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Chapter 432
Fox (2)
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This was what Ye Lang wanted for her too . He thought using standard fighting techniques was too inflexible, all the techniques were fixed . People should be flexible, they should adapt their fighting style to themselves! 

As for Tigress’ spear techniques, Ye Lang only had one word: “BADASS!” It was impressive a girl of such small stature could have such badass skills! 

That was true . It was surprising whenever other people witnessed such an adorable girl using such fearsome spear techniques . To them, the little tiger girl should adopt a more feminine, agile fighting style .  

Ye Lang finally understood that no matter how badass her spear fighting was, without her mask, her opponents would never fear her .  

Perhaps she could attain the same results if she accumulated a body count, but would she want that? 

“Master, tiger girl, are you both free today?” 

A small fox appeared in front of them, taking a sip from Ye Lang’s cup of tea . That fox was none other than Athena .  

“Nope!” Ye Lang said immediately as he watched the little fox flick her tail .  

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“Don’t be mean, come play with me!” The fox begged him with her watery eyes .

“Athena, please stop bothering Master . He’d probably be willing to play a game or two with you but every time he does, you keep pestering him for more games! I’d be surprised if he agrees to play another game with you!” Tigress was wiping her sweat carefully with a towel, not surprised at Athena’s presence .  

Athena often came to look for Ye Lang to play a few games at the sand table . Although she knew the importance of real battles, she knew playing against Ye Lang would improve her strategic abilities .  

“Master, please? Just one game, I promise!” Athena tugged at his sleeve .  

Tigress ignored her . She didn’t care if there was one more girl circling Ye Lang as long as she bore no ill will .  

However, she wasn’t used to seeing Athena like this . “Athena, can you please act like a normal person? You sound like a child! I know you’re trying to persuade him but damn, it sounds disgusting!” 

“You think I want to do this? What’s the use if acted like an intelligent person in front of him? I’d rather act like this, it’s more effective!” sighed Athena .  

Ye Lang was a slow kid, he might not catch on that she was just acting . Then again, Ye Lang often did as he wanted so it might still be ineffective .  

Therefore, after a while, Athena directly used the most effective method she knew: pestering him until he agreed which was quite effective .  

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“I guess…” Tigress walked back into the house for a shower and to cook breakfast .  

“Just one game…” Ye Lang waved and a 3D hologram in the middle of the yard . It was a high-tech sand table he generated using alchemy .  

It was not an easy feat to a regular person- but it was nothing to him! 

“Alright!” Athena habitually walked to her ‘control panel’ which was used to manipulate the events on the sand table . It was like a floating flat screen .  

This wasn’t her first time playing, she was used to this! 

“This is a battle on water with two armies . One side has 200,000 soldiers but their men have no experience fighting at sea; the other side specialises in naval battles but only has 90,000 men . ” Ye Lang’s battle setup mimicked the Battle of Red Cliffs during the end of the Han dynasty . He often used real-world wars to play against Athen not just from this world, from the other world too .  

Under the manipulation of his alchemy formation, the sand table could mimic environmental conditions too, making it flawless .  

“Master, your fried youtiao breadsticks are here! And soya too…” Tigress carried a tray of breakfast out of the house while their battle had reached an intense moment .  

Their battle was vastly different from what actually happened during the Battle of Red Cliffs . The commanders were different, hence the battle conditions were definitely different . Obviously, this could mean the outcome of the battle might be different too .  

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Then why did he use battle conditions from the real world then? Well, after the game you could compare what you did with what the actual commanders did . You learned a lot from that .  

“Ah…” Tigress nudged at Ye Lang to open his mouth so she could feed him his breadstick .  

Ye Lang opened his mouth wide, biting on it .  

Hmmph, this boy is enjoying life indeed, having someone to feed him food! 

Athena was annoyed Ye Lang was spoiled everywhere he went . She wasn’t sure if it was jealousy, it was just annoying .  

“You’re finished!” Athena was getting increasingly frustrated . She’d made a mistake during the opening and Ye Lang had taken advantage of it to strike her army .  

One mistake and she was finished! 

Athena lost the game very quickly…

“I’ll tell you this: don’t get distracted, that’s the biggest mistake anyone could make . Being distracted can make you lose even if you’re the smartest person in the world!” 

Ye Lang dissolved his alchemy formations and proceeded to eat .  

“That didn’t count, I want another game!” Athena couldn’t admit defeat, she needed to play another game .  

“Go away, you said only one game!” huffed Ye Lang .  

Athena looked at him pleadingly, as if she was a fragile little girl hoping to touch his heart .  

Unfortunately, that was impossible .  

Why would Ye Lang ever be affected by her eyes? Athena soon gave up . At least she learned something today, she would come back tomorrow .  

“Master, what if I serve you tomorrow instead?” Athena said with a grin .  

“No!” rejected Ye Lang and Tigress at the same time . Tigress watched as Athena’s expression changed into a scowl .  

“Haha, I know, I know . You only need one Tigress . I’m joking, tiger girl! Don’t worry, I won't take your place! I couldn't even if I wanted to!” Athena laughed . She knew this would happen, she knew them very well .  

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