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Chapter 447: 447
Li Yue (3)

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“Fuck, that’s just a freaking instrument! Why are you all fighting for?!” A few people could not understand . Five thousand gold coins! A scary price indeed .

“JUST an instrument? Find me another one like this then!” Many people looked at the ones who spoke in disdain .

At this moment, Ye Lang noticed Li Yue had already left her seat . As she walked away, she turned around and gave him a confused look .

Ye Lang obviously didn’t care . He just thought Li Yue was crazy to even bid for his guqin, then leave when she lost the bid .

However, looking at the situation, it was obvious she was only here to buy the guqin . It was unfortunate she could not afford to bid higher .

In fact, what Ye Lang didn’t know was that his properties were recently very popular in the market, especially anything he made that had alchemy properties . Collectors would fight for these goods like madmen!

Why? Well, news of Ye Lang’s creation at Sheng City, the Miracle Square, had already spread across the lands, hence he was now worth hundreds of times more than what he initially was .

If only they knew that he was also the legendary confused genius doctor-- he would be worth even more!

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Many attendees left after Li Yue . It seemed like they were there for the guqin too and weren’t interested in anything else .

This didn’t affect Ye Lang at all . He sat through the auction, hoping there was something he liked .

Very soon, there was an opportunity for him to spend his money . He bought a few oddities but they weren’t anything surprising . At least he had something when the auction ended .

This time, although he bought a few odd goods, the bidding process was not dramatic as no one bade against him . That was why no one suspected he was the thirteenth prince and he didn’t trigger any commotion .

There were a few who wondered why he would be interested in these things . Only the legendary thirteenth prince would have such strange preferences .

However, they did not probe further as Mr Ford here looked too different compared to Ye Lang .

“Romantic Floor!”

Ye Lang was once again at another familiar place . The way he was ‘familiar’ with this place was vastly different from how other men were ‘familiar’ with the brothel . Not a single frequent customer did not develop a ‘relationship’ with at least one of the girls after so many visits .

The place didn’t seem to change either, at least not that Ye Lang could tell . To him, only the faces were different, for everyone who used to work here had moved to Ye City with Liu Feiyan to run his teahouse .

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“Welcome sir, what would you like today?” A flirtatious lady welcomed him seductively as he stepped into the building .

“I’d like the Chamber of Hearts at the back, get a full-course meal ready for me too . ” Ye Lang shook the lady off him and listed out his orders mildly .

The lady was ecstatic as she listened to his orders . She could tell he was a rich young man looking to splurge his money . No average person would be able to afford the Chamber of Hearts .

“Alright! And?”

“Uh, nothing else for the moment . I’ll call for you if I need anything else!” Ye Lang shook his head .

“Nothing else?!” The lady was stunned for a moment, then probed, “Sir, are you sure you don’t want anything else?”

“Nope!” he shook his head .

Her face darkened immediately as she said coldly, “Sir, why are you here? Are you really here just to order a table of food and book a room with a yard? How will our girls earn a living if every customer were like you?”

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“Huh? It’s the same order I’ve always made, what’s the problem here? You’re weird!” Ye Lang stared, puzzled .

“YOU’RE weird! You come into a brothel and don’t get any of our girls, do you think we’re a hotel?” The lady was slightly upset now, Ye Lang was getting on her nerves .

“Well, I need a place to stay! This is a lot more convenient than booking a hotel and the service is so much better…” Ye Lang replied honestly . Everyone else who overheard the conversation was exasperated- they’d never met a customer like him!

The men who were present all thought he made sense . Comparing between a hotel and a brothel, the men agreed that staying in a brothel was better . The food and alcohol here were of the best quality, and they were served by beautiful girls left and right!

This fox kid was a genius!

“Sir, if you like the service, you can at least choose a girl to serve you…” Well, the lady finally understood Ye Lang’s intentions . It wouldn’t be right for her to chase him out either so she merely hoped to earn a little more from this customer .

He was paying for his food and room after all! As long as he had the money, he could do whatever he wanted!

“I don’t even know the girls here, how would I know who to pick! Well, I know Liu Feiyan, is she here?” he asked brutally .

“ . . . ”

The entire floor was silent, all silently mourning Liu Feiyan’s leaving . Although they heard Liu Feiyan was now performing at Ye City, she no longer drank with the customers, nor was she a brothel girl .

And she was never as seductive as she used to be…

Then again, they heard she’d completely changed her look into something more innocent . Rumour was that her pure, innocent beauty was so unbelievable she looked like a completely different person .

The lady knew this conversation could only go downhill . She definitely didn’t want customers talking about the most popular girl who used to work here, it gave an impression that the current service was worse than what it used to be .

In fact, it WAS indeed a lot worse . Without Liu Feiyan and the girls who used to work here, it was merely a classy building that wasn’t anything special .

“Well, although Liu Feiyan isn’t here, we still have many girls here that are as good as her . We have a surprise for everyone tonight, a gorgeous beauty we recently found . ” The lady immediately shifted everyone’s attention unto the programme of the night to calm the whispers .

“I’ll check her out tonight . I’ll pick her if she suits me,” Ye Lang waved casually .

“I hope so, sir! You’re the only one who deserves a girl like her . I don’t mean judging by your looks, we only look at the size of your coin pouch!” The lady giggled .

“Don’t worry, I have a lot to spend!” said Ye Lang . Everyone present knew Ye Lang must’ve had enough to spend as much as he wanted-- and he was ready to splurge .

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