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Chapter 41 – The courage of love (1) Translated by imakeussmile
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Imperial Academy.

It was the afternoon meal time.

Majority of the students all came to the dining hall of the academy, or it should be said, the overwhelming majority did.

Within Imperial Academy, no one would make any special request for themselves, wanting to bring some exceedingly luxurious lunch. Reason being naturally because if they were to do this kind of thing, it would affect their image, and would make others feel disgusted towards them.

At the same time, this was also something which the academy prohibited. If not, if every student here was like this, just what kind of situation and scene would it look like.

Of course, if it was something like a lunchbox which would not affect others, it was still allowed. Except, in this kind of environment, there were very few people who would bring a lunchbox, as it would make them feel like losing face.

In the general situation, there were 3 type of people who would bring a lunchbox. The first type would be those that wanted to save time, the amount of people in this category was in the majority. The second type would be those that were not able to adapt with the food in the academy, the people in this category were in the minority. The third type would be those that wanted to save money, in other places, there would be a lot with this reason, but at Imperial Academy, they were however in the extreme minority.

In this Imperial Academy, where everyone was upper class nobility, there were very few people who knew about saving money. And as for prodigal sons and daughters, they could be seen everywhere, for example, a certain person who we all know.

As Ye Family’s young lady, Ye Lan Yu naturally did not need to save money, and would also do things which stood out from the masses. Every time, she would have her lunch at the academy’s dining hall, normally together with two people. But of those two people, one of them was someone who she liked, and the other one was someone who she disliked.

Those two people were exactly Ye Lang and Princess Qi. And as for who she liked and who she disliked, I believe there is no need to say it, and everyone knows the answer.

But recently, for quite a long period of time, one of the two people was no longer having lunch together with her anymore. If this person was Princess Qi, she would definitely raise both her hands and celebrate, but unfortunately, this person was Ye Lang, her most treasured little brother. Recently, Ye Lang continued not eating lunch together with her, and this made her feel really unhappy.

“Ye Lan Yu, where is Ye Lang. Is he not eating together with us again today?” Princess Qi entered the dining hall, and once again saw that there was only Ye Lan Yu there, and there was no sight of Ye Lang.

If Ye Lang still hadn’t shown up by now, it represented that he would not show up once again today.

“That’s right, no matter how I call him, he just doesn’t come, and absolutely insists on eating the food that woman makes. As the wife, you are seriously not the least bit useful at all, not even able to keep hold of your own husband.” After sighing, Ye Lan Yu immediately carried out her usual attacks against Princess Qi.

Although these two people often saw each other. And moreover, understood more and more about one another. Even to the point of understanding the opposite party more than they understood themselves. But the enemy status of these two had however always never changed at all. Always quarreling upon meeting each other, one saying right and the other saying wrong. And even if one was really correct, the other would still raise a different opinion.

Of course, they also have times when they have identical views too. And that was when it was about Ye Lang. And what caused them to often be together was also because of Ye Lang.

“I am only his fiancé right now, how can I take control of him. Right now, it should be you, as the big sis, who has to take control of him. You are the one that is the most useless……” Princess Qi struck back without any mercy. Between the two of them, there was no misgivings at all, they would often use the engagement between Ye Lang and Princess Qi to talk about.

In all these years, Princess Qi seemed to have never objected, seemingly agreeing about this relationship of hers with Ye Lang. and it was instead Ye Lang who would sometimes raise objections. Of course, it was just sometimes only, and it also happened very seldom.

“You should be glad that he is together with her, if it was changed to some other girl, I reckon that you would not be able to protect your status as a fiancé. Although I dislike you a lot, I don’t object you being together with Ye Lang in the future.” Ye Lan Yu said very unwillingly, unwilling that that her own little brother would marry this woman, who she would quarrel with every day.

But she, however, understood Princess Qi very well. Knew that she really cared about her own little brother, and this kind of care also came from her heart, it was real. And as long as she treated her little brother well, no matter how much she disliked her, she would also not reject her.

Of course, this was only saying about not rejecting, not representing approval. Also, she knew that the feelings Princess Qi had towards Ye Lang was not love, and it was instead a type of special and complicated feeling, a kind of feeling which can’t be clearly said or understood.

Although Ye Lang and Princess Qi were often together, and their feelings had also always been very good. There had however never been any spark between them at all. At this situation, the family heads of both sides were also very vexed by it. But there was also nothing that could be done about it. After all, things like feelings could not be forced.

“Hmph. Even if it was changed to some other woman, they also can’t make me lose my position. And even if they are better than me, they also cannot!” Princess Qi snorted. As for this sentence, no one knew if it was just angry words or if it was serious.

And very quickly, she immediately changed the topic, not giving others the chance to probe deeper into this question.

“Ye Lan Yu, you say. Why does Ye Lang like to be together with her, Is it just because of her food?”

“If not, what else do you think there is? With her conditions, nothing other than food would be able to attract my little brother. My little brother’s taste would not be that bad.” Ye Lan Yu said very naturally.


“It may also not necessarily be like that. He had always liked strange and odd things, perhaps he……” Princess Qi raised an objection. After all, Ye Lang’s preferences were very peculiar, and his standard was also very odd. Sometimes, towards things that others said were good, he disapproved, and as for things which were bad, they would in contrary get his approval.

Thus, this made her suspect that it might be because of his peculiar taste. He might have started liking that woman which they were talking about. Of course, this was just merely a suspicion, a kind of suspicion which others felt that was impossible.

“Ptuh, ptuh, children’s words carry any harm! If he really likes her, I will immediately lock him up!” Ye Lan Yu immediately opposed, her tone being very resolute.

“Hehe, I’m just joking. What are you being nervous for, do you think that this thing is possible?”

“Not possible, definitely not possible!” Ye Lan Yu shook her head, and then continued on with eating her lunch.

What kind of girl made the two of them feel that it was impossible, and moreover, it was still not possible in the slightest bit at all?
That was the girl who Ye Lang was together with right now. Despite her outer appearance, she was indeed a youthful girl at the age of 18.

Of course, she was not a beautiful woman!

Within Alchemy Academy, the classroom where Ye Lang’s class was at was currently playing out a show, this was a show which would appear every day recently.

“Ye Lang, you snatched my lunchbox again. Quickly return it back to me!” A voice rang out, seemingly having anger in it, but what let others feel strange was that, in the voice, there was much more helplessness and already have become used to it.

The owner of this voice was a girl whose body volume was huge, precisely the girl in their class which was called Zhen Xiao Yan, and she was also the definitely impossible girl which Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi talked about.

In this very long period of time, Ye Lang had been eating his lunch with her, and the reason was as what Ye Lan Yu had said, because of food.

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