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Chapter 411: 411
Reunion? (1)

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Ye Lang could tell a few things from this voice: this person was angry at them, the people who carried Ye Lang in .

Next, the owner of this voice must be an expert fighter . A person with such a voice must have incredible douqi!

Also, this voice belonged to a man…

Cough, cough…


Ye Lang lost support on one side, crashing heavily on his arm because the one in charge of carrying him was bowing in apology .

These beastmen hadn’t thought about how they were interrupting a very important meeting . All they wanted was to quickly inform Master Tai Ya about this human!

“Apologies, Master Thomas, we’ve forgotten about the meeting…” apologised the beastmen with great reverence .

“Forgotten about the meeting… Then what are you all here for?” The beastman called Thomas mused, still dissatisfied with the answer . Ye Lang peered at him to realise he was of the wolf tribe… Or he looked similar to a wolf tribe .

Ye Lang took the opportunity to survey the room…

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There were more than ten male and female beastmen of different tribes crowded around a huge military sand table . Were they planning a battle? Was this a military meeting?

Ye Lang couldn’t care less . All he cared about was where Tigress was . He now peered at every individual closely- only the women, of course .

He noticed one lady of the tiger tribe who resembled Tigress . ‘Resembled’ because she still was quite different from the Tigress he knew .

From his memory, Tigress was an adorable teenage girl . This person was adorable, yes, but she was a grown woman . And a grown woman was a lot different from a girl .

Wait, was Tigress grown-up?

It had been eight years since he last saw Tigress . Sigh, another eight years had passed already! It felt as it had been one cycle of lifetime . They’d spent eight years together, then eight years apart!

It was possible Tigress was already a full woman after eight years!

However, with his lack of confirmation, Ye Lang dared not greet her in fear of making a mistake . He continued looking for another lady who ‘felt’ like Tigress but he realised the rest were not of the tiger tribe .

There was another younger girl who stood out because she was the only teenager here . She looked innocent . Although she was of the fox tribe, she didn’t radiate slyness and cunning like Ye Lang imagined they would .

Ye Lang’s impression of the fox tribe was that they were evil and cunning . Perhaps that was just a correlation he made which wasn’t true in real life .

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In truth, the fox tribesmen were not the kind to cheat, lie and steal at all . They used their immense knowledge to earn respect from the people, often radiating an aura of wisdom and intelligence .

Like this girl, she had the aura of wisdom!

Fox tribe? Wait… Ye Lang remembered Tigress once said her tribe had close ties with the foxes and both worked very closely with each other .

Did this prove that the lady was indeed Tigress?

We’ll wait for the beastmen to point her out to confirm…

“ . . . We’re here to see Master Tai Ya, we have captured the human who brought her humiliation…” said these beastmen with anger in their tone, shooting rude glances at Ye Lang .

“What? You’ve brought him here?” The lady suspected to be Tai Ya leapt up emotionally .

No way… She really was Tigress…

Ye Lang stared at the tiger girl, stunned . Sigh, as the saying went - a girl changes eighteen times as she grows!

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Before he finished his sigh, Tai Ya’s attitude changed completely to a frigid tone, “Keep him aside first, we still have important matters to discuss here!”

Thomas nodded with approval when he heard Tai Ya’s words . “Well done, Miss Tai Ya . We are now discussing battle plans, everyone should take this as a lesson . We’ll have to focus on our discussion no matter what happens!”

“Apologies everyone, my subordinates have forgotten the rules,” Tai Ya apologised graciously .


Someone gasped in shock .

“What now?!” Tai Ya was now furious, for the shriek came from her men once again .

“Master Tai Ya, the human…” the beastman was panicking now .

“What’s the matter?” Tai Ya asked impatiently . Didn’t she tell them to wait? She was going to reward them but if this continued it wouldn’t be a reward but a punishment!

“He… . He’s gone…” the beastman said weakly . They were still in disbelief .

“You… What? Gone?” Tai Ya didn’t sit, rushing towards where Ye Lang was previously tied up . There was no one there .

At this point, not only Tai Ya, everyone was staring at the same point on the ground in shock .

This happened right under their noses! Although they weren’t paying attention to Ye Lang, it was still something that happened in the same room, how could they have missed him?

The individuals here were no ordinary tribespeople, they were the elites of their tribes . They could sense even a fly in this room, yet they didn’t see an entire human being slip away . What’s worse was that they couldn’t sense his presence either so they couldn’t locate him now .

Cold sweat sprung upon this realisation . They were all secretly thinking: the consequences would be unimaginable if this human bore ill intentions towards their people .

However, there was no time for fear . The most important thing was to look for the missing human in this room .

Everyone was searching carefully for the human, peering cautiously at every corner…


Finally, they found the missing Ye Lang . They saw Ye Lang, who was still tied in a bundle, standing next to Tai Ya .


Tai Ya didn’t notice at first but seemed to get the message based on everyone’s odd looks . She turned around to see an ashen-faced Ye Lang .

She leapt in fear, then hid behind the fox girl .

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