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Published at 25th of February 2020 05:50:36 PM
Chapter 458
Coldblood Five (2)
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“I am here for the Tianji Armor to treat the chief of the tiger tribe . He’s injured!” Ye Lang hid nothing from the two and blurted everything- his objectives, his plan, etc .

Maybe because he trusted the pair? Or maybe he knew the Coldblood Group was not an organization that would leak his secrets .

“The Tiger Tribe’s chief? Tianji Armor? Injured? What’s going on?”

Ye Lang’s words confused Coldblood Seven while Coldblood Five, on the other hand, stood still, unconcerned with the entire situation . She just wanted to know his motives here at the lair .

“The chief is Tigress’s dad . He’s injured now and requires the Tianji Armor to be cured . I’m here for that armour, do you understand now?”

“I understand a little . . . If you’re here for the armour, where is it then? How do you plan on getting it?” Coldblood Seven nodded . She’d once ran a background check on him and knew who Tigress was, just not how highly he valued her .

However, that did not matter to her . Neither did she want to dwell on the topic .

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She realized, from Ye Lang’s words, that the Tianji Armor was not something ordinary . Then why was he even here?

“There are currently two suits of Tianji Armour, one is in my lab, but it’s heavily guarded and beyond reach . ”

“ . . . . . . ” Upon hearing that, the two Coldblood agents had a disturbed look on their faces .

“You’re saying that there is another set of Tianji Armor in your lab?” Coldblood Seven asked . Obviously, she knew of his lab’s existence .

“Yep . I collected the materials myself to build it, but it’s incomplete . The armour is a pretty awesome piece of alchemy equipment . ” Ye Lang nodded . He did not seem to care that Coldblood Seven knew about his lab, or maybe he just didn’t realise it .

“Tell me more about the other set! Seven, don’t interrupt him!” Coldblood Five coldly said .

“ . . . . . . ” Coldblood Seven stuck out her tongue but that was all she could do . Coldblood Five was ranked higher than her after all .

There was a time when Coldblood Five was always seen with Ye Lang . Due to that, her relationship with Princess Longji improved and she got under the princess’s care .

However, Coldblood Five did not care about the matter as the only things she thought about were her assassination assignments .

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“The other ones’ with the Li family, it’s one of their family heirlooms . While it seems more difficult, it’s easier than getting the other one! Coldblood Seven, you said you were a professional at tricking others… do you have any tips for me on tricking women?” Ye Lang suddenly thought of Coldblood Seven’s profession with luring and seducing her targets, believing she was the best person to advise him .

“Cheat women? Who?” Coldblood Five questioned .

“Li Yue of course . I plan to pursue her once more and cheat her feelings so she will strip for me!” Ye Lang put on a face as if he had a mischievous plan in mind .

“Go to hell!” Coldblood Five kicked at him, but Ye Lang dodged and did a beautiful backflip, landing perfectly on his feet .

Maybe because he was used to teasing her since long ago, this was already a reflex . Compared to the pranks he did last time, whatever he was doing now was a lot milder .

But of course, he only did this to get back at her for bullying him!

Well, the two had always been like that: one was always teasing the other . This happened too often . “Why did you kick me! I’m being serious!” Ye Lang said in a daze .

“You’re serious? You really are going to seduce her? You’re going strip her?” The three girls present were shocked . They thought Ye Lang was joking but they realised they might’ve gotten it wrong .  

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“I just need her to strip off her clothes!” Ye Lang corrected in a serious tone .

“What is the difference! You are truly a pervert! I would show you if you wanted to! Sigh, you’ve already seen them anyway . ” Coldblood Seven gave an alluring look that could possibly charm just about everyone…

Despite wearing a mask, Coldblood Seven had a graceful figure that was super hot . If any person were to see her they would definitely be charmed and give up on their own conviction .

But Ye Lang was no commoner . He did not even acknowledge her statements and said: “When did I ever do that?”

“Did you forget? That time you burrowed under my clothes and touched here…” She blushed and pointed at the two tips on her chest .

Coldblood Seven became even more charming, more seductive . . . “Seven, save your tricks for other men . It won’t work on him!” Coldblood Five shot a look of disgust . The air in the room froze .

Of course, Ye Lang was oblivious to the change . Both Coldblood Seven’s charms and Coldblood Five’s anger were nothing to him .

“Ahh! So that was the time you meant! I didn’t know what it was… I thought it might’ve been a sandbag or something,” recalled Ye Lang . He never regarded Coldblood Seven’s breasts as breasts because they were too small .

“YOU’RE the sandbag!” Coldblood Seven glared at Ye Lang .

Ye Lang touched his own chest and said, “I’m an airport here . . . ” 

[Note: airports are flat = flat-chested] 

“ . . . . . . ”

“Alright, stop! You idiot, what did you mean?” Coldblood Five continued to ask . “What do you mean by wanting to - No, have her take it off herself?”

To Coldblood Five, Ye Lang was not someone who would go around stripping girls . And definitely not going around tricking girls just to have fun with them!

“That means having her willingly take her clothes off so she can give me something I need . Stripping her myself would be illegal!” Ye Lang spoke .

“??” Coldblood Five was not really clear . But soon she got the point .

“You want her to take off her clothes to give you something? Please don’t tell me it’s the Tianji Armor!” She’d figured it out .  

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