Ye Lang .

“Now this is easy . I’ve prepared one for Little Xin before…” Ye Lang said as he fished out a pair of ears, tail, and wig to transfigure the assassin .

A while later, Coldblood Five transformed into a cute fox girl . If Athena were to see this, she would be very impressed to have a companion .

Coldblood Seven was shocked at the sight, Little Zero was elated while Coldblood Five just took out a mirror to look at herself before saying blankly, “Not bad!”

“Coldblood Five, let me try it . You will only attract unneeded attention now with it . ” Coldblood Seven seemed to be excited to try .

Her words did have a point . Coldblood Five was an assassin . In a human world, that disguise would attract too much attention . However, that was not the case for Coldblood Seven . She was a trickster and required many identities to attract attention .

Precisely because of that as well, she was better at makeup than Coldblood Five, more so than Ye Lang too . Of course, Ye Lang was still better in alchemy .

“Good point, I have to be hidden for now . Let’s leave it that way for a few days then…” Coldblood Five said, unconcerned .

“Little Zero . We’ll leave soon . Ask any questions you have quickly . ” Ye Lang left Coldblood Five and Coldblood Seven to themselves as he approached his student .

“Yep! I have many questions…” Little Zero nodded, blurting out all her questions in fear that Ye Lang would leave before she had another chance to ask .

Ye Lang patiently listened and answered all of them . He also answered all the questions she came up with on the spot too . If she had any doubts, he would give her pointers .

Ye Lang seemed quite fitting as a teacher . The way he answered a difficult question with a simple approach was truly superb .

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