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Chapter 400: 400
You Can Fly? (1)

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There was a lift powered by alchemy in the middle of the library . This lift could move in any direction, reaching any book you wanted .

Ye Lang didn’t need anyone to teach him how to use this lift, he’d figured it out very quickly . This was also something Xuan Yuanbing expected so she didn’t try .

“We should go get some rest . Let’s come back tomorrow…”

It was late at night . Time slipped by as Ye Lang sat reading within the library .

Xuan Yuanbing was unwilling to fall asleep, she had been asleep for too long . She didn’t want to fall asleep with Ye Lang next to her either . However, she had to take his health into consideration and he should not stay up all night .

“Oh, it’s late . I’ll continue tomorrow . We’re not in a hurry anyway . ” Ye Lang snapped his book shut then put it into his space ring . He wanted to bring the book to the competition, to read while he watched the battles .

After a thought, he shoved a pile of to-read books into his ring too .

Anyone could take whatever book they wanted here, there were no limits because the people who were allowed in would never keep the books for themselves .

Ye Lang too . Even if it wasn’t Xuan Yuanbing with him, the people here wouldn’t stop him because they knew Ye Lang would never keep books for himself . With his personality, him forgetting to return the books would be more likely .

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“My Lady, should we arrange for a separate room for him…” said the female Light Rider when she saw Xuan Yuanbing drag him into the Sacred Lady’s quarters while he was still reading a book .

“No, that’s too much trouble . It’s not like we haven’t slept together, right?” she waved, asking Ye Lang .

“Mm…” he nodded with no comment .

“ . . . ”

Looks like I’ll have to keep this a secret . I can’t stop the gentleman and my lady, thought the Light Rider .

On the second day, Ye Lang was staring at his opponent in surprise . He was surprised to see them today, more surprised than when he saw yesterday’s opponents .

“Second Sister, Mia, what are you both doing here?” he asked in surprised when he saw them, “to support me?”

He planned to sit and read in a corner but hesitated when he saw Second Sister and Mia .

“Didn’t you see? We’re competing . We’re your opponents for the day,” said Second Sister with a chuckle .

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“ . . . Great weather today . You both proceed, I’ll be reading . ” Ye Lang started walking towards the side after a moment of stunned silence .

“Little Brother, you’re not going to fight?” Second Sister asked immediately .

“No, you all have your fun . Also, I won’t cheer for you,” Ye Lang had already taken himself out of the fight . It would not be appropriate to cheer for either side, although everyone, including Second Sister, knew his heart was with Ye Lanyu .

“Then just sit and watch . Don’t eat though, or I will feel like punching you…” Second Sister didn’t force him but had a tiny request because she couldn’t stand him eating as if he was watching a movie .

She didn’t mind when he did that with other fights- just not her own .

“Oh, I’ll be reading and drinking my tea . I won’t eat,” nodded Ye Lang . He technically agreed but his answer made her speechless .

“You can’t drink tea either,” said Second Sister . Wasn’t that the same as eating?

“What if I’m thirsty?”

“Then you should wait a bit or swallow your saliva . Don’t drink tea there,” said SEcond Sister .

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Ye Lang thought for a moment . “Okay, I understand . ”

“You’re letting him watch just like that? Aren’t you afraid he might cause trouble?” her teammate spoke up . Based on yesterday’s battle, Ye Lang could still affect the battle from the outside .

“Hmm, that’s true . Mia, go watch him there . I’ll be fine dealing with the two,” said Second Sister to Mia . She felt like Mia was the most suitable person for this because they’d already met a few times .

However, Mia shook her head, “I don’t want to . My feathers are in danger if I spend any more time near him . ”

That was the truth . Ye Lang would be eyeing her feathers if she stood near him .

“Don’t worry, my little brother isn’t an unreasonable person . He would never touch you without your permission,” Second Sister smiled . Although she didn’t spend much time with him, she knew his personality .

In addition, Ye Lang had only taken Mia’s feathers after she agreed to it . While Mia would never admit this, it was also the truth .

“Then again, if you go, he’ll be focusing on you and he won’t care about the battle here . ”

Ye Lang would only care about Mia’s feathers and he would ignore the fight between them .

“ . . . Alright . ” after a huge internal struggle, she finally . She steeled herself and prepared to face Ye Lang . The surprising thing was Ye Lang ran back .

“Hehe, wait, I forgot . I want to compete too,” laughed Ye Lang . His smile was innocent, so innocent anyone could see he had another objective .

“What are you doing?” Ye Lanyu was the first to ask .

“I am here to help you fight them . They’re five people, you’re two . That’s bullying!” Ye Lang’s awful lie hinted he had a sinister motive .

Right, that was an awful lie . If that was true, why have you been eating while you watched them both fight? This isn’t even the first day!

“Go away, do you really think we don’t know you have another plan? What do you want?” asked Ye Lanyu, annoyed .

Ye Lang shook his head and then said with certainty, “I can’t tell you, it won’t work if I tell . Let me fight . And I pick Mia as my opponent . ”



The bunch turned to look at Mia . Mia pointed at herself in confusion . Why did Ye Lang pick her?

“What do you really want?!”

“I can’t tell you! I’ll help you deal with one of them, you both fight the four left . Be careful, Second Sister is a strong opponent . She’ll be a lot more powerful than that Little Fei who set herself on fire,” said Ye Lang casually, still staring at Mia .

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