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Chapter 451: 451
Meeting Little Zero Again (1)

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“Didn’t you say just now that you weren’t interested?” Ding Lin questioned with a troubled expression .

“I’m not! But that doesn’t mean I can just hand her to anyone!” Ye Lang replied bleakly .

“Could it be……” Ding Lin raised an eyebrow . She seemed to have figured out something with the smug look on the face .

“Seven thousand!” Li Yan exclaimed .

“Ten thousand!” a bored Ye Lang counter-offered .


At the moment, the entire crowd froze at the huge sum of money . Their gaze fixated on Ye Lang, they tried to figure out the identity of this anonymous brat from the fox race .

To commoners, ten thousand gold coins was not a small amount . To use this astronomical number, for the virginity of a mere woman . This…was just preposterous!

“Twenty thousand!” Li Yan spoke again .

Once again, the unfocused Ye Lang opened his mouth, “A hundred thousand!”

“ . . . . ” The entire hall went silent . Not even a single noise was to be heard .

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“You scum! Do you even have such an amount of money?!” Li Yan was briefly stunned, then he bellowed in rage .

Ye Lang has long disappeared from his seat and can be seen slowly going up the stage, “That is none of your business . But I do worry for you, do YOU have twenty thousand?”

The lady stared at Ye Lang, a doubtful look appearing on her face . His face . . . it seems so familiar, but…but where had she seen this man before…

“I am the boss here . My word is the law!” Li Yan continued his rant, clearly showing that he didn’t have the money to fulfil his bid . Not many people had twenty thousand gold coins on them, unlike Ye Lang who brought so much money around .

After all, carrying a hundred thousand gold coins was a privilege known to only a handful in this continent!

“You’re the boss? Then why is it that I heard that this Romantic Floor belongs to the Ye family’s thirteenth prince? What has all this got to do with you?” Ye Lang dug his ear, unconcerned .

“Ha! He has been captured! I rebuilt this place, it belongs to me now!” Li Yan exclaimed .

“You rebuilt the place? Then why are you still using the same name? Why is it that you are still using this building? Did you know you’re currently trespassing? This a serious offence, it’s illegal,” Ye Lang spoke calmly .

Everyone present had already known this but they chose to turn a blind eye on the technicalities . The Li family was powerful now, they couldn’t afford to offend them .

However, if only someone chose to look further into the matter, the Li family would suffer huge losses . And if that happened, Li Yan would be the first to suffer!

And this man still thought that he could level the heavens with just the backing of his family . How arrogant!

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“Hmph! Sue me then . As a matter of fact, even Her Majesty the empress is supporting my Li family . You have no idea just how much of Ye family’s riches we have received!” Li Yan continued to boast .

Li Yan’s words revealed the truth . The recent weakening of the Ye family and the strengthening of the Li family was all thanks to the fact that the riches from Ye family are being absorbed into the Li family .

And due to this fact too, it spurred his greed to take the Romantic Floor as his own . Unknown to him, however, is the fact that amongst all the assets that undergone legal transactions, there is no Romantic Floor!

That’s because the Romantic Floor did not belong to the Ye family, but was rather part of Ye Lang’s private assets!

“Well, it’s not like I’m going to admit you as the owner of this place . When Ye Lang returns, trash as he may be called, he is not someone who tolerates others for snatching his stuff!” Ye Lang replied .

“He dares come? What a joke!” Li Yan continued to brag . Unbeknownst to him as well, the subject of his jeers was the person right in front of him .

“Sigh! It is a waste of time to even talk to you scum!” Ye Lang walked up to the third lady, “What are you doing here? Leave with me quickly!”

It was obvious he knew the woman from the beginning .

“??” The questioning look in the lady’s eyes never left .

Who the hell is he?

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“Wanna leave? Fat chance . Leave yourself and your riches behind!” Li Yan’s anger only grew . He hated the feeling of being looked down upon by Ye Lang . The feeling that he was but a speck of dust in Ye Lang’s eyes .

Ye Lang’s lips curled into a smirk, “You think I’d leave just because you asked me to?!”

“ . . . . . . ”

The crowd fell silent once more . Ye Lang’s action had surpassed their expectations by a huge margin . It wasn’t an auction, it was an abduction!

Is he even sane to be messing with the Li family? This is going to be interesting!

“H-huhh?! Isn’t this a kidnapping then?” Li Yan’s face darkened .

“Let me correct your words . Firstly, this place does not belong to you . Second, this isn’t an kidnapping, it's a rescue! Little Zero, tell me . Why are you here?” He questioned the lady to his side, who appeared to be the Little Zero he mentioned .

Apparently, the third lady was actually Coldblood Five-Two-Zero, the lady who used to follow Ye Lang during his alchemy research . At the same time, she was also the new Coldblood Thirteen .

“Ah… . . . Ah……You are……” Little Zero stared at Ye Lang intently . She had finally figured out the identity of her saviour . He was the only one to call her Little Zero after all . But one question remained: why did Ye Lang look like that?

Just as she was about to question that, she figured that the place might be inappropriate to do so .

“What are you stuttering about?! Tell me quickly, how were you caught in the first place? And to be sold off at that!” Ye Lang finally raised his voice a little .

“H-how would I know?! They said they could bring me to the Soaring Sky Empire . Thus I came with them . . . And what was it about me being sold?” Little Zero pondered about his words . As long as she lived, she has never left the Coldblood group . Other than alchemy, she knew nothing else .

Despite all the commotion just now, she had no idea she was being sold off . Talk about being clueless!

“You idiot! Who let you come out here alone? Where is Little Five?” Ye Lang smacked her head .

“Sister Five is still meditating . She specifically told me she’d pummel you to paste if she saw you . Be careful if you do!” warned Little Zero, sounding worried .

“ . . . . . . ” Ye Lang pondered for a while, “Let’s not mention that for the moment, who let you out alone?”

"I was the one who volunteered . They said I could operate alone, so I decided to come here to practice my alchemy, all because of you…” Little Xin wanted to continue saying that Ye Lang was the reason she wanted to train here, as this was the place he practised his alchemy arts .

Within the Coldblood group, she was tasked with the mission to practice alchemy and produce the strongest alchemy weapon!

“Cough . . . Cough . . . ”

Ye Lang cut her off, continuing, “You should at least inform me you’re here so I can come get you . Look at the mess I’ve had to clean up! If it weren’t for me, these people here would face rather unfortunate consequences!”

Absurd as it sounded, he spoke of the truth . The people here were the ones who’d be unlucky should things escalate as it would have . After all, the Coldblood Group would definitely not let off anyone who auctioned off a member of their organization like that .

Though others might not know nor care, Little Five would need a place to acclimatize herself once she ended her meditation practices .

And this brothel would’ve been perfect for it .

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