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Chapter 412
Reunion? (2)
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“Hey, hey… Tigress… You don’t have to be afraid, don’t you recognise me?” asked Ye Lang .  

“Tigress? You are…” Tai Ya was stunned for a moment . Her expression made it very obvious she had not heard of that name, and she’d never met Ye Lang in her life .  

If this Tai Ya was truly the girl Ye Lang knew, how would she have such a response? 

Ye Lang had no doubts though . He went on to elaborate, “I’m Ye Lang, your master… Look carefully! It’s been eight years, perhaps you can’t recognise me…”

He thought Tigress couldn’t recognise him because he’d changed a lot . He was a little boy eight years ago and now a handsome young man… At least that was what he thought .  

He never considered a moment that it she were really Tigress, how would she not recognise him just because he grew up? There were now two possibilities: one, this lady wasn’t Tigress or two, Tigress couldn’t admit to recognising him due to various reasons .  

“Master?” Tai Ya was stunned for a moment, “I’ve never called a human ‘master’ . . . Who are you?” 

“I’m Ye Lang! As I said, you must’ve forgotten me! This is weird, why do I get a very weird feeling…” Ye Lang asked, equally stunned .  

Although he didn’t consider the possibility that she wasn’t Tigress, he could sense something was wrong . The feeling he usually got from Tigress was not… this . He couldn’t place a finger on what feeling it was, that was why he treated the lady as if she was Tigress .  

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There were several coincidences that contributed to this conclusion too-- she was of the tiger tribe, her name was Tai Ya and she had been a slave to a human before-- and she had a fox girl by her side . These all logically pointed to her being Tigress! 

“I don’t know you, please stay away from me,” Tai Ya was still hiding behind the fox girl, staring at Ye Lang a little fearfully .  

Tai Ya was also sending signals for help to the rest to take this human, still wrapped up like a dumpling, away from her .  

Don’t worry, he’s all tied up, what could he do? Not bad for a human, this boy dared talk to Tai Ya and made no attempts to escape . It was unbelievable .  

“Is it because of my face? That’s why you don’t recognise me?” 

“Nobody would recognise you looking like that! However, I don’t understand why you want Tai Ya to recognise you so badly . Aren’t you going to get into more trouble like that?” the fox girl frowned, looking at Ye Lang’s dusty face . She didn’t understand .  

“Are you sure you’re the slave master who took Tai Ya in as a slave?” 

“Yeah, I am! Is it the face? What do you mean by ‘nobody’?” Ye Lang asked, puzzled . He took a mirror out to check his face, “Why is my face so dusty? Fuck, who kicked my face? I can clearly see a shoe mark here . ”

“ . . . ”

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Everyone was stunned because this kid was holding a mirror with his hand .  

It was a normal action but Ye Lang was tied up in a bundle, how did he move his arm so easily? What use was the rope then? 

Yeah, the rope was indeed useless . It would be simple for him to get out of this bundle if he wanted to .  

Ye Lang soon proved this point .  

When he finished speaking, he shook his entire body and the ropes miraculously fell onto the ground . Ye Lang was free once again, much to the crowd’s dismay .  

Hey, hey, can someone tell me what is going on? Did they not tie him tight enough? Was there a mole among their men to let this evil human infiltrate their ranks? 

Many were suspecting foul play for it was too peculiar to be true . They could not find another explanation .  

The next scene required more explanation too . After a flash of light, the human became clean from head to toe . He looked like a completely different person from that dusty kid they met .  

The crowd was questioning their eyesight at such a sudden change . How was that possible? 

They realised this human was just a regular-looking kid, a teenager who didn’t look evil at all . He didn’t look like he would do any harm to Tai Ya .  

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Was this all a mistake? 

Eh, am I overthinking? Was this any of my business? And we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover . People who looked kind may be evil inside .  

“I… I don’t know you… What is going on with you all? Why did you all bring him here? Who is this kid?” After taking a good look at his face, Tai Ya immediately denied ever knowing Ye Lang and it sounded like she was telling the truth too .  

The rest of them heaved a sigh of relief . So he wasn’t the person they were looking for . This human kid wasn’t evil . Eh, why am I so relieved? 

“Tigress, I’ve missed you…” Ye Lang didn’t think, rushing over into Tai Ya’s arms .  


He hugged her? 

“Ahh?!” Tai Ya shrieked and started to struggle . However, the more her skinny body struggled, the weaker she got, the redder her face became .  

“Eh? Are you having a fever? I’ll give you some medicine,” Ye Lang shoved a pill into Tai Ya’s mouth immediately .  

“Cough, cough cough…” Tai Ya, naturally, spat it out immediately, afraid it might be poison .  

“What are you doing? You don’t like it? I can give you another kind…” Ye Lang produced another kind of medicine .  

“No, I don’t have a fever . It’s because I’ll get hot when you hug me…Let me go…” said Tai Ya, blushing .  

“Oh…” Ye Lang let go obediently and she ran behind the fox girl . She would never come out after this .  

“Mr Ye Lang, the Tigress you’re referring to… Her name is Tai Ya?” the fox girl thought of another person . From Ye Lang’s actions, she suspected Ye Lang had made a mistake .  

“Yeah,” he nodded .  

“What’s her full name?” she asked .  

“Tai Ya . ” 

“I know she’s Tai Ya, I’m talking about her full name,” the fox girl asked patiently .  

“She’s just Tai Ya,” said Ye Lang .  

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