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Chapter 456: 456
New Plan (3)

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“Wait, wait! You smell bad . . . your eyes are bloodshot… You didn’t sleep?” Ye Lang questioned her . She was still wearing clothes from yesterday as well as a weary perplexion on her face .

“At least you still have the kindness to see that……”

Although he was a little slow, Athena was impressed .

“You’re right, I didn’t sleep for an entire night… Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t do it for you, it’s for the chief!” Athena could not tolerate the grateful eyes Ye Lang shot her but she did not hate it either .

And that expression soon changed to one full of annoyance . “Fine! What plan do you have in mind then?”

“ . . . . . . . ” Athena resisted the impulse to punch the heartless dude .

Ye Lang was truly heartless . After all, Athena had pulled an all-nighter partly for him while he slept snoring like a pig . No matter how you saw it, he had a problem!

Screw it! I will not argue with him! The mission comes first .

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She suppressed her rage and looked at Ye Lang unpleasantly . “I sent a few men to check yesterday . It seems like your previous home is now a base for enemy troops! It will not be a simple feat for you to barge in even if you were a god!”

For a brief moment, her eyes gleamed with respect . She never expected Ye Lang to be such a mystical being-even his previous residence could attract the attention of the entire continent!

Also, she uncovered some other news, including the reason to all the mess right now: Sheng City’s Miracle Square!

Although she did not know anything about alchemy, she knew that Miracle Square itself was a miracle built by Ye Lang . If not for that place, the Sheng City wouldn’t have had as many visitors as they had now!

When Athena heard about the place, she wanted to visit it too to see what was so special about Ye Lang’s creation . However, she knew she would never have the chance in her entire life .

The Sacred Religion will never let a heretic like Athena into the Holy City!

That was because the beastmen did not worship the Light Goddess, but the Beast God!

Athena smiled at Ye Lang before continuing, “It’s not as if there isn’t a plan . With a few arrangements to create a distraction, you will have some time to infiltrate the place . However, the time you have is short, so they’ll see you very quickly! Looking at the difficulty of this . . . well, I think we’ll have to scrap this plan!”

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Despite how easy it sounded, Athena left out a lot of details, like the number of personnel, and the preparations required beforehand, both of which were crucial to the plan .

All this planning took a lot out of Athena . And yet all the effort went down the drain just because it was unsuitable!

Athena never mentioned all of these points to Ye Lang . It was as if she never had the intention to tell him that from the beginning .

“Why scrapped?” Ye Lang did not notice the flaws in the details and did not understand Athena’s thoughts .

If this plan could work, even if it’s a little troublesome, is there really a need to abandon it?

“If there are no other plans, we would execute this one . However, didn’t you say that if possible, using the Tianji armour from the Li family would be a better option?” Athena questioned .

“Yep! My set of armour isn’t ready yet, so the Li’s suit would definitely be a lot better!” Ye Lang nodded . He did not understand her question and just answered it at face value .

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“??” Ye Lang was stuck in a daze .

Athena resisted the urge to fall asleep and smiled, “While the Li family is now stronger than your Ye family, obtaining their Tianji Armour would definitely be easier than retrieving your own! I mean what you ONLY need is the Tianji Armour……”

That was correct . Though the Li family had surpassed the Ye family in terms of power, the defences in the Li’s family mansion would definitely be easier to overcome when compared to the Ye family’s .

“To obtain the Tianji Armor, we only have to deal with Li Yue!” Ye Lang’s face brightened as if he just realized this fact .

“You already know the armour is on Li Yue?” asked a shocked Athena . Although she had yet revealed this, she found out that the armour was passed to Li Yue just months ago, so there was no way Ye Lang would know of it .

“Yep! I’ve seen her!” he agreed .

Now it was Athena’s turn to be awestruck . “You’ve talked to her? What is the situation like?”

“Nope . I just sat next to her . ” Ye Lang shook his head as he explained everything .

“Thank goodness you didn’t say anything stupid or this plan would’ve been ruined!” Athena patted her chest as if she finally resolved a troublesome matter . Meanwhile, she thought to herself- How could this prince be so lucky to have met Li Yue under such circumstances?

According to reports, there seemed to be some bad blood between the two…“Mister, do you like Miss Li Yue?’ Athena demanded .

“Hell no!” Ye Lang immediately declined .

Athena heaved a sigh of relief at his words . “That’s good . If you did, I would have to deploy someone else for this mission!”

“What’s the plan?”

“The plan for you to get close to her and have her hand over the armour!”

“What kind of plan is that? Even I know what to do! I need the method to accomplish our objective . I do have a good plan . . . ” Ye Lang was about to finish his sentence when he was cut short by Athena .

“Wait . Your plan is to intimidate or lure her, correct? What if she retaliates then? Wouldn’t that be a lot of trouble for us?” Athena shook her head .

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