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Chapter 42 – The courage of love (2) Translated by imakeussmile
Sponsored by William Porter


Zhen Xiao Yan is a girl who very much liked to eat things, and what’s more, the food that she ate were all cooked by herself. Looking at her body size, you would know just how much she can eat, and also see just how many dishes she had cooked before. Under the tempering of her cooking, her accomplishment in cooking will surely be extremely high.

That’s right, it’s because of her cooking skills. That’s why Ye Lang likes her, eh, her food. Ever since the first time he ate her food, he had started to snatch Zhen Xiao Yan’s lunchbox every day.

“I will return it to you later, I’m still eating it right now.” Ye Lang replied unclearly as he was eating.

“Return later? At that time, it will have been finished by you already, leaving only an empty lunchbox.” Zhen Xiao Yan said petulantly.

“Of course I will return it to you after I have finished eating it, if not, how would you be able to bring it back again tomorrow?” Ye Lang said somewhat shamelessly, and this sentence made the opposite party feel somewhat angry and speechless.

“You, you……” Zhen Xiao Yan was once again speechless.

“Hmph, I will let it pass today, you are not allowed to snatch my lunchbox tomorrow.” Zhen Xiao Yan said a final sentence to Ye Lang, and this sentence of hers was practically something which she would say to him every day. But the next day, the same thing would happen again.

“I want to eat fish-ball thick-noodles tomorrow, remember to make it a bit better.” Ye Lang seemed to not have heard what Zhen Xiao Yan had just said, and straightforwardly suggested what he wanted to eat tomorrow.

“Got it already. You always want to eat this every day, aren’t you tired of it? Wait a minute……why should I make it for you!” Zhen Xiao Yan spoke and spoke, then suddenly discovered that something was a bit wrong.

“Xiao Yan, you are also odd. Obviously, if you don’t want to make anything for him, then don’t make anything for him.” At one side, a female student who was relatively close with Zhen Xiao Yan said.

It was like this every single time. Zhen Xiao Yan would say she would not make anything for him, but every day, she would still prepare one portion to give Ye Lang. The reason was of course not that she liked Ye Lang, she couldn’t even wait to wring up Ye Lang.

The real reason was –

“If I don’t make anything for him, he would still snatch my portion, then I would not have enough to eat. Anyway, he also doesn’t eat that much, so it’s not really much of a matter.” Zhen Xiao Yan stared ferociously at Ye Lang and said to her good friend in a low voice.

“This is also indeed true. Compared to you, he indeed doesn’t eat much.” Her good friend smiled and said, very obviously having the intention of teasing her.

“Alright, you are laughing at me aren’t you. See if I don’t squash you to death!” Zhen Xiao Yan immediately replied, and moreover used her body advantage to threaten.

Although Zhen Xiao Yan’s body size was large, she however did not feel inferior because of this ,and had a cheerful heart. Perhaps, it could be because she had not come across any mental trauma’s.

“Ah, don’t, I won’t say it anymore, okay. To get squashed by you, even if I don’t die, I would only be left with half of my life.” The good friend pretended to be afraid and said.

“What afraid, I don’t want to talk with you anymore. I’m going to start eating my food.” Zhen Xiao Yan smiled, and then afterwards, began to eat, preparing to empty out her lunch which was spread all over the entire table.

“Eat food, eat food……” The good friend also followed after her and said, starting her own meal.

In this classroom, it was not only them who ate from lunchboxes, there were still many others too. Within Alchemy Academy, the majority of the people did not want to waste time to go to the dining hall to have their meal, and they would rather eat from a lunchbox, then afterwards use the time which they had saved to do their research.

Just when everyone was having their lunch, the arrival of a handsome youngster made something unusual happen in the originally common time.

This handsome youngster was Prince Mo Ya, who was called as one of the four princes of Imperial Academy. Not only did he possess a handsome outer appearance, he also had profound strength, and at the same time, also had a strong family background too. [Not a real prince, just a title]

He was the prince charming of many girl’s hearts. In this academy, who knows how many girls had fallen in love with him. Just take for example now, there were a few within Ye Lang’s female classmates, and one of them was Zhen Xiao Yan.

From when Prince Mo Ya had arrived, her eyes had never left him even once. That love struck look of hers was just lacking her eyes turning into a heart shape now.

“I apologize, I came late!” After Prince Mo Ya arrived at the classroom, he ignored all those love struck gazes and directly walked towards the front of a girl, then spoke while feeling somewhat sorry.

A girl who was able to make Prince Mo Ya be like this was of course not an ordinary girl. She was a stunningly beautiful woman, and also the only girl in the class who was able to come out and brighten the picture, she was exactly Sha Lan.


At this time, Ye Lang could not help but somewhat respect the insights of those ‘professionals’. Because as just as they had said, this Sha Lan had indeed become this generation’s sexy and beautiful woman. If it was not like this, why would this Prince Mo Ya have picked her?

“It doesn’t matter, I just finished packing up a while ago, let’s go.” Sha Lan said forgivingly, then gently held on Prince Mo Ya’s arm, and left the classroom under everyone’s envious gazes.

“He’s already gone, what are you still looking at!” Zhen Xiao Yan’s good friend shook her awake from her love struck state.

“Sigh, if it was changed to me, just how blessed would I be.” Zhen Xiao Yan said enviously, she was envious of Sha Lan, and had a very strong wish to change spots with her.

At this time, Ye Lang, who was returning the lunchbox, said without giving any face at all: “If it was changed to you, then it would not be a blessing, it would be a tragedy.”

“You go and die!” Zhen Xiao Yan took the lunchbox and threw it towards Ye Lang.

“Aiyo!” A scream rang out, but it was not let out by Ye Lang, and was instead a pitiful male student who was innocently implicated, and the lunchbox was crowned on his head.

With Ye Lang’s quick agility, how would he even be hit by such a small lunch box. Thus, as the lunchbox was not able to hit him, the person behind him was instead the one who was hit by the lunchbox.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I did not do it on purpose.” Zhen Xiao Yan immediately apologized.

“I know that you did not do it on purpose, but you know perfectly well that you can’t hit him, so why do you still take things to throw at him every time. And every time it is us who get hit instead.” The tragic male said very pitifully. Very obviously, this was not his first time getting hit, and what’s more, he was not the only one who had been hit before.

“I’m sorry, I just did it in a moment of impulse. I guarantee it won’t happen next time.” Zhen Xiao Yan apologized.

“For how many months have you said this line already?” The tragic male asked back.

“It is not a few months, but one year and three months!” Ye Lang who was at the side said. And right now, he was reading a book while sitting at the side, as if everything had nothing to do with him.

“Isn’t it all still because of you!” Zhen Xiao Yan and those people who had been innocently implicated before, all shouted at Ye Lang with anger against a common enemy. This situation just made them feel that it was just too maddening.

“Eh, this alchemy formula……” Ye Lang directly ignored the anger of those people and continued researching a alchemy formula. This was not that he was changing topics, but he instead that he was often just like this, would suddenly become serious and ignore everything.

“……” Everyone knew that in this situation, even if they continued sending a punitive expedition against him, there was also no meaning anymore. And thus, they all started eating their lunchboxes again, and discussed about things about free times.

Few days later, similarly in the afternoon.

It was still the same with Ye Lang snatching Zhen Xiao Yan’s lunchbox, still the same where Prince Mo Ya would show up at the classroom, preparing to go eat lunch with Sha Lan. A male and a female who were in love, you could really describe it with those 4 words – Stuck together like glue!

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